You can get right now, Ive tested and reviewed each and every one of these putting them through their Paces, on the trails and in the real world to find the best options, regardless of how you use your watch. Well, look at dedicated fitness, trackers, more extreme sports watches and, of course, General smart watches that can do it all were only going to be focusing on the watches and bands released in 2022, but there are plenty of other great options that are still going strong and I will name check them throughout the video in case they happen to be better value for you, because I am always looking out for you and your wallet. Music lets kick things off with the best overall smart watches of the year. Now, first out of the gates is one of the most anticipated releases of the year for Android users that mostly lives up to the hype, its Googles, pixel watch. Now it certainly looks the part thanks to its sleek and curved design. Fortunately, the internals do match up to the design in terms of how it performs you get an ECG or an electrocardiogram, app blood, oxygen tracking and its really closely tied into the Fitbit app. So you get lots of in depth analysis of things like your sleep and your Readiness data as well. I think the pixel watch is best suited for you. If youre looking for a hybrid Fitness and smart watch, that really does look the part.

Now the downside is, there is only one size option. So if youre someone who likes a larger watch, this probably wont be right for you and the battery isnt the best more than likely. You will be charging this daily, though, depending on how heavy you go on things like GPS, workouts and LTE use, you can get around 28 to 30 hours by turning off the always on display thats the best case scenario. Next, we have another Top Choice for Android users, its the Samsung Galaxy watch 5.. Now this is a solid watch. Dont get me wrong, but it doesnt wow me with its overall feature set just because its really quite similar to The Watch 4 from the previous year, but its at least 50 to 70 bucks cheaper than the pixel watch, at least in the US, and it comes In two sizes – and it might be a better overall choice if you already have a Galaxy phone now, it has a bio impedance sensor that the pixel watch doesnt thats, used to track things like body composition. So you can keep an eye on your gains or your losses. Theres also a temperature sensor, but thats still not active at the time of recording this video. Now, if youre looking for a full in depth comparison between these two, the pixel watch and the Galaxy watch go check out. My versus video right up here and Ill see you in a couple of minutes.

Moving on, we have the best option for iPhone users, which is unsurprisingly, an Apple watch. The series 8 is a great choice. If youre wanting the most well rounded option that straddles fitness, health and true Smartwatch features theres an ECG, a blood oxygen sensor, plus a temperature sensor that is fully active, it doesnt really look any different from the series 7 or offer any better battery life. So, actually, I would recommend the series 8 to anyone coming from an earlier Apple watch like say, a series: three four or five as youll really notice the upgrade to that screen, size and viewing area. Then again, it is so similar to the series 7 that if you can find that watch on discount by the time you watch this video, I also recommend checking out the previous model, the series 7 for less and then there is the Apple watch. Se, again quite similar to the series 8 on the inside, but without the extra bells and whistles of those Health sensors and it doesnt have an always on display, but dont be fooled. You still get all of the the same workout tracking options, the emergency, SOS and car crash detection. This is your best option for an Apple Watch on more of a budget, especially if you are considering getting a smart watch for the very first time, its refined. Without being overwhelming now, if your interests skew a little bit more Fitness than true Smartwatch, then I have the cross platform pick for you.

One of my absolute favorites this year is the Garmin venue 2, plus its got all the fitness tracking features. That Garmin is known for it works on Android and iOS yay and it doesnt need any subscriptions to unlock Extra features say, like Fitbit premium, does on the pixel watch now this is the first Garmin watch. I can wholeheartedly recommend, even if youre, not a fitness person, because it does all the Smartwatch things youd expect like get notifications from your phone. It has a speaker and microphone, so you can do things like talk to a voice assistant and, most importantly, the battery outshines pretty much. Every single Watch, weve talked about so far expect anywhere from eight to nine full days. Out of this thing before you need to charge it now, I get it sometimes smart watches can be a bit intimidating and you just want something: a little bit more Incognito a little bit more low key thats. Why Im such a fan of fitness, trackers and one of the best ones released this year? Is the Fitbit Inspire 3., its around a hundred dollars? It has all the workout and step tracking things that you need. It gets notifications from your phone. It can track your sleep quality and, more importantly, helps you interpret all of this information with an easy to understand, Readiness, score and a sleep score as well. Its also got a really good screen, considering its price and the battery lasts almost 10 days with normal use.

