It is something to do just with my unit and not all the units but i’ll get to why later. But before we begin, if you do enjoy watching my videos, please consider subscribing to the channel and if you do enjoy what you see. Please smash that, like button, it really helps the youtube algorithm and after watching this review, if you do decide to pick this watch up for yourself, please use the link given in the description below all right. So with that said, what do we get in the box? So when you buy the boat explorer smartwatch, you get the smartwatch itself, i’ve gone with the strap, which has the really deep blue color with orange stripe at the center. I think it looks really trendy. Apart from that, you get the magnetic charger and the manual which i do suggest you give a good read and the rest doesn’t matter now. The build is something which is going to surprise you from the start and not in the good way. So you actually get what you pay for. So when you pay two triple nine or three thousand rupees for this, you get something which is made of plastic, feels really light and flimsy. It doesn’t have that heft factor that gives it a premium feel. So you it just feels kind of like a toy. So what specs are there that really matter? So it has a number of features but i’m going to give you the ones that really matter the rest.

You can obviously check out from both website or from flipkart. The ones that matter it’s got inbuilt gps. So if you are starting a workout where you’re running outside walking outside it can track accurately where you’ve been the distance, you’ve walked the calories, you’ve burnt and the shots. So it’s got some pre loaded. Sport modes, like cricket swimming indoor, walk outdoor, walk outdoor run, but it does miss out on some more essential ones like weightlifting and maybe yoga or traditional um, maybe some aerobics, something like that. There is lack of choice in that sense, so starting a gps based workout is easy, so you go into any of the preloaded workouts and when you start it’s going to first track your location – and this takes some time it is considerably faster if you’re standing outside On the road uh it’s easier for it to track and once it’s done, then you can start your workout and it’s gon na track you, but i had a very unfortunate uh incident with the watch when i did my first or tried my first gps based workout I’Ll get to that later and you do need the companion app, which is the pro gear app. So you can just scan the qr code from the manual and you can get it on your app store or play store depending on your device, and this app is essential because you have to put in some details about yourself like your gender, your height, your weight And, based on that, you’ll get a more or less accurate readout of how many calories you’ve burned throughout the day, and you can also customize a number of things on your watch using this app without which it’s not possible.

It does give you smart notifications. Now they call it smart. I call it very basic notification. So when you get a notification from your phone say a whatsapp message or or say a tweet or something it will just vibrate and relay that, but it does not support an emoji. So if someone sends you an emoji by a whatsapp, it’s gon na show you nothing so very basic, so it’s just kind of an alert as to something has arrived on your phone and you can check it when you get a phone call there’s no way for You to answer or end that so there’s nothing. You can really do apart from dismissing the notification that’s arrived, so it’s kind of useful, but not really helpful in that sense now the screen is a 1.1 inch screen. I think, and it is uh average at best it’s moderately bright. The touch operation is more or less smooth, but doesn’t obviously feel like a very high quality display because it isn’t now uh. You can even have different watch faces, which you can customize from the app and you can even set a wallpaper or a photo from your phone. You can import that to your watch and set that as the wallpaper, like you see now. The unfortunate incident which happened with me was that i one once took it out to go on an outside walk and because i wanted to keep track of how accurate this is.

I wore the watch that i always wear that i’m wearing for the past two years. Is my apple watch series 5, which is by far the best smart watch that i’ve ever owned, and it really helps me, keep myself active and get or reach my goals. So i want to see as a reference how accurate the gps of the boat explorer smartwatch is so i did take it out and i did set it up and even let it track my position. But as soon as i was going to start my gps based workout, i was going to go for an outside walk the screen. The display of the explorer smartwatch froze. So it was not responding at all so that completely ruined two things. Obviously, the workout and the factor of dependability on the watch. So if this happens, if i’m on a workout and if i’m really really wanting to get something done and if it fails on me, then it’s useless and it was exactly useless. So i went on the walk and i was wearing my apple watch on my left hand and on the right hand i had the boat explorer smartwatch. The apple watch obviously tracked everything aok. Now, while i was walking, i think at around 2.5 kilometers or so, the watch has automatic workout detection for outdoor run and outdoor walk. So suddenly it detected that i was walking and i was happy that i could finally track, but the display was not.

The touch was not responding, so i it asked me, are you walking and you can you can just select yes or no like a tick and a cross so each time i kept pressing the tick, because, yes, i am walking the touch, was it wasn’t responding? So again it was useless, so my workout was ruined and because i bought this with my own money, i returned it because the essential thing, if that it’s a touchscreen watch and if the touch is not working and if i’m not being able to track a workout For what i’ve actually got this then it’s useless. So i am sure this is just my unit it’s not going to happen with all units, but yeah it’s, something you should be aware of and plus when you pay 3000 rupees it’s, not less by any means, but compared to an apple watch. It is a fraction of a fraction of the cost, but there is a reason. The apple watch is the apple watch and the best smart watch in the world now uh continuous heart rate tracking that was more or less accurate. Again, i checked it with my apple watch, so both of them had the same heart beat rating um and i think there was a difference of four or five bpm, but more or less it was the same. But i really want to try out the gps, which i couldn’t now you can even um control your smartphone’s music player with this.

So play pause next track and volume control, but you can’t see any album art there and uh. It gives they claim to give you seven day of battery life depending on your usage. But i would say realistically, you would get around three three and a half days of continuous battery life and you have to keep certain notifications off if it’s continuously monitoring your heart rate, if you’re wearing it, when you’re going to sleep, then probably the battery is going To fall because it keeps tracking, so i would say that this is uh. If you don’t want to spend something more than this as a basic basic, smart watch which has gps and which can track your workouts when it works perfectly. It is not a bad investment, but if you are really serious and if you do have the budget, then obviously you know that you should go for something like a galaxy. Smart watch active or an apple watch, provided you have the budget and the supporting phone for that so that more or less covers what i want to say about the boat explorer smart watch and i wish i could give you more in depth review but unfortunately, like I said my unit did not function, so i couldn’t, but all in all, i would say that again. That was just a fault with my unit i’m. Pretty sure if you do get it make, i mean just keep the mindset that it’s not a super premium.

Smart watch not something super rugged, as well, it’s really light, and it can track the number of steps you walk, the calories you’ve burnt and because it has gps, it can even track uh your outdoor walks and runs. So that is good, it’s, handy and it’s. Going to be as useful and as active as you are, so if it’s something that’s going to push you to be more healthy, then definitely get it anyway. Guys that’s been my opinion of the boat explorer smartwatch. If you enjoyed this video, please smash that like button, it really helps these videos and the channel grow. And if you are on a roll to help me out, then please also subscribe to the channel and if you do decide to get the boat explorer smart watch. Please use the link given in the description below to make your purchase, as always, it won’t cost you anything extra, but it will help me run this channel and produce more quality content like this.