Well, i’ve reviewed, absolutely tons of these buggers and here’s. My own personal picks, my own favorite smart, watches, eating grab right now and for more on the latest greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so one of my favorite premium, wrist rockets in 2021, is still samsung’s galaxy watch 3, which combines the best elements of the original galaxy watch and that galaxy watch active 2 into a single device. You got a choice of 41 or 45 mil sizes and both look proper gorgeous with dual buttons and full water resistance. That slick rotated bezel is ideal for gliding through tizen os menus and the many many apps which are as colorful and well designed. As always, you’ve got quite a lot packed on there to begin with, including some serious fitness tracking smarts like all premium smart watches. The galaxy watch 3 can monitor your heart rate and your blood oxygen levels and loads of other stats. Now pretty much every other feature. You can think of is also crammed in there from e sim support to a mic and speaker for taking calls, or also chatting with the bixby assistant, of course, even with samsung’s current offer of 50 bob off that asking price the galaxy watch 3 will still cost. You a rather whopping 300 quid that’s seriously, starting to cut into the lockdown booze fund and, of course, one of the biggest rivals to samsung. Smartwatch is the apple watch series 6, which launched at almost the same time, and if you want this square slab sat on your arm, you’ll definitely once again need pretty deep pockets.

So the apple watch series 6 starts from an eye watering 380 quid and that’s. Just for the bog standard, aluminium version, if you want the more premium materials like the stainless steel, that price sharply rises and if you want to go for the billy big bollocks, titanium model, well, that’s, basically double the price. However, speaking as someone who dislikes almost every device that apple unleashes on the world, these days i’m definitely still a fan of this slick. Little wearable sure it’s not really evolved much at all over the years and some rivals are fast catching up, but that watchos experience is still smooth and seriously satisfying using a combination of responsive touch, screen and swizzly dial thing to zip through the menus and apps you’ve Got full series smarts via the speaker and mic all of the usual fitness tracking shenanigans and the benefit of an always on altimeter and the new ecg app which, along with the blood oxygen monitoring, can help to possibly diagnose any issues with the old ticker and you’ve. Got dozens of watch faces to choose from and finally a proper, always on display now as well and like samsung’s galaxy watch. You’Ve also got built in nfc for your contactless payments, which is particularly good in a covered overrun world plus. If you want to expand the apple watches horizons, you can download a large range of new apps from the well stocked online store, in fact, pretty much the only bad thing about the apple watch series 6 beyond the extortion at ascon price, of course, it’s.

The frankly pitiful battery life you’ll be charging this thing up every single night or during the day, unless you basically want an expensive, paperweight, strap to your arm. If you still really fancy yourself a bit of apple watch action though, and you can’t quite stretch up to that near 400, pound asking price well, there’s, always the option of the apple watch, se, which launched at the same time and here in the uk, that’ll cost. You just 269 pounds just this does offer a lot of the same features to be fair as that series 6 modeler, though some of the newer stuff, like the always on display and the ecg monitoring, have sadly been cold. I just need to throw in a quick shout out for the oppo watch, which is basically a shameless wear. Os rip off of the apple watch. It’S got the same sort of style, but it’s google’s os. Instead, of course, apple’s wearable is considerably cheaper at 229 quid, but it is also rather quirky, not too surprising for first gen effort check out my review if you’re intrigued and speaking of wear os, another smartwatch that was launched last year, but i still really enjoy using In 2021 is the ticwatch pro 3, sometimes known as the tick watch pro 3 gps, which boasts one massive advantage over that apple watch and the samsung galaxy watch, and that is the far superior battery life that funky dual display. Design means that quick time checks can be done just using the lower powered lcd, while a bright, crisp and colorful oled panel is used for checking notifications and playing with apps.

The result is three to four days of full use per charge, rather than just one or two like most other smart watches and as you’d kind of hope. With that pro word shoved into the title of this thing, the ticwatch pro 3 does support. Some very premium features just like the galaxy watch and the apple watch got all the usual stuff like built in gps 24 hour. Heart rate, monitoring, blood, oxygen, smarts and you’ve got the built in mic and speaker to take calls via your phone as well as interact with the google assistant. You can also download a growing selection of apps from the google play store to expand the functionality and performance is nice and smooth after the most recent updates, thanks largely to the fresh snapdragon, wear 4100 chipset that’s packed inside now, the tick watch pro 3 might not Be quite as sexy as some rivals sure, but that stainless steel, bezel and the leather band gives it a smart finish, and this bad boy costs under 300 quid here in blighty, now, half a week of battery life for aware os smartwatch is definitely very commendable indeed, But if you’re still deeply unimpressed, then maybe try checking out the huawei watch gt2 pro. Instead, this gorgeous 46 millimeter timepiece boasts a super tough but impressively lightweight, titanium finish and, like other huawei watches, it delivers up to two full weeks of use on a single charge and even if you turn on all of the features, including the always on display, you Will comfortably make it through a week good news for fitness fans as well as this pro model adds skiing, snowboarding and golfing to the ever expanding list of supported exercises and if, whatever crazy horrendous reason you find yourself lost in the woods with zero signal, no worries.

