Both storms, uh smartwatch uh i’ve, been using this watch for a little over a week now uh so i’m gon na talk about the technical specification, uh, quick setup and some of the features which could have been better uh in this watch uh. But before we continue with the video, please like subscribe so without further ado, let’s start the review. So this is the box of uh boat, smart watch, storm or in the front you can see some key features which we are going to discuss in the later part of the video uh on the back inside of the uh box. You have some additional features about this watch uh over here. It says that it’s compatible with android 4.4 and ios 8.0 and above uh in the package, you get one watch user manual, a charger and a warranty card. One thing that i wanted to uh talk about was the price. Now, although the price mentioned on this watch is five, nine, nine nine, but this watch is available in any of the leading. You know: uh ecommerce website uh under 3000.. In fact, i got this for around uh 2000 during the mantra end of region sales, so uh that’s about the pricing let’s quickly open this box and see what else is there inside the box? So copy needs a finishing. You just need to pull this out and ah that’s your watch. Okay, so i’m gon na keep the watch aside and see what else is there inside the box? So you’ve got a charger.

You have your user manual. You’Ve got your warranty card there’s some additional leaflet about both products: okay, so, overall these uh, you know these are the stuff that’s included in the packaging. Let’S, look at the watch itself now. The first thing you’ll notice on this watch is the finishing of the glass. If you see the finishing is very neat, it is slightly curved on the edges because of the 2.5 d glass now another property or advantage of this glass is that this is a scratch resistant. So in case, if you have to keep this watch with your car keys or bike keys, you know the chances of getting scratches are very minimal. Uh. Another point is the casing of this watch, which is of metal, so this will definitely protect your watch from any accidental, scratches or damages on the back of the watch. You get the serial number at the bottom on the side. You’Ve got company logo on top you’ve got the charging point in the middle uh. You’Ve got all the sensors to monitor blood pressure, heart rate, and you know spo2 uh. The quality of silicon looks uh pretty good, although it is very thin uh, but it doesn’t. Look very delicate uh. You also have the option to change the strap or no. There is a knob over here which you just need to pull, and then you can actually remove the uh, remove the strap and you can use any of the custom straps uh overall dimension of this watch is around 33 mm and if you look at the width Of this watch it would be roughly under 15 mm and the width of the strap is, you know somewhere close to 20 mm.

So overall, this is a very lightweight watch and people who prefer uh lightweight uh smartwatch. They can definitely go for this one. So let’s switch on this watch and see what features are there inside? So you’ve got the power button on the left hand side. This is the only button that is available on this watch uh. This button works as power on off button and then in case, if you’re, navigating through any of the menus, this button also works as the back button. Okay, one thing you want to notice is when the watch is delivered, the battery percentage is roughly around 60. So before you uh actually use this watch, it is advisable that you charge this wash for roughly about an hour so that you get full uh full battery life uh. So this is the face of the watch uh. This is a uh. You know this is the face of the watch which, which i had installed from their cloud uh. I got miss swipe, cutting and then you’ve got multiple options: you’ve got sports mode, heart rate, blood oxygen and then blood pressure. You can scroll it down. You’Ve got relax, option, alarm, option, music control and then you’ve got timer and towards the end, you’ve got settings and then uh. There is a sports record. Okay, so, like i said you can press this button to go back. Okay, and if you scroll it towards your right, you’ve got some additional features here.

You’Ve got your heart rate, monitor uh. You also have a wake up mode, so in case, if you switch it off uh, you know whenever you’re wearing this watch on your wrist, uh i’ll give you more upper on air, and if you just lift your wrist, then the screen will wake up the uh. This option is a dna mode and then you’ve got the uh option to switch on and switch up the bluetooth. Now, as we all know that most all the smartwatch needs to be paired with your phone, so uh we’ll quickly show you how to pair this phone up this watch with your phone in some time, but before that uh you can press the power button and it Will take you back now on the if you scroll it uh down, you will see notifications from whatsapp, so you have the option to uh turn on the notification for whatsapp messages or facebook or text messages. All those options are available in the app that will be downloaded in the phone which we will show in some time uh. So this is how the overall uh you know, ui of this watch, looks like if you uh quickly pull it up. If you pull up the screen, then you’ve got your step count so how many steps you have taken in a day so that’s how the overall watch looks like now. There are many watches available in the market, which has some additional features.

