I am Going To Unboxing Review Boards Brand New Smartphone Named Boat Witch Pledge, And In This Video You Will Know How You Can Make Smart Watch Almost 50. You can buy at a discount in the comparison of its MRP, as well as friends will get the complete detail review that the explanation of this smart watch is amazing. Features that you should take this smart watch in this budget, which is under three thousand five hundred. Like in the budget category, It does one for smart, which comes with amazing processor, which is Apollo. Free, Blue Plus, processor and friends will see how smart watch performs with that processor cache is its build quality. How is its user interface Here, friends? How is its accuracy test? You will know all the details review in this video and your quiet will be cleared. Then friends, if you have not subscribed to the text message yet, then definitely do it and press all on the bell icon, because I They keep on bringing videos of product in boxing reviews at the latest. Oclock and all the products are about to be launched in the market, then their discord is first posted on youtube and friends. As you know, we have made a video of vote watch metric on our channel. And you have given him a lot of love so give it like this on this video and definitely press the like button. So friends, before boxing, I quickly give you the box and that so, as you can see, I will give you 1.

75 inches HD display of blood group. A positive is found, which is quite a good thing, and if we talk about some additional features, then here you get 2478 monitoring. Sleep, auditor in cloud and custom bass watch basis for all elements with quick Reply: Tax, Social Media Notifications, Multiple Sports Mode, Free ATM Till Distance Between System, Which Friends Will Support You, Thirty Meter Successfully In Water And Camera And Music Control. 20. I Get You So. The Overall Package Is Friends, So Many Features Under 21 oclock. This is a very good thing at first and, as you can see, its MRP is rights issues in 90, but just as I told you, this smart watch is being launched in the market under special launch offer around 30 space. Yes, friends: smart watch, You can buy this Twenty20 fabric in Amazon, s crop at 1200 noon and the gender I have given in the description. Then you must go and check out and buy this smart watch at this discount. Then friends quickly Lets do Asian Boxing and discuss its features later, Hello, friends, As you can see, this Vote watch place in front of me, which comes with very amazing, build quality, and I will discuss it in detail before asking for it.. I would like to see the box contents of this watch as you can see. First of all, you get a sticker here as well as friends, you go to the charging cable and some you dont need it right now.

I will give you all the details. that how you have to use smart watch and, if friends talk, There is charging. Rather in this, you get that magnetic charging cable, which comes with quite amazing length, and you will be able to easily charge your voice and now come to my device, which is friends bot witch play. As so, You can see. It comes with quite amazing, build quality and display, along with smart watch in black color and black color. You will get smart watch four cords which can be seen on your screen right now and friends. If we talk about stress positive, then I like this positive, very much, which is very good step by step, if seen, it is only here replaced by step, which is very good hina overall, which coat is very good. Matar comes with build quality, smart watch And below you have gone to the senses. It is quite a good thing that in that side you can see two buttons from which you can operate. The smart watch and your 1.75 inch amazing watch display comes in front. Yes, friends, it is an HD display whose brightness is yours. 518. The pillow goes, and if we talk about the resolution, then it In which you get admission. It is very good to get the addition of 2535, along with 2.5 diplast and with 286 ppi. As I told you, you get the brightness up to 518, then in the case of display you will not have any problem with this.

. This coming thing is guaranteed and sends very less. As you can see, I will quickly mute the smartwatch and connect it and further show you how it is now. How is its connectivity, Accuracy, User Experience as well as you Enterprises? So, as you can see by pressing my top button, I got my smart watch up for the first time and came here the branding of the board. So, as you can see, play that torch further here, which I will direct foot here and Here came my confirmation request and I accepted it and directly – I will have a lot of feet here so be very easy to be impressed here. All the data will come in my voice now I will use it in a while, and I will tell you its honest review after coming. guys, as i can see, im smart After using the watch for a long time and quite amazing display quality. Now I will soon show you, the user interface of the spoon, and the best thing is that this smart watch did not light up at all, just because of its processor. Then if we talk about the user interface, That is first of all, as I do the right side, then I come here to update the weather and after going back to right, you see the real monitoring, and here you get a music control so that you can Control, the music of your phone. Now you can see How many steps have you been given here, for heart monitoring and on right side come friends.

