Picking up the kids from school or sports practice to even making time to hang out with friends and family members, it is such a necessity to find a way to be able to make all of it a lot more convenient. And that is where smart watches, like the ones that we’re going to be looking at today, come into play here are the top three most popular smart watches under a hundred bucks starting off on our list. We have the amaze fit bip. U pro health fitness smart watch if you’re looking for a super lightweight watch that is going to not feel like a ton of metal just dangling off your arm, then look no further than the amaze fit bip. U pro, it only weighs 31 grams, giving you that ultra lightweight design, which makes you feel as though you’re barely wearing it, and not having you do that weird wrist jiggle thing like so many of us do whenever we have traditional watches now, if you want to Talk about a smart watch that’s going to last you, the amaze fit bip you pro when fully charged, allows you to enjoy up to 9 days of activity and progress with typical usage, or at least up to five days with heavy usage. Then what would a smartwatch be without looking out for you and your health? The amaze fit bipu pro fitness smartwatch precisely optimizes monitoring allows you to accurately track heart rates, blood, oxygen levels, stress levels, breathing quality of sleep and sleeping patterns.

All this is saved with the amaze fit bipu pro system, which you can track on the amazefit app. So that way, whenever you go to your next doctor visit, you can pretty much have all your recent health info at the touch of your fingertips. Oh and you’ve got ta check this out. You’Ll even get the amazon alexa built in to remind you of the incoming calls and text messages that you’ll get throughout the day, plus giving you quick and easy access to all of your apps calendars and alarm clocks, so that you never feel like you’re skipping a Beat plus you’ll be able to check the weather forecasts, listen to music, along with getting to use the watch as a bluetooth snapshot for your app’s camera control. Also, don’t worry about getting lost any longer, thanks to the amaze fit bipu pro being equipped with built in gps and glossness, so as to track daily step, counts. Distance traveled and calories burned, which you can all keep track of in the amaze fit app to be able to keep track of any weight loss goals that you might want to keep up with by the way today’s sponsor is total av total av is consistently the Top choice to be able to check to all your household devices, computers, laptops and smartphones from any viruses, malware and hackers. You can check the description of our full review along with an exclusive 80 discount if you’re interested up next we’ve got the vermee vg3 fitness tracker.

Now, if you’re kind of looking for more of a traditional look with your watch being the round face, that is then look no further than the vermi vg3 fitness tracker. The vermi vg3 smartwatch is equipped with a 1.3 inch touchscreen a 360 by 360 hd resolution and has a ppi of up to ‘2.. With such a high definition and adjustable brightness. You can see all of your activity and data more clearly, plus with the built in 12 kinds of watch faces to be able to meet your personalized needs. You can always feel, like you, have the perfect watch for any occasion for the health nuts out there. It even has 24 7 real time, heart rate monitoring and fitness tracker, which will vibrate to alarm you. If your heart rate is abnormal during exercise, you can use the vermi vg3 fitness tracker. Watch anytime, you run bike, walk fast, hi. Anything else. You can think of you name it there’s, even an individual sleep analysis, including deep light, awake and rim supposed to monitor your sleeping patterns for any sort of health related issues. You can even manually monitor blood oxygen levels to know when your spo2 levels are either good or bad, and what is super neat as well is that you can even use it while swimming or working in wet environments as its vg3 ip68 waterproof, which allows you to Swim with ease and not worry about seeing a blank screen at the end of the day from a water shortage, it even has the opportunity for you to be able to adjust your numbers to be able to check out your running type so as to include distance Time, calories mode and fat burning all while you knock out your aerobic and cardio routines at the gym.

It’Ll even remind you as well to be able to reach your workout goals and that’s all thanks to the vermi app which you can connect to your smartphone, allowing you to keep up with your progress, no matter where you go plus the vermi vg3 fitness tracker is Compatible with both android and iphone, giving the peace of mind, knowing that you don’t have to jump through hoops in hopes that you might get used to it. The vermi app can sync with apple health and google, fit and even comes with a magnetic charging. Usb cable and will allow you to have daily use for up to seven days on just a two hour charge rounding out our list of the most popular smart watches under 100. Bucks we’ve got the let’s come smartwatch hands down, probably one of the smartest smart watches. I’Ve ever seen, the lidscomb smartwatch is something that you definitely got to get your hands on. The lenscomb smartwatch is built with 1.55 inch tft lcd touchscreen, which gives you a clearer display of your health data. The lenscom smartwatch is even compatible with both ios and android. Along with all smartphones and tablets, so as to give you ease of use, no matter where you go, the lenscom activity tracker supports 14 exercise modes and gps tracking so as to easily monitor, exercise time steps, distance, traveled and calories connect with your fitness app to watch. All the new and upgraded verafit app so as to analyze your fitness data in more detail, you can check pretty much everything and have your own little electronic nurse at your fingertips, because the lexcom smart watch checks everything from heart rate, monitoring, auto sleep, tracking and blood Oxygen measuring, along with being able to track your sleep patterns with in depth, breakdowns that you are more than welcome to check out on the app and be able to sync your apps to get real time.

Notifications of your calls texts and messages, including facebook, twitter, whatsapp and more. You can also enjoy other great functions, such as active reminders, water intake reminders and high pressure alerts. The lescomb smartwatch features a magnetic charging table that makes charging easier and only takes two hours to get fully charged. One full charge will give you a massive 10 day work time. It also includes a 5 atm waterproof coating, which allows you to wear it when washing your hands out in the rain or even when you go swimming so there you have it folks.