How are you welcome to another honest review video today i have this blackvue r3. This is my newest smartwatch yeah. I have been using this smartwatch for a while now, and i think this is the perfect time to do a honest review. Video. Well, at the beginning, how much does it cost this one costs only 35.99 us dollars, so this one belongs to budget category, but before we do the unboxing and do this review video if you end up liking this video, then please click on the like button and Subscribe to this channel without wasting any more time lets start from unboxing after opening the box. The first thing i have noticed is the user manual. I really like this user manual because there are a lot of pictures and illustrations. Everything is described very clearly. There is a very good quality proprietary charging, cable included inside the box. This is a usb, a based charging cable, its very good to see that blackvue has included an extra watchband inside the box. This one is very comfortable and, at the same time fashionable i would use this one rather than the other tpu silicon band, which comes pre installed. Okay lets check blackvue r3 smartwatch. Even if this is an affordable, smartwatch in hand, it feels very good. Build. Quality is amazingly well. I really didnt expect such a good, build quality and finishing every cutouts and corners are built with precision. The blackvue r3 comes with a tpu silicon watch band.

This one is good, very comfortable and yeah. We can easily interchange watch bands without any hassle i have mentioned earlier. I prefer this one. This one is far more comfortable and this watch band actually lifts the face value of this smartwatch. Music gloryfit is the application which is required to pair this smartwatch with a smartphone. There are tons of watch faces, and i am amazed wow. It will take days, if not months, to try all those watch faces. Let me try a few of my favorite watch faces. Let us check the display panel. This blackvue r3 comes with five built in watch faces. So without pairing this with a smartphone, we can easily flip through between five different watch faces. There are 12 workout or training modes like running walking, yoga, jumping hiking, badminton and a few other. There are a lot of features like breathing exercises stopwatch timer, music and settings in settings we can select watch faces. There is a qr code to pair information about this smartwatch and an option to reset this smartwatch. There are some other options like night mode, find your phone info and brightness the display panel of this black view. R3 can go very bright. There are four brightness levels, even if this is a lcd panel under sunlight, it is pretty much visible without any issue. If we swap from left to right, there are a few features like breathing exercises, sleep time, monitoring spo2, i mean blood, oxygen measurement and heart rate monitoring.

Both the blood oxygen measurement and heart rate monitoring works very fine. Okay, there is an analytics page where we can check our step counter calories, burned, counter and training time. I have noticed heart rate monitoring and blood oxygen measurement of this budget. Smartwatch is far better than its competitors. Okay, after watching through this video. What do you think? I like this one, because this one comes with very minimalistic design and looks so simple. I believe the word simplicity would be the perfect word for this smartwatch for 35.99. I think this is a very good purchase, because, especially heart rate monitoring is a lot better than many other, and this minimalistic simple design, this one looks fantastic, considering its build quality and all the features i would say. I have no problem to recommend this one to my friends and subscribers i mean, if youre looking for anything below 40 us dollars, then you should check this one well thats all about this blackvue r3. If you have liked this video, then please dont forget to click on the like button and please subscribe to this channel.