This is the do GS 91 of the kind rugged phone that can be customized by attaching different modules did. In fact, this is the first modular rugged phone in the world. The device also has great specifications and it cost about 330 bucks. Let'S take a look Music, the phone ships with all the usual stuff and some access to include USB OTG, cable and a headphone jack adapter, the key selling point of this device. You can attach different modules it so far. You can choose from the game odd, walkie, talkie battery and night vision, mods. I have the battery case and night vision mod that are sold separately, but some retailers sell them bundled up with the phones. I will leave all the links down below the video the night vision mod easily attaches to the phone using the Pala pins. The module is made of high quality plastic and it has quite a big Sony sensor. Well, it's, not a military grade, night vision device, but it lets you take bright pictures at night with wide angle lens.

It right. Ins up the scene up to 12 times, which is quite impressive. The image quality may not be really impressive, but you can still get usable pictures that are much brighter than using the main camera. All in all. Some may find this device a bit gimmicky, but I think it's, a nice idea to have a camera module that takes much brighter pictures at night and it gives you a much wider lens.

Another module is actually a five thousand million hours power bank and I really like the idea of it. Obviously it makes the phone ridiculously bulky and heavy, but you get a total of ten thousand milliamp hours after all. I also found this battery mod to be well made and it attaches to the phone very easily. Tell me in the comment section down below what do you think about this modular system? Would you buy this device because of the modules or you think, is a gimmick? Now let's talk about the s90 itself. Once you pick the phone up, it's obvious. This is a rugged phone. We have a metal alloy frame, a metal backplate and a rubberized shock resistant material that covers the phone's top bottom and the corners overall. This phone is built like a tank it's, also ip68 ip69k and mil 810 G certified, meaning that the phone will survive. Numerous drops, its water and dust resistant and the device will work on the harshest conditions. Despite all the rugged properties, the phone is relatively thin, considering it has a massive 5050 million hours battery that performs really well.

I could get about 15 hours of screen on time while using the phone for the basic stuff, taking quite a lot of pictures and gaming for about 1 hour. The supply fast charger fully charges the phone in just about 2 hours, which is a good result. Considering a massive battery, there is also a wireless charging feature.

I found the display to be really good for a budget phone it's, really sharp and vibrant and sunlight legibility is pretty good. The screen is also covered with a Gorilla Glass 4. The phone also has a dual camera setup on the back. That consists of 16 and 8 megapixel shooters on the front II can find an 8 megapixel selfie camera. I found a fingerprint reader to be accurate and fast. However, I wish it was implemented a bit lower. So it's easier to each. There is also a face unlock feature that works well, but is less reliable than the fingerprint scanner. Other key features of the phone, including highly customizable, custom, key, very nice and responsive buttons, including the camera launch, and shatter key, a hybrid dual SIM card tray and USB type c part that is covered with a flap. Unfortunately, there is no LED notification light and no headphone jack. Finally, the loudspeaker may not be the best out there, but is quite good for a budget. Rugged phone here is a quick audio sample Music. The phone ships with good specifications like Helio, p60 CPU, six gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigs of expandable storage gaming performance is actually pretty good.

I was able to play most of the games on the high graphics settings without major issues. Even the pop G runs fine on medium graphics, which is quite impressive, considering the price of the phone. In other words, if you buy the do G as 90, you will be able to enjoy quite a few 3d games.

As for the UI, the do G as mind he ships with Android 8.1, but we have do G skin built on top of it. There are quite a few settings and added features to play with and overall I found the phone to be really fast and responsive on a daily basis. In addition, there are quite a few gesture and motion controls and you can customize the multi functional button in a lot of different ways. One thing that I don't like do G remove the app tree for some reason other than that the phone feels smooth and snappy. Just before we start talking about a camera check out high resolution, camera samples on my Facebook page if you're interested the main camera can take really nice pictures in good lighting. Well, some of them may look a little bit cartoonish because of a heavy processing, but overall this is one of the better camera setups in a budget rugged phone, the portrait shots use mostly software to mimic the SLR bokeh effect, but some of the images may look. Ok on Instagram, however low light, camera performance could be better but that's expected at this price point: selfies, look really nice and detailed, which is not the case with all rugged phones.

1080P. Video quality is quite good about a found that continuous autofocus can be jumpy. At times and the video is quite shaky, 720p selfie video looks quite good. However, sound recording quality could be much better.

Connectivity wise. The doogee as 90 has been solid signal, reception and call quality happen. Good and the GPS is accurate, it's worth mentioning that the phone supports full nutkum or all worldwide 4G vans, which is essential for traveling. The phone also has NFC and there is a gyroscope among other sensors overall. The do GS. 90 is quite a unique phone duty. It'S, a modular design, even though some may find this feature gimmicky. I appreciate you G's effort to stand out from the crowd. In fact, I like the idea of modularity that has additional functionality to the phone. As for the device itself, I think it's a solid rugged phone because I wanted to be well crafted. The display is really nice. The device has great specifications, the battery life is pretty good and the overall performance has been solid. Last but not least, Duty has really improved cameras on the rugged phones and the S 90 can take really nice pictures in good lighting. The main shortcomings would be the lack of the LED notification light and a headphone jack. I also finally continuous autofocus to be unreliable at times when recording the video. Despite these shortcomings, I think that the do G as 90 is a very good and truly innovative modular rugged phone, even though it's not the cheapest option out there.

What do you think about the do? Gs, 90 and it's modular design? Draw me a comment down below.