If you want a few more bells and whistles like an ECG, my favorite Fitbit is actually the charge 5 and thats from 2021. And again, if you play your cards right, you can kind of find it for about the same price as the Inspire 3. At certain times of the year, but the downside to both of those options is Fitbit premium costs 10 a month, and while you dont have to pay for it, if you dont want to without it, you wont, get those Readiness scores once youre free trial runs out. I find those particularly useful okay, so maybe subscription Services arent your thing and you just want a big feature set in a smaller and even cheaper package. Well, I got you with two options. The first is the me band 7 and it has a gorgeous color screen. Thats bright and easy to see, I think the Fitbit is a bit more comfortable to wear overall, but the me band is almost half the price, usually around 50 bucks, and it does many of the same things like track your sleep, your steps and, of course, your Workouts plus, it has features to Ping your phone work as a remote camera shutter, and it has plenty of fun watch faces. But overall I do prefer the Fitbit for better data accuracy when it comes to things like heart rate, tracking and sleep monitoring. Okay, one watch that I think offers very few trade offs or compromises for the price is the Amaze Fitbit 3 Pro.

This is more a budget Smartwatch option than a fitness band or a Tracker technically, but I really do think its worth the 70. The screen is vibrant, its got so many different workout Types on this thing, its got built in GPS, which is great. So that means you dont need to Lug your phone with you for an outdoor workout. If you dont want to, and the battery lasts for absolutely ages, yeah, okay, its not the prettiest option, especially compared to some of the big name brands here, but its definitely worth checking out. If you are looking to stretch your money even further. But if youre not in the market for small and dainty its time to go big or go home with the bigger, Bolder and tough as nail smart watches that were going to talk about now. So the first is the Apple watch Ultra, which is Apples. First attempt at a rugged and outdoorsy watch and I really think its an absolute success. It is my favorite watch of the year if it suits your budget, and I dont necessarily think you need to be an endurance athlete or a scuba diver to get one of these. The screen is incredibly bright and easy to see in all situations. The titanium casing is super solid and the battery is Far and Away the best out of any Apple watch you can get now. It can last up to three days, if youre not doing a lot of GPS workouts or sleep tracking and its got the customizable action button on the side that lets you start or stop a workout activate a shortcut and more theres also LTE by default.

So, unlike other Apple watches, you dont have to pay extra to get the version that comes with cellular connectivity, but of course you still need to pay extra to your wireless carrier each month to activate it just FYI. Now I would love it if it had fully offline mapping, capabilities and topographic maps and routing abilities and first party apps thats, the one downside for me. But if those are the things that you are looking for specifically may I suggest my other favorite high end. Fitness Watch of the year, the Garmin epics 2.. This is such a solid watch also available with a titanium case, a gorgeous OLED screen, plus all the mapping features and data analysis. You could possibly want now. The battery is also great if youre thinking of using it more as a smart watch, rather than full on Fitness bike running tracker. There is no LTE variant, though, however, and theres no speaker in microphone and the third party apps are really kind of limited, so I would really recommend the epics if youre more of a runner, a mountain biker or of course you need something thats going to work On Android, because the Apple watch is iPhone only okay, so those two watches are pretty pricey. Now, if you want a less expensive alternative and happen to be on Android, the Galaxy watch 5 Pro could be a good option. It has all the same features as the regular Galaxy watch 5, but its a bigger case size, its tougher, and it has some additional mapping and routing features like track back that you might be interested in.

I actually think its the best Galaxy watch you can get for the price, especially because the battery lasts around three days as well under the right circumstances, just like the Apple watch Ultra well thats, my list of favorites. But what about you? I would love to hear your pick for your top fitness tracker, your top smart ring or smart watch.