Now, if you’ve seen, the unboxing here is the review. So first of all, this is the most comfortable strap. Is the black strap there’s a black and red one, but that’s got this is smooth on the inside, whereas the black and red one or black and orange sorry is grooved and textured on the inside, not as comfortable. So i prefer this one and it is a very good fitting, strap very strong. As i said before, it’s got the quick clips so to the watch. Oh there’s, a let’s get rid of that uh. Basically, i’ve chosen this face over all the other faces because you’ve got you go into settings, you’ve got all different settings whether take a photograph female is, for, i believe, the female menstrual cycle. Music can control your music and it does work very well timer. Not you stopwatch not used sports. There are different sports. You can time yourself on, and this is a waterproof watch. Swimming is not part of it, which is strange, but you have not used those because i’m, not really a sports person, but the outdoor walk one. I will be using and testing so if you go back to the settings again, you go to settings, you’ve got brightness, dial settings, app, download and clear data. The dial settings you’ve got different, you’ve got eight and the eighth one is a one you can download or sorry upload from the app the standard ones. This one, you can put a photograph to which you can’t quite really see and you’ve got various trying to get a bit closer.

Various some very plain, some are very informative, some hybrid ones, and that is that’s the default one. So i’ve chosen go back to this. One it’s got all the information like uh steps, your heart rate monitor the date and the battery level. Now i’ve been using this for roughly a week now, seven days and out of the box, it was fully charged it’s on 25, so 7 to ten days at the blackvue quote, is probably achievable. Um and if you swipe you’ve, got heart rate, monitor which obviously won’t work because i’ve not got it on my wrist and the weather, so you can link it with the weather Music sleep which yeah. This is the main. This is the function i don’t quite think is working very well because i i had more than two and a half two hours. 55 minutes sleep um. I have to look into how to reset that or get it working properly steps that’s a very it’s. A very accurate step, monitor i’ve done very many steps today of queuing up in the queue to get my second covey jab in the rain, but all in all, it is a very good watch, there’s different ways of swiping there’s different short settings you can have, and There are text messages, facebook messages, whatsapp messages, very good, it’s and all cool reminders or call. If you’ve got a call coming in you. Can you can’t take the call on the watch, but you can delete or not take the call Music.

So all in all, it is a very good smart watch um it is my daily driver, so to speak. It’S well made it’s quite light. It is a metal body. Uh i’d say the only downside is the sleep function which yeah i don’t think is very accurate. It may be something that i can look into and reset, but yeah everything else works. Uh works. Fine, so i would recommend this watch. I did have the blackvue x1 and uh yeah. I really wanted this one and when it was available i uh ordered it and it came within two or three days. It was 29 pound on ebay. So there you go, there are other smart watches. I will be reviewing uh. I have got a hybrid watch.