True, smart watches are a relatively new phenomena in the consumer electronics industry. These modern devices typically include features like touch screen. Biometric monitoring and internet connection, consumer electronics, giant apple and samsung are the biggest names in the industry on todays video. We will check out the best smart watches, such as apple android, budget ones, child friendly and some options for outdoor athletes. You can find links to all of these smart watches down in the description below lets get started. First, were taking a look at my favorite life. Saving health and best for apple lovers: the apple watch series 6., with an unrivaled user experience, fantastic apps and potentially life saving health and fitness features. The apple watch series 6 is the best smartwatch you can buy. The apple watch series 6 is available in 40 and 44 millimeter size options that are the same size with the previous generations. What makes this watch stand out beside all the fitness tracking features is the new sensor that can measure the oxygen saturation of your blood, also known as spo2. This metric indicates how well your circulatory and respiratory systems are delivering oxygenated blood to your body. The series 6 uses similar technology as a pulse oximeter the device they clip onto your finger at the doctors office to measure your blood oxygen saturation. Its spo2 sensor shines red and infrared light through your skin under the blood vessels of your wrist and measures. The color of your blood, which indicates the amount of oxygen present, sadly, the spo2 can detect any illnesses alone but sure think a reading below 90 way warrant a trip to the emergency room.

The apple watch 6 battery life is another thing we wish was improved this year. Its a key thing, thats holding back the apple watch, range from being an instant recommendation for the second one. We are going for the android users, the samsung galaxy watch active 2.. The samsung galaxy watch. Active 2 is the best smartwatch for people with android phones. It uses samsungs design os, which is a faster and more efficient watch operating system than googles. Android based wear os samsung makes both the hardware and the software for its smart watches, and it really pays off performance. All around is fast snappy and lag free, its considerably better than even the best wear, os watches and very close to the slick experience apple offers. The galaxy watch active 2 is the best looking smartwatch ive ever tested. The watch comes in two sizes, a 40 millimeter case and 44 millimeter, just like the apple watch series 5, but samsungs round display, as opposed to apples, rounded square evokes a traditional timepiece. The overall effect is stylish and elegant with a leather band. I wouldnt be embarrassed to wear the galaxy watch active 2 to a wedding or a fancy dinner. The galaxy watch active 2 is ip68 rated for water and dust resistance and can survive being submerged up to 5 meters in liquid and getting a little grimy theres. Even a water, lock mode that disables touch screen functionality and vibrates to shake out excess water.

If anything lifts up to samsungs claims about the galaxy watch active 2, its battery life with typical use, our active 2 lasted through two full days, while thats not quite the four days that our original galaxy watch survived for its more than can be said of the Apple watch line on the third place comes the yz band as the most affordable one coming in under 50. Yz band is a solid option for a casual fitness tracker. The yz band goes beyond your daily step counter. It gives you a 24 7 heart rate tracking for up to 10 days on a single charge. It monitors your sleep patterns and sleep quality. It has a run mode that lets you see your distance pace and total run time. The yz band has an unassuming all black unisex design with no physical buttons. It features a rectangular 0.95 inch, amoled color touch screen with a resolution of 240 by 120 pixels. It comes with two black straps: a single pin, thermoplastic polyurethane band and a traditional silicone watch style band, both of which fit wrists 6.1 to 8.6 inches in circumference yz doesnt currently offer the band or its straps in any other colors yz band is the first band In its class that has amazon alexa built in it has a dual microphone array that helps alexa, hear you better controls your smart devices set, alarms or do just about anything else. You do every day with alexa.

It only listens when you long press the home button for enhanced privacy. The tracker doesnt have a speaker only a small vibration modder for notification and such anything you ask it will be displayed on screen not spoken. I would highly suggest yz band if you are a casual fitness enthusiast next up for our beloved ones. On the fourth place, we have the best kids friendly smartwatch fitbit, ace2 adults arent, the only ones who need to move more to stay healthy. The ace comes in with being quite affordable. It has a really nice kid friendly design that will help your kids get the size that they need with sleep, tracking bedtime reminders and silent alarms. Kids will earn virtual badges and fun on screen celebrations when they reach their goals measuring 1.45 by 0.63 by 0. 45 inches. The tracker itself is small and compact. The band comes in one size and fits wrists 4.6 to 6.6 inches in circumference at 1.28 ounces. Its also lightweight and comfortable to wear throughout the day and while asleep the ace 2 is also more durable than the original. For starters, its waterproof up to 50 meters, so kids can take it for a swim. The band doubles as a protective bumper to shield from scratchers on the trackers display its stain resistant as well, so its easy to wipe off any dirt or prime kits bring in from outside. It also offers a really good battery life, so kids spend less time charging and more time moving with up to five days of battery varies with use and other factors.

Animated clock faces require more frequent charging dont miss out on fitbit ace 2. If your kids birthday is getting closer on the fifth place for you, outdoors athletes comes in the chorus apex. Please make no mistakes. Chorus. Apex is not a smartwatch, but a running watch as the title indicates best for the outdoors athlete. The apex lack a touch screen, but on the right side of the circular display, there are two physical buttons that you use to navigate the interface. The top one is a digital knob, confirm button and below. That is a back button to return to the previous screen. Navigating the apex took a little getting used to since im used to touch screens, but once i got the hang of the digital knob and buttons it wasnt. Hard chorus is known in the cycling community for its smart helmets, but also highly designed for biking hiking, running skiing, snowboarding swimming and triathlons. It tracks distance elevation, heart rate, heart rate zone pace, try, time, training, effects and more and its app displays beautiful grass and offers a wealth of information to help. You interpret the data. The apex isnt intended to compete with the apple watch or samsung galaxy watch for space on your wrist. This is a watch designed specifically for running cycling and swimming. You wont find any kind of payment system, spotify connectivity or third party apps here regarding the battery life apex will last up to 100 hours in normal gps mode, up to 35 hours and in regular mode up to 30 days.

What to look for before buying a smart watch number one, i would say, is compatibility apple, watches only work with iphones, while wear os devices play nice with ios and android. Smart watches made by samsung garming, fitbit and others are also compatible with both android and ios. But youll have to install a companion app number two is price. Smart watches usually cost around 200 to 400 compared to the budget ones, which should be around under 200. The more expensive ones have more features such as advanced fitness, music and communication features. They will often also have pearls like onboard gps, music storage etc, which most of the time budget devices dont have. Some companies make even more fitness based watches that can be more than 500 dollars, but we would recommend those watches to a serious athlete as per number. Three, we have the battery life battery life remains one of the biggest complaints about smart watches, but strides have been made recently. You can expect two full days from apple watches and most wear os devices. A few smart watches now support faster charging too. For example, apple promises: the series 6 can go from 0 to 80 power in just half an hour and get the full charge in 90 minutes. Alright, guys thats it for me, thanks for watching. If you found this video to be at least helpful drop a like below, and if you have any questions about the products that we mentioned, the smart watches.

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