The handy root retracement feature will help, get you back to civilization in a jiffy before you end up adopted by a family of friendly wolves. However, the huawei watch gt2 pro, does not offer a built in assistant or an online app store, so you can’t expand the features by downloading new software, and if you live in america, of course, you’ll probably have to hunt around a bit for an import, but those Issues aside, this super premium, smartwatch is definitely more than worthy of that low 200 pound price tag, and if your fancy has been well and truly tickled by the huawei watch, gt2 pro, we don’t quite have the budget to stretch up that far well. No worries have a gander at the original huawei watch gt2 instead, which is still pretty damn slick and at the time i shot this cost just 120 quid on huawei’s website and sure you don’t get the same super premium, titanium and ceramic design. While you also lose a couple of the cool features like the qi wireless charging, but the rest of the watch is almost identical and just as lovable, i have also fully reviewed the huawei watch. Gt2 the standard model and i’ve done a full side by side comparison with that and the pro in my full huawei watch gt2 pro unboxings go check that out. If you want a side by side, an idea of how they stack up also definitely do not sleep.

On the while, we watch gt2e, which is an absolute wii, bargain it’s, cheaper again than the wow we watch gt2 and it serves up very similar, specs and features, but with a more sporty aesthetic done, a full review again of that. So i have a full screen of that for all you need to know, and another option is the honor watch gs pro, which is very similar again to the huawei watch gt2 pro, but with a more rugged design and a wee bit shaved off that price. You get the same crazy, good battery life, all of those fitness features, including the skin and golf shenanigans, and this time it’s all wrapped up in a proper hardcore, knock resistant casing, that is military standard, 810g rated and if you’re a bit of an outdoor enthusiast. Apparently the garmin smartwatches are really good. I’Ve had those recommended to me by my techie friends, who are more of a fan of sweaty, gym, shenanigans and pounding the pavement than they are of lager and pork scratchings like myself, but one alternative for fitness fans that i’ve personally tested. Is this bad boy here? The amir’s fit t rex pro, which has passed all kinds of military grade testing to survive a seriously strenuous life outdoors. The t rex pro smart watch is waterproof to 10 atmospheres and can cope with extreme temperatures as well as any sudden impact, basically it’s as tough as a weatherspoon’s lamb chop you’ve got fitness tracking support for over a hundred types of exercise, around half of which i’ve Never even heard of plus you’ve got full gps support and all the usual heart rate and spo2 sensor, shenanigans, it’s, pretty damn solid for 1′ quid.

Even if the notification support is rather basic and i got closer to five days of battery life rather than the advertised 18 days, albeit with features like the always on display and 24 hour, heart rate tracking switched on and amazed it’s certainly been rather prolific in 2021. It’S already spaffed out a few other budget friendly smart watches, including my own personal favorite, the amaze fit watch gtr 2e. This, unfortunately, loses the ability to store music for offline listening, which is a feature found on the original gtr 2. But the 119 pound asking price cannot be sniffed at considering you get a highly customizable device with a gorgeous oled screen and flexible fitness tracking, just like the t rex pro this time with superior battery life and all wrapped up in a sleek looking aluminium frame. If you’ve got super skinny wrists, like me, you might be more tempted, though, by the amis fitwatch gts2e, which sports very similar specs, but in a more compact form, factor well there’s. Even the amir’s fit gts2 mini, which introduces features like cycle tracking for women and is super dinky. If you’re on a tight budget, i also enjoyed the real me watch s pro, which boasts a crisp oled screen, sleek, stainless steel, finish and clean ui for just 120 quid. However, the huawei watch gt2 definitely hasn’t beaten for battery life and the overall features, and there were some quirks when it came to the notifications and not always on display.

Hopefully really we’ll. Have these issues sorted out in a generation or two, but for now i’d say maybe give it a pass unless you see it heavily discounted and that right there is my roundup of the best smart watches, covering a range of budgets that you can grab for yourself. In 2021, massive apologies, of course, if i missed off your own personal favorite, but feel free to call me a knobber down in the comments below and give me. Your mini review of your personal pick, i’ve only featured small, which is here that i’ve actually personally reviewed and tested myself and for more smartwatch reviews and roundups, and all of that jazz. Please do poke subscribe, ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a fantastic rest of the week, cheers everyone love Music.