The best thing is that I am wearing a smart watch, walked 102 to 103 steps and show 140 episodes around which I was sitting.. It is more accurate, smart in this case here. If we do left right, then there our watch money goes there. If you type this below, then you get shot like normal thing, brightness, dnd and point i phone and settings and flash light key. And if you turn it back down heres, where you get it Notifications option which I have not received any notification yet and if you want to go I UP, then you have to press this button. Here comes your menu and see friends. You can have very good and clear words in smart watch. Then I absolutely Even if you havent seen the building, then the smartwatch is very good in terms of display. The brightness is also very amazing. I am looking for a smart watch and if I talk about the menu, then, as you can see, I can see you work out. Work out record lump monitor, executive, monitor activity record And first of all, friends would like to tell that how to rescue team. Now we will also check with a professional boxer meter that how much accuracy of smart watch and below friends you will get real monitoring, training, music control messages, weather report stopwatch all the laziness in time. Pain goes alarm, flashlight. Whatever things you can control your voice, you can find my phone.

You can control the camera from your smart watch and friends. If you talk about settings, then here settings I will give you a caste First of all screen settings and screen settings. But if we go then here you have the settings of a caste dial, then from the diary setting here you can adjust your watch. Thiss coding too so now friends, I liked it as it is on the watch, so I did it. We have set it back here we come back to our menu, so, as I can see above we were on the settings below in the screen settings. You have a problem with the screen timeout, so I set the maximum to 122nd as well as sitting friends. If you go, you see the option of Night Mode. Dnd Mode is seen. The feature of Arrest to Back is also available to you in the Smart Watch. I have turned it on so friends. If you see the intensity of the Watch, Wasnt Watch the rate is very high Here. I am referring to the intensity of vibration and I have sandwiched it myself in the standard intensity. Also, amazing, it increases, and you get to know that you have a notification. The call has come, and the best thing is that this In between I sell you all your notifications and whatever With call alert all that will be visible to you directly in the smart watch. If you connect with the flashlight phone and talk about the brightness, then friends I have made the brightness 50, which is a lot more brother.

I am looking at the brightness and 40 if you are so Good performance, so you can expect that how much brightness will you get in the same brightness then this hundred percent brightness is here. So I am getting 50 in up 19200. You can go to system settings and also see about device, then system settings, But as there is power off reset and restart option here, friends here I have shown you all the settings. So if we talk about the code mode, then, as you can see in smart watch, you go through drafting work out mode, outdoor and indoor. End Outdoor Indoor Box, Outdoor Cycling, Cycling, Hiking, Basketball, Yoga, Rowing, Electrical Cricket, Friends, Free Work Out, You get 14 modes, and so You can monitor your tweets if you go to your records and friends. Now comes the talk main on which Sensations and monitoring and this YouTube, so I will check them now. Stay with your professional boxer, meter, video. If you dont like this video quick, then definitely like you get more notifications from your life. I, like friends, Can see. There is a lot of cigarette readings. My smart watch has almost the same reading exactly 93, with my professional option meter. On the other hand, it is fluctuating in 1994 too, so friends can see here like SP and two monitoring too. There is a lot of cigarettes, almost 1 2 point difference here is my 1978 and profession oximeter 599. So both the senses feel too much cigarette.

If you talk about smart watch, then your interpretation is also very user friendly, which is That is you can download it like? You buy a smart watch then in this you get all the details, overview and historical. Your activity for depositing supporter monitoring and the best thing is by going to the settings of friends. You can do a lot of customization in it.. You can click on mode off and on. As you can see the general settings where you can adjust all these settings in the chapter of call reminder weather way, you can adjust these by setting like automatic water retention key. You can set the alarm clock when You need an alarm. You can set an alarm. You will be able to purchase the notification of acid entry and drink water reminder which one you want the notification as well as any reply. You can also set it here if you reply to anyone in SMS, If you want to do it in the below friends box, you get the option of camera control, you get the insult of disconnecting directly and the option of about and unwinding is available. Now we come to the main thing, which is its watch piece.. You must know that in this smart watch they get more profit wallets and with you you can adjust it on the print out according to your convenience, and the best thing is that in this you also get the option to create custom Boss PCs.

. If you get it, then you can create the hospital according to you., And you can also set your own amazing custom watch tree from the gallery. Then friends, your interface is also very crazy. Statistics and data is quite amazing because of its processor, as I saw you in the video over all the Talking about confusion. I have got a lot of vote bank because friends under three to z budget, you get Apollo Free, Blue color protection, as well as its amazing display of 1.75 inches, which is HD display, get brightness up to 50, Which will run very well in the outdoors as Well, as get such a theme, smart watch with such amazing metal build quality that comes with Bigg Boss up to 10mm, and also a good quality, and a good Smartwatch of build quality will be available, which will last you a long time. If you talk about battery life, then battery life of up to seven days will give you smart class comfortably the most important smart watch that it is that in 10 minutes of charge you will get a smart watch. Will give battery backup till the day till the Team gets up 130, 350, 500.