Also weve included options for every type of customer, so lets get started Music. At the first position of our list. We have vtech kitty zoom dx smartwatch, a smartwatch that makes younger kids feel grown up thanks to access to a building camera that also shoots, video, a calendar, fun games and a splash proof design that makes this safe for daily use. Sometimes it makes sense to give a child a training watch before you spend your hard earned money on a more expensive and fragile upgrade the vtech kitty. Zoom dx is a fun smart watch that is incredibly pared down, making it ideal for much younger kids ages. Four to nine: the watch is rated ideal for children from ages, four to nine and features a simplified kid friendly interface that is perfect for younger children. While it doesnt offer phone or messaging capabilities, you do get a fun camera that supports recording videos too. If your kids, like texting, you should check out the best smart watch for texting. The kitty, zoom dx comes with three activities: plenty of games, three action challenges and a motion sensor, youll get access to more than 50 watch face designs as well. The splash proof design means this pick is safe for use when washing hands, but shouldnt be submerged in water. Other key features include a calendar and calculator to help. Children work through simple math problems. Note that this pick includes a rechargeable lithium ion battery and comes with a micro, usb cable to recharge and transfer photos and videos.

You might also be interested in our best hybrid smartwatch, buying guide, moving on to the next at number, two with pebble time, smartwatch for kids, a straightforward smartwatch, thats, ideal for middle schoolers or teens thanks to its ability to pair with apple and android devices, robust fitness And health tracking and app support for parents thinking about getting a smart watch for an older kid, thats in middle school or high school, but who doesnt want to opt for some of the pricier options out there? The pebble time, adult smartwatch is a great pick. It pairs via bluetooth, with both android and apple devices, making it easy for your kids to use it. It does support push notifications from your phone for calls text, calendar events, emails and more for more active kids. Theyll appreciate the stopwatch and activity trackers that not only track steps, calories, burned and distance, but sleep records. This watch is also water resistant for up to 30 meters, meaning its safe for occasional exposure, but not full submersion in water. You also have access to over 8 000 apps through the pebble app store, including music players. Youll also get an always on color display and a durable glass lens and magnetic charging through the included. Usb cable professionals will also love the best smartwatch for business, which offers up to 12 hours of usage. The number three position is held by vtech kitty: zoom dx2 smartwatch, a pink dual camera training, smartwatch for tiny tots that offers 55 customizable watch faces and a splash proof design and a durable case and strap that can stand up to whatever little hands through their way.

Vtec is a trusted brand, especially for creating durable products designed for younger rough and tumble kids. The kitty zoom dx2, is an upgraded smartwatch version of their original beginners model that features a dual camera that supports video recording, as well as taking selfies theres. Also, a voice recorder to save voice messages. The large watch face offers plenty of real estate for preschoolers, who are still perfecting their fine motor skills to select functions and interact with the device youll get access to 55 customizable watch faces too just like with other kitty. Zoom watches from vtec this age, appropriate smartwatch, comes with activities, educational games and functions preloaded onto the device, however, keep in mind this watch doesnt support phone and text or even wi fi access. Parents can download videos and pictures using the included usb cable, which can also be used to recharge the watch when the battery is low. Another impressive model is the best rugged smartwatch for avid outdoors and adventure seekers. Next, at number, four, we have fitbit ace2 smartwatch for kids, a simple fitness tracker with a 5 day battery life, that is water resistant to 15 meters. The ability to challenge friends to step competitions, limited messaging support and parental controls for kids. That dont need a more traditional smart watch. The fitbit h2 is a great choice. This water resistant, durable smartwatch, is more of a fitness tracker than a true smartwatch, but it can serve as a great way to get kids moving and spend less time glued to a screen.

This fitness tracker can last up to 5 days before it needs to be recharged and comes in a streamlined, durable design that can stand up to whatever your child throws its way. Kids will love the step challenges where they can play against friends to beat scores and earn points, while tracking their progress and kids will also get one hour active minutes goals which parents can customize in the app the fitbit h2 works with fitbits proprietary app, allowing parents To manage their childs accounts view child activity and approve connections. The ace ii supports limited messaging support within the fitbit ecosystem, with connections. Theyll also have a wide array of clock faces to choose from, and the bands can be swapped out. Although additional bands require a separate purchase and if youre a clinical worker consider the best smart watch for nurses that offers hands free support so that you dont need to glance at your phone between patients, the number five position is held by mace fit fifth smartwatch for Kids, a kids smartwatch with calling notifications an impressive 45 day battery life and an enhanced fitness tracker with build gps to follow, runs and location services. Parents of teens who arent interested in buying some of the pricer watches from apple or samsung, will, like the amaze fit that fitness smartwatch. This smartwatch for teenagers is in line with watches designed for adults, since it focuses on more enhanced smart features, data tracking, an app support that you would expect from a traditional smartwatch.

