Maybe it’s really the time to buy yourself a smart watch. Have you ever thought about it today? I will show you a selection of the best smart watches according to our channel and yes, the selection is subjective, and this is our opinion and it might differ from yours and it most likely will to begin with. Let’S. Generally, look at what’s on the market, who is on top and what’s not worth buying. First, there is the kingdom of google with its wear operating system. To put it simply, android watch to be honest, this kingdom could do a bit better. Yes, it has lots of manufacturers, new moto, 360 tick, watch and fossil, but they all have one problem: it’s the operating system itself, where os is simply outdated. It doesn’t develop. The last significant update was a couple of years ago, although today we will have one very interesting, wear os model and we will recommend it overall it’s not worth buying a watch on this operating system as of today. Secondly, there are a bunch of interesting and, most importantly, inexpensive smart watches from china such as, for example, xiaomi and amazfit. But most of the models of these companies are in fact not watches, but smart bracelets in the form of watches, meaning without an application store and with fairly limited functionality. Third, there are many hybrid models on the market, something like this one. It looks like the most ordinary watch with hands, but with some smart stuffing, they can, for example, count your steps or alert of incoming notifications.

All such watches look about the same, and their skills are not very impressive. If you really want an ordinary classic watch with hands, then buy yourself a swatch of some sorts and fourth, there are smart sport watches for the pros from jarmin, polar or they’re expensive models with limited, very specialized smart functions, but at the same time, with excellent software And high quality collection of sports indicators we’re not talking about such a watch today either, but if you’re interested link in the comments – and we will get back to it – your wing is very important for us and now. Finally, our selection of the best smart watches number one not by importance, but simply by the list, watch gt2 pro from huawei. This is a large watch with around 1.’ inch screen and a rather classic appearance. It costs 229 euros, not cheap, but for this you get very cool, finishing materials we’re, talking sapphire crystal on the screen, titanium case, ceramic back, leather, strap and also an additional silicone, bracelet included. In addition, in the box, you will also find a separate type c for usb a cable and a magnetic charging tablet, but the main feature of huawei watch is its autonomy. Gt2 pro lasts approximately 5 12 days on a single charge, depending on how you use it, but you will have to pay for good autonomy with rather modest performance, which let’s be honest, is not the priority here i mean who spends hours playing on their watch anyway.

Great autonomy with good performance take my money now, gt2 pro can do almost everything you need from a music player. Yes, you can have music on your watch to show heart rate pulse oximeter, sleep, monitoring, workouts weather barometer, making and receiving call and dropping your kids at school. Well, that last bit is not true, but it would be great, though there is always on support and a handy, smartphone app. You cannot install additional applications, or rather let’s say there are very few of them, but if you don’t need them, then huawei is an excellent choice and if 229 euros is expensive, then huawei has two very similar models: gt2 and owner magic watch 2.. Both of these models have very similar functionality, dimensions and even a similar design, but at the same time, gt2 costs 180 and honor magic watch 265 dollars. They, of course, seem player, but you get the same autonomy and the same set of features and perhaps for price quality ratio. These watches can be called almost the best. The only significant disadvantage is that you cannot pay for purchases in the watch. Scandalous as it is, you will have to do it. The old fashioned way, with your smartphone number. Two is apple watch on android don’t worry i’m, not having a stroke. It’S, not an apple watch, it’s an oppa watch, but it sounds very similar right. It even looks similar, especially from a distance, but it’s got a different control system.

There are two buttons on the case and secondly, the screen of the oppo watch has rounded edges this. Of course, doesn’t really interfere with the control of the watch, but athletics wise. The move is quite controversial, like apple watch. This watch comes in two sizes, 41 and 46 millimeters here’s, a large 46 millimeter watch, which is very large, i’m. Sorry, i just cannot find another word for it significantly larger than 44 millimeter apple watch. If your wrist is small, then it’s better to look at the 41 millimeter version or better try it in the store. First, to avoid. Looking like you stole your father’s watch, the oppo watch runs on wear os. The very same operating system from google that we scolded earlier in this video oppo watch has a standard set of features you can make and receive calls. There is a speaker and a microphone. You can put music on the watch and listen to it through wireless headphones and control your music on the smartphone. There are also a bunch of different workouts, both from oppa itself and from google. There is gps nfc. There is a sensor for measuring the pools, but what’s, not there. That is a fashionable these days pulse oximeter. Overall. This is a very functional watch. Besides, you can install additional apps from the play store on it and pay for purchases using google pay. The oppo watch has a unique twist in normal mode. It works for about a day or one and a half two days.

It all depends on how you use it, but if you turn on the power saving mode, the watch turns into a smart bracelet. This mode cuts down on most of the features, but oppo watch will still show you the time notifications and even count your steps in power saving mode. It can work up to 3 weeks. You know in case you are stuck in a desert in a van that won’t start with no water and no help coming i’m. Sorry, i guess it’s obvious i’m rewatching breaking bad on the downside. I have to mention not the most beautiful dials and there are not so many of them and straps with very own unique fastening system. You cannot buy this in the store around the corner, but we found a couple of aliexpress bracelets, so we’ll leave a link in the description just in case. The official cost of the oppo watch is 400 euros or 360 pounds for the larger version. It is certainly expensive for a nice, but not the most sophisticated watch as an option. You can wait for a sale or just find a discount in some store Applause. Of course, our top list couldn’t do without a samsung watch, here’s their new galaxy 3, a large classic samsung watch with its signature rotating basil, but such a sporty and brutal style is not for everyone, and actually samsung also has a more interesting watch. I’M, talking about galaxy watch active 2.. It can do everything that a big galaxy watch does, but it looks much nicer and the design is more concise, simple and one might say, even universal.

