We all hope and pray to be out of this very soon, all right back to the watch so it’s priced at just 2999. It comes with built in gps, probably the cheapest smartwatch with gps. But how good is it let’s find out? Also, it has some tradeoffs compared to other smart watches. Let me share the good and not so good, so you can decide if you should buy this or not, but before we begin subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon, so you never miss an update. Also, follow me on my social media handles for more tech info, so let’s begin with the build quality and design, so it has a square dial and since it’s green color, the bezels on the side have a silver matte color. If you have picked the black or blue, then the bezels would be color coordinate. Frankly, i prefer the silver to the black it kind of stands out. Moving on the body, though made of polycarbonate, seems solid and very well built. You have a button on the side which is to wake the display and put it to sleep. The back too is made of plastic and it’s nothing fancy. It has a heart rate sensor and charging terminals. The provided proprietary charger aligns and attaches as you bring it closer. So the first thing you notice is that the boat explorer smartwatch lacks an sp2 sensor and if you ask me, i’m, absolutely okay with it spo2 on any smartwatch, isn’t, very reliable so having it is.

Okay, but not having it wouldn’t, really matter. The straps are made of soft silicon and are probably the best quality i’ve seen on a budget, smartwatch it’s a buckle, design and fits very well on your wrist. The buckle has a matte silver finish along with the boat branding. It has this black line in the center, which gives it a very nice aesthetic look, in fact, even the back of the strap has the same dual tone: color gray and black. By the way, these straps can be removed and swapped with any third party 20mm bands coming to the display, so it has a 1.3 inch lcd display with a resolution of 240 by 240 pixels, not the sharpest display but possible. The good thing is that it gets really bright to see outdoors during the day. The color reproduction is decent and the images are really clear. The bezels are noticeably thick, especially the lower bezel, but then there are many other watches, with higher prices with those same thick. Bezels so it’s fine, the raise the risk to wake the display is mostly slow. In fact, sometimes it takes more than a second or two. Probably a software update can fix this. I rather press the button on the site it’s a lot faster. The watch connects to any android or iphone via bluetooth. It comes with version 4.2, not the latest and greatest, but works just as well. I didn’t experience any disconnection issues. It comes with a heart rate tracker that measures your beats per minute worked really well.

It also has an option to enable automatic mode and seem pretty reliable. The watch comes with 518 watt resistance rating, so it can be worn in a shower and actually even for a swim. In fact, it even comes with sim tracking, so let’s address the biggest pro of the boat explorer smart watch built in gps. Now, what does it do? Well, it records your position during an auto run, walk or hike. The gps function allows you to see your pace. Distance more accurately, and it can map your workout, which you can see more in detail in the companion app now i have to test it and it got a fix on the location, pretty quick, which was amazing during the workout. It shows you the distance, the heart rate, the calories burnt. Further, it shows you the distance pace and even the gps position on the map on the display. Once i finished my outdoor run, it showed me a detailed summary, along with the map on the boardpro gear app, you can see the workout in detail. It’S amazing let’s have a look at the interface so swipe from the top and you’ll see your notifications. Swipe down and you’ll see your steps. You’Ll see the distance you’ll, see your calories burnt and you’ll see the total week’s workout press. The button go back to the home page swipe right and you’ll have quick toggles. This is the automatic heart rate detection. This is race to wake.

This is do not disturb and gps. When you swipe from right, you can see your sports modes come to sports and you’ll, see outdoor run. It comes with gps indoor run outdoor walk outdoor cycling, both come with gps outdoor cycling, cricket, pool, swim and open water, swim that’s. All further. You have heart rate. You have the relax app, you have the alarm. You have the music controller to control music that’s playing on your phone. You have the timer, you have the weather, you have sports record, you have settings in settings in dial, you can change the pre installed watch faces. Then you have to adjust the brightness, you can adjust the brightness from here, always lower the better and about so i can say it’s, not the most smoothest. Experience feels laggy at times almost half baked i’d say os is probably not its strongest point, but it gets the job done coming to the companion app one of the most feature packed app for sure. It shows you, your steps, your activities, your heart rate, your sleep tracking and all your workouts in devices. You can turn on and off call alerts, sedentary reminders, app alerts where you can individually choose from which app you want notifications and from which app you don’t dial settings are basically watch faces. Three come pre installed. Rest. You can custom install any picture from your phone gallery. Also, there are cloud watch faces that you can download. There are about 60 that you can get from here.

Wow. The list is really long from digital to analog, and it barely takes a few seconds to install. All you need is an active internet connection, music control to control your music that’s playing on your phone turn on or off the wake, gesture and upgrades. It receives phone call alerts with vibration and the caller’s name is displayed, but you can only reject an incoming call. There’S no way to silent a phone ringer and surely no way to answer it, but it would be great if you could just silent an incoming call, but you can’t. Then it receives app notifications and you can read a part of the message and dismiss it or clear it. It works well, but there’s no emoji support coming to the battery, so it has a 210 mah battery and board claims it’ll last for 7 to 10 days. But expect no more than 5 to 6 days with brightness, medium and notifications turned on, in fact, with gps use, it could be even lesser but that’s actually not as bad for an lcd display with built in gps. It takes about one and a half hour to fully charge the watch when the battery is depleted. Alright time to address the cons, the interface is very kiddish not as smooth and needs lot of work, but, like i said before, it gets the job done. Then there’s no spo2 sensor, which i think is pretty fine, no always on display, but for the price and an lcd display it’s hard to expect that also it has limited workout options compared to other devices.

But then i think it has all the basic ones that you need talking about its pros. The biggest one is built in gps and especially for a watch under 3000. It has a decent lcd display. It has a decent battery life. It has an excellent wind quality and very good strap and it actually looks even premium a lot like an apple watch. In fact, for 29.99, frankly, it’s really hard to complain, it’s, absolutely value for your money. At this price, it’s available in three colors, black blue and the one i’m wearing gray i’ll leave the links for all in the description. If you want to buy one, you should definitely check it out. So i hope this video was helpful.