Like cameras and uh. You know you can also add sim card, but those options are not available on this watch, so you cannot also. You cannot make uh calls uh. Neither you can receive calls from this smart watch, but yeah you do have the option to get notification. Whenever you get a call so to sync this watch with your phone, you need to download a boat pro gear, so go to play, store, download a boat pro gear app. Okay, once you see the app click on install so that it can be installed on your phone, so once the app is installed and open. This is how the home page of uh, the app would look like this is the starting page uh. You can just swipe right so that you can move to the next page. Next page shows the summary of your activity. You can swipe right and click on use now so uh once you click on use. Now it will uh show terms and conditions say. I agree, then it will ask you for permission. Please allow once that is done. It will start looking for the smart watch once the watch is formed. You can uh click on, confirm or bind and that’s when your phone will sync with your phone uh with your smartwatch once the sync is done, it’ll give you two options refresh and confirm and bind click on, confirm and bind, and that will set up your that Will link or pair your phone with the smart watch? The landing page of this app has three options: activity, sleep and heart rate.

So this basically projects your average activity, calorie burn or number of hours. Indeed sleep: what was your average heart rate? What was your maximum heart rate and what is an ideal heart rate at the bottom of the screen? You have got four options once you click on uh details, it will show a weekly projection of all your activities, your heartbeat blood pressure, etc. Next, you can click on uh the device option which will have you know multiple options for notification, so you can set up call alert. You need to allow this app to. You know access your phone memory uh. You can also set up notifications for uh. Any of the messaging services like whatsapp, social media and uh, your regular sms, etc. So once you go inside the notification access, you know you, you will see board rocker, uh, sorry, uh board, uh pro gear, so you need to switch on the notification. Allow uh click on allow, and once you click on, allow notification, it will give you a list of apps that can interact with your smartwatch. So, as you can see, i have switched on for whatsapp and facebook plus the sms. So once you turn on the notification, you’ll start getting uh notifications or whenever you get any sort of messages on any of these apps on your watch so guys. The watch is fully synced with my phone and ready to be used now. One thing to keep in mind is: whenever you’re wearing a smart watch, ensure that there is a gap of at least one finger between your wrist bone and your watch.

The reason behind that is, if you wear the watch too close to your wrist bone, there could be a gap between the wrist and the sensors of the watch, which could result in incorrect reading of your blood pressure or an spo2 or heart rate. Let’S. Look at the face of the watch in case if you need to change uh. If you want to change the face of the watch, you can go to settings and you can find some uh pre downloaded of you know faces of the watch in case. If you don’t like them, you can go to uh your app on phone and then you can download some cool uh. You know faces from the uh clown store, which is free of cost. You also have some additional features like music control, so i’ve mapped this with my amazon music. So once you click on music player, you have the option to increase and reduce the sound plus to shuffle between songs uh, so that option is available uh. You also have the option to check the heart rate, blood pressure and spo2 using the phone as well so guys before. I conclude this video uh i’m going to talk about some of the pros and cons of this watch. Uh. The biggest usp of this watch is definitely the pricing. You know this watch is available between 2000 to 3000. You know if you browse multiple e commerce website. On the other hand, uh there are other brands in the market with similar feature which could cost slightly uh.

You know over 3000 for the same features. Second thing uh is the you know a finishing of the glass and uh, since this is a 2.5 d glass, so it has a scratch resistant property which is really good, uh. Finally, uh: this watch comes with 50 meter of water resistant at this price, which is really good because uh generally around this price. You know you do not get more than 30 meter of water resistance so that those are really good uh. There are certain things which could have been definitely better on this watch to start with uh the screen size uh. This watch currently has a screen size of 1.3 inch, which could have been slightly pushed. I would say you know if at least 1.5 would have been better. That would have in turn increase the pixel density currently uh. This watch comes with 240 ppi uh, but at least if we would have increased the uh screen size to at least 1.5, then we could have pushed it to know at least 300 plus ppi uh. Then the bluetooth version on this uh smartwatch is 4.2 and we all know that currently uh we have currently the current version of bluetooth is bluetooth. 5. uh. So we are slightly behind on this in case. If uh they would have given bluetooth five. That would have been a really good deal guys. This was my review of boat uh smartwatch. Other videos subscribed in case.

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