But today i am reviewing the boeing or bowen well, say: boeing, smartwatch, im not affiliated with the company! In any official regard, they did send me this product for free and ive had it since just about the end of february, so ive uh, ive gotten quite a lot of use out of it now just to go ahead and bring things up front real quick. So if youre looking to get this watch, you can know if its a make or break if youre in the market for a new smartwatch the boeing smartwatch is pretty much what youre paying for and even a little more. It connects to your smartphone super easily and its very modifiable to your own, like aesthetic choices and whatnot. The app is nothing special, its a pretty standard, app ive seen many like it at this point. It is very useful. The app provides good metrics and honestly, you dont even need to use the app a lot. The watch itself can be entirely self contained. Speaking of the watch, its really comfortable, ive, worn it every single day for the past month and ive used it very consistently. Its sleek, its not too bulky or anything and the battery life is fantastic, its just as advertised so for the average person. If youre looking for a smart watch and you dont want to come close to breaking the bank, i really recommend this smart watch. If youre someone who wants really in depth metrics and a community to keep you accountable, then you might want to keep looking anyway, thats kind of like the brief summary.

So if thats good enough for you, thanks for stopping by, if you want to know more, keep watching ive been in the the market for a new smartwatch for quite a while. Now, an old one that was passed down to me had a terrible battery life and i definitely wasnt wanting to drop a few hundred dollars on a really nice watch who had a ton of features, and i wouldnt use 90 of them im an average guy. I work out pretty consistently, but i dont get too far into the metrics. Well speak about the metrics, the app and uh like like when i went on a run and how the watch performed on that run. But lets start out with the the physical appearance and build of the watch itself, as you can see, uh its honestly really comfortable its not like you notice it while youre wearing it. The strap isnt too rough or anything. The circular face is super nice and standard. Its sleek its hard to smudge it. I just thought about that. I havent smudged it its effectively the exact size and like appearance i was looking for in a smart watch. I didnt want a rounded square face or anything. The two buttons on the right side are super minimal. You dont have to do any complex setup. The watch is touch screen which allows those buttons to be super. Simple, ive never had like interactivity issues when swiping on the watch face.

The battery is as advertised and excellent. It goes about 10 days with 25 to 50 brightness ive varied it some stats with a slow charging port. It went from zero percent to 100 after about two and a bit hours lasted about nine or ten days and then just under two hours, with a faster charging port. So the cable it comes with is a unique one would be hard pressed to find a replacement. Its not usb c or micro, usb or anything so youd want to charge it while youre working or while youre making dinner or something the watch face, you can customize it. They have a ton of options. Im gon na throw a bunch of images up of when i was messing around with the different watch faces super fun to mess around with. I found one that i really liked and you can also make your own its really limited, but its still a really cool nice aesthetic touch. I know when you look down at your watch. You dont want to be overloaded with too much. Some people might like having everything on there, but i like to keep it simple the time the date and the stub count that works for me and one swipe to the left, and i have my steps heart rate and how much ive walked today and taking out Of the box was, i dont know you, you, cant really complicate the process, but it worked out of the box.

Connection was super easy. Okay, so lets talk about the metrics. Now the watch is effectively what im considering self contained, in other words as ill talk about. More later, i went on a run and didnt use the app at all, but you can also use the app you dont have to open the app and sync up to see your stats. You can see them on the watch face itself. Your sleep graph, your heart rate, etc. If youre super serious about metrics, like heart rate recovery period, whatever this isnt the watch for you, you know, if youre training for a marathon, you might want to go with garmin or something else again. I just like the standard metrics even now, with the watch im. Still someone who says: oh google maps is 3.2 miles and i ran that in 28. Minutes well. 28, divided by three is just above nine, so nine minute mile, if youre, really big on community uh. Other people doing the same thing. Well, you might want to go to fitbit or something where they have a super active community page im using the app without making an account and its still fully functional. And i have been able to share my running progress with some friends which you can do super easily from the app they have actually some pretty cool options for what you can show. So if you have your own community on discord or you text, your sister, your run, the app makes it really easy to export things.

One thing i did want to note is that the self contained metrics of the watch are pretty off and i did notice this with an old fitbit watch as well. It must not use gps to calculate. I know. Garmin does thats literally their brand, but anyway the watch said like 2.6 miles or so ill have screenshots up on screen to clarify, but the run itself was 3.2 miles according to google maps. However, when i use the app the app reported it specifically and in fact the app reported some really cool statistics and lastly, the heart rate monitoring is efficiently 24 7. and the sleep tracker uh. It looks really accurate. I dont know how to test the accuracy i get the same sense of oh. That looks right as i did when i used fitbit. I dont know how they calculate that its you know something. The statistics are very accurate. When i run i notice my heart rate. Go up when i go to sleep, i can check the graph on the watch and i can see my evolution over time in the app and speaking of lets jump into the app. So the app is called glory fit, as you see theres a small splash screen, but you never see it for long lets. Go ahead and sync up now. The app is run run of the mill ive. Seen like this exact layout before and the icons on, the watch, as you can see here, are also very generic.

Its almost like theres, like some sdk that people can just download and then change a bit, but the hardware for the watch is worth it. So youve got a bunch im not going to go into all the settings, but you can set your alarms here. Uh sedentary reminders like get up and move app settings heart rate settings. You can have it alert you and stuff watch faces. This is where you change all the faces, but theres a lot of those and its really fun to mess around with. As i mentioned earlier on your home, you have a quick view: 4200, its pretty epic, pretty nice. You can see. I slept six hours just above last night. I see my heart rate is for some reason: 114 im, probably because im doing this, so maybe my heart rates a little up blood oxygen. 97 great! You can start your your run, your outdoor, whatever you want from here. Uh and then theres like a profile, but i didnt mess too much with that. There is a training thing, so you can set your steps. You can set your goal. One thing that i do want to mention, though, is sms. You can get texts and they do show up very well when your gold triggers, by the way it shows up on your watch as you can see on the screenshot here. If you go to app, you can get notifications for all these different apps. I despise notifications for more reasons