Moreover, the watch is sold in a steel and in aluminium case in two different sizes. Just look at it, isn’t it stylish visually. This is probably one of the most beautiful watches on the market. Today, galaxy watch, active 2 has a nice rounding display it’s a super mold screen with always on support, a bunch of good dials and a nice haptic feedback watch. Active 2 runs on tizen os. This is a very good operating system with a huge number of possibilities and those very possibilities are limited only by the set of applications available in the store, and there is a lot there from a browser to a youtube player and games separately. I would like to note a very smooth and intuitive interface, as well as a beautiful animation. At the same time, the sports component has been pumped up as it should. ‘ types of workouts are supported. Moreover, seven of them are activated automatically. The watch has a gps altimeter barometer ecg heart rate sensor, nfc, bluetooth, 5.0, galaxy watch. Active 2 has essentially only one drawback autonomy with active use. It lasts exactly one day. You will have to get used to charging every night or morning or buy a huawei watch. They don’t look so elegant, but they are very autonomous. Galaxy watch, active 2 costs from 180 dollars for a small version of 40 millimeters and from 200 for a larger version of 44 millimeters. If you need a smart watch, mostly for sports and a little bit for notifications, then there is the perfect company for you, fitbit, which makes a great sense watch.

Personally, we didn’t use sense, but we tested fitbit versa on the basis of which sense is built, and we really like this watch and in fitbit versa, 3. The company has improved the weaknesses and added several new features outwardly. This is a square watch with a fairly large screen and a silicon strap. The watch cannotify you of incoming messages on calls control music and it has a voice assistant, alexa or google assistant, although this is not the main purpose of versa, 3, but rather a nice bonus. Fitbit’S strong point is the sporty part and here, in addition to collecting information about a pulse, oximeter and a heart rate sensor, there are also a bunch of built in workouts and even ready made programs with a trainer, but what’s really cool is that sense has just Every imaginable sensor, measurement of blood saturation, a heart rate sensor – there is an ecg. There is even a thermometer for measuring the temperature. On the surface of the hand, this is generally a brilliant thing and i don’t know why no one had done this before, and then there is a very unusual thing called an electrodermal activity sensor or eda. It allows you to determine the level of stress in the body that is fitbit sense is not only about sports, but also about health. All the data is collected by the watch in the application from where you can see how you slept how you worked out and so on.

It sounds just like a dream for a hypochondriac. Like me, the watch works on a single charge for several days, which allows you not to charge every night. Fitbit sense costs 330 dollars. But if you don’t need a stress, sensor and electrocardiogram what’s wrong with you, then you can buy the fitbit versa 3 model, which otherwise gives exactly the same set of features. And this watch is just perfect for those who want to start pulling themselves from a couch and doing some sport and finally, probably the best smartwatch you can buy yourself today is apple watch 6, but only if you have an iphone, perhaps along with the price and Weak autonomy: this is the main disadvantage of apple watch. It only works with ios devices i’m sure that a huge number of android smartphone owners would buy themselves an apple watch if they worked with their smartphones, but, alas, apple watch 6 can do so many things you might need to start writing things down. Firstly, there is an ekg: there is a pulse measurement blood oxygen saturation. There is sleep tracking it even tracks how you wash your hands. There is also 32 gig of internal memory, so you can run with music without your phone. Another thing that apple has elevated to a cult is motivation or achievements for being active. You set yourself a goal, for example, to spend 1 000 calories per day, and the watch shows you the circles of activity for completed tasks you get rewards daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

Apple watch 6 comes in two new colors, blue and red, and several new straps, for example, here is a braided silicone strap that is so comfortable that you can sleep with the watch on actually accessories precisely their quantity and quality is what makes apple watch stand out From its competitors, if you have an iphone and want a smart watch, then apple watch is your guy. The question is which one to choose: if you have enough money, then take apple watch 6.. The price starts from ‘9 dollars and if you need something cheaper, but you still want to take an apple watch then go for apple watch as e, which starts at 279 dollars. And if you don’t want to spend money at all, i mean a little bit and still want a watch. Then apple watch 3, which sells at 199, is your choice, although i wouldn’t recommend buying it today at least not the new one and definitely it’s not worth it better. Take a closer look at the fourth or fifth model and finally, a small observation. The most popular smartwatch in the world is apple watch in 2019, apple took 35 of all smartwatch shipments to the market. More precisely, apple has sold nearly 44 million watches for comparison. Xiaomi ranks second, with a share of 11 and 13 million watches sold. So if you hear some skeptics saying that apple charges way too much for its products and analysts predict a quick death of the company and no one has been buying apple for a long time.

You share those little stats with them. Hope you liked the video hit.