So if you are new to the channel, i review all kinds of products so be sure to hit that subscribe button, and if you find this particular video helpful, be sure to hit that like button. Maybe leave a comment share with a friend all those do really help out the channel so today’s product i want to share with you is a watch by samsung. It is the galaxy watch 3. uh. This is what it looks like when you purchase this it’s going to come in this um slim box here and basically what’s uh. When you open it up, the watch is presented here and then there’s a little uh kind of pamphlet here that will include the charger. The charger is pretty straightforward, it’s a usb charger with this little puck on the end and that’s magnetic. So it just sticks to the back of your watch charging it does charge pretty quickly. I found um and we’ll go into the battery life and all that, but the watch comes in a lot of various colors and options, so i will include a link in the description that will take you to amazon and samsung’s websites. So you can see what all the different styles out there are kind of pick one for you. It comes in a 41 or a 45mm. This is the 45 millimeter watch size. It also comes either bluetooth or with the lte chip. I chose to get with the bluetooth instead of the lte, the lt’s a little bit more um, basically, if you’re kind of trying to figure out whether you want to spring for the lte.

I opted against that just because i didn’t want an additional charge on my cell phone plan um and i just don’t really need it. Usually, i always have my phone on me, but if you’re going to be kind of wandering about in your phone is not actually on you and you want to be able to um get those text messages and play music or whatever and access all your apps. On your phone or on your watch that would be on your phone, then you may want to look at the lte, but if it’s, something where you have your phone nearby, all the time save the money go with the bluetooth. It works just as great so let’s go over some of the features of the watch um. That kind of that i i really enjoy. It has a lot of health options. Um, and previously one of my the watch i used to wear was a watch by withings um and i kind of got that one for the health features and the long battery life well. This samsung has really got a lot of the newest latest health features. Uh. You this watch will track um your ecg, which is basically it’s. Looking for your heart, make sure it has a normal uh beat it doesn’t have an abnormal beating going on um. It checks also your heart rate: uh. It checks your oxygen levels, uh. It has a sleep built in timer. It has also a lot of other health things where you can track your water intake.

If you want um, as a stress, monitor it’ll tech, if you have a fall um, you have to turn that on. But if you have a fall it’ll set up to where you’ll call a loved one so that somebody can check in on you and then i believe, if you’re in europe and um in certain countries in asia, it is approved to do the blood pressure monitoring. I’M. Not really sure how that works, but in the u.s here as of now that is not approved by the fda, so there’s a feature that is turned on uh, but that is in the watch. So, in theory, if it ever gets improved, just like the ecg was at the very beginning uh, they can always turn on that mode down the road um in with, in addition to all the hardware, um that’s tracking, it has a lot of fitness stuff, which is Another great thing, and one of the main reasons i bought it um, so it has 40 different fitness tracking options, whether you’re lifting weights, whether you’re going swimming, whether you’re running there’s, a lot of options in there that will kind of show you a ton, and you Kind of tailor your workout um to whatever you’re doing, which is awesome, and it gives you a lot of matrix, um and kind of you can find all that information on the app that will kind of give you more detailed on um your various workouts.

Now it also has seven modes uh, which will automatically start in case. You forget to go ahead and hit that workout selection. So, for example, if you’re going for a walk or you’re going for a run, and you forget to hit that turn it on it automatically sets that you are doing that and turn those on um in addition to the workouts it has, you can get other apps On here now, there’s apps library is just not a lot um compared to like what you find on a phone uh. They have minimal ones, but they have uh some workout apps uh. They have the weather on here. You can use it to track um. If you can use samsung pay, which is great there’s, a lot of all samsung branded stuff there’s, not a lot of third party apps, yet um and maybe that’ll change over time, uh one of the big things i do love about. It does have samsung pay, which so you can use your wrist to pay for things it’s a little bit faster than pulling out my phone out of my pocket. Now you do ought to do that, activate that you just hold down the knob here and then it’ll bring up for you to enter your pin when you enter your pin, it’ll bring up the screen and you can select your credit card now. Some have complained. Well, it has a pin there um, i just fasted, to pull out my credit card which yeah that’s, true it’s, probably faster, to pull out your credit card or your wallet um.

It seems faster than using the phone, but one of the nice things about samsung pay is it uses a kind of throwaway credit card number at the store. So that way, if something happens and they got their servers got hacked or whatever your credit card number’s safe, which is kind of nice uh. It also has, if you have, it, has spotify so um in other music options. So if you uh have an account uh with spotify, for example, you can download uh music onto the watch. It does have 8 gig of memory storage, so you can listen to music offline if you’re not connected to your phone or you don’t have the lte version. It will save those songs on your watch and you can have music on your workout now battery life. I personally get about um two solid days and then sometimes about halfway through the second day it’s needing to be charged. So i get a great battery life out of this now. My usage is i’m using this for workouts every day and i’m, using it for things like notifications for emails, text, messages, um kind of check, my calendar that’s, basically it so. I would say i’m kind of a more mid to light user when it comes to the watch. I don’t use the two heavy battery uh tracking things, which would be a gps signal. So if you do a lot of exterior outside running or biking and you’re, using that gps signal, it will drain the battery a little bit faster same thing.

If you’re listening to music on it music’s going to drain it faster or if you’re going to answer phone calls and talk through it, i find that really i mean it’s clear, but i find it kind of annoying talking through a watch i’m just going to pick Up my phone, so if somebody calls me it’s really nice, i can deny the call on my watch, but otherwise i just pick up the phone and use that, but you can use the watch if you want and that will drain the battery a little bit quicker. Now it has a lot of customizable features for the face, which is really nice. I kind of have this sun and moon one, but you just hold this down and you can scroll through and get lots of different face options and then a lot of them. You can even customize them even more uh. You can download more options, so it really can be customized to whatever you personally like now. My one complaint. I absolutely love the watch, but my one complaint with this is a lot of times. If i’m crossing my arms or something like that, my any skin that rests on the face here will pull this up, and so it wants to change the background. I wish there was a way to lock this. If there is, i haven’t figured it out so feel free to hit me up in the comments. If you know how to do that, but i’ve not been able to figure out how to lock this.

I wish it was only um changeable, like you had an option to just change it via the phone, because i find using the phone app to kind of customize things and get that layout that you like easier. So you can also once it’s on. You can kind of just use your finger to swipe through your different screens or with the watch three, which i absolutely love. It has this rotating bezel, which is just feels natural when you’re kind of going through and selecting your menus. It’S it’s really easy you’re, not getting fingerprints over the screen, so it’s kind of an extra little touch to this watch and, like i said, it’s well designed it comes with this premium leather band. You can also get silicone options if you want, with a bunch of whole bunch of colors uh it’s a lot a little bit bigger um a little bit cooler cleaner, the bezel gives it more high end, look and the buttons kind of stick out a little bit More um, so i feel like this watch is a great watch that you could comfortably wear it um for your workout and then also comfortably wear it with a suit uh, so it’s, really professional um looking compared to some of the other ones that are on the Market that are more geared towards just fitness options, uh, so that’s kind of it like on the back here. This is the sensor setup um. You want to have it just tight, your skin, but other than that uh.

That is basically the lay of the land of the watch. I highly recommend it. I love it i’m very happy with this purchase and i’ve been using it for several months now, um and i’m very happy with it. So i do recommend it. I will include a link in the description if you want to check it out on amazon or on samsung’s website, also feel free to hit me up in the comments section. I do typically respond and yeah that’s it so until the next video you guys take it easy later, congrats you’re, a rock star, you made it to the end of the video.