We like that this kids smartwatch with calling support, is available in nine colors. Youll have access to all day heart rate monitoring, along with activity tracking for steps and exercise with four sport modes. Although you can make calls you do get push notification, support for calls, texts, apps and more social media fans will appreciate that they can access key apps. Like facebook, twitter and whats app straight from their watch, the gps also works with glonass as to support dual mode positioning. Note that actively using the gps modes will shorten the expected battery range and for training purposes. We recommend the best fitness smartwatch. That also features sleep and fitness tracking, hard monitoring, blood, oxygen levels and ecg sensors. The number six position is dominated by v tech, star wars, first order, stormtrooper smartwatch the best smartwatch for 10 year olds, obsessed with the dark side that comes with the camera and a galactic voice, changer to sound like darth, vader and sound effects to play lightsaber noises. Looking at the v tech star wars, first order, stormtrooper, watches colorful design. You can almost hear the imperial march playing in the background. This is the best smartwatch for 10 year olds, who side more with the dark side than the jedi order. Menacing stormtroopers cover the watch band and can also be selected as the watch face. If you prefer, and thanks to the built in camera with 20 star wars photo effects. Kids can also take funny photos and pose with a posse of stormtroopers and save that picture for posterity as if thats not enough.

This vtech adventure watch comes with a voice recorder and a galactic voice. Changer using the tool kids can make themselves sound like darth vader, and the built in motion sensor also lets kids recreate iconic sounds from the star wars: galaxy, including lightsabers, droids and starships theres, also a reality game where kids can try to find droids a built in Pedometer to track steps and 30 star wars, themed clock faces to choose from, however, as cool as this watches, it doesnt support, messaging or phone calls for running aficionados. We recommend the best smartwatch for running, which is more tracking features. Moving on to the next. At number 7, with garmin vivofit, jr2 smartwatch for kits a simple activity: tracker thats water resistant for up to 50 meters with enhanced parental controls and a replaceable battery that lasts up to one year and doesnt require frequent recharging. Whether you have a child whos forgetful or you just want to avoid having to find a port for one more cord, so you can charge a watch. Youll appreciate the garmin vivofit jr2 smartwatch. We like that this pick comes with a replaceable battery thats, designed to last for a year before its time to swap it out for another. This is another fun star wars, themed pick, but this time youre on the side of the resistance. This pick is perfect for kids from ages 4 to 7, thanks to the stretchy silicone wristband, which can be swapped out for other styles, if you prefer youll get a swim, friendly watch, thats rated safe for depths of up to 50 meters and tracking for steps movement And sleep parents will like that the vivofit jr2 comes with progress.

Tracking features for chores listed rewards as incentives for activity time and task. Timers kids can also beat daily activity goals and participate in challenges and unlock new step icons, theres also access to an alarm clock. However, unlike more robust watches geared towards adults from garmin, this pick lacks any smart functionality, but bicycle users will absolutely love the best smartwatch for cycling. That offers you enhanced safety features with the live track. Group live track, live event, sharing incident, detection and assistance. The number eight position is held by play: zoom kits smartwatch for kids, an inexpensive smartwatch for youngsters with a camera that can store up to 50 pictures and comes with preloaded, interactive games and activities to ease them into a technology thats here to stay for first time. Smartwatch wearers its completely understandable that a parent would be reluctant to buy an expensive model, and especially when that child is in that preschool stage, durability and affordability make more sense. The play zoom kid smartwatch is the perfect starter watch for parents trying to appease little ones, who want to watch just like theirs. This cheap smart watch comes with a built in camera on the bezel and can store up to 50 photos which can be downloaded to a computer or device via the included. Usb cable, along with taking pictures kids, can also record video youll, like that. There are preloaded activities and games along with time management tools that parents will like children can also choose from 10 fun watch faces, including analog and digital clock screens and 6 backgrounds to customize their watch.

Remember, though, that this watch doesnt support text or talk and doesnt connect to wi, fi or cellular networks, you might also enjoy the best smartwatch with camera. Next, at number, nine we have leapfrog blues clues in you, blue learning watch. This smartwatch is loaded with challenges that a child will love to take on. It is the first kids activity tracker with a personalized pet on the band ideal for kids between the age of four and seven years. This watches 50 fun challenges and built in rewards to motivate kids and encourage healthy habits. Finally, the number 10 position is dominated by vtech kitty zoom smart watch, dx, kitty zoom dx is perfect for kids in the age group 4. 9 years. It comes with a lot of memory to store pictures and videos. It also has an analog and digital clock display, as well as a calendar and calculator. It has aid in built games that include action, challenges and motion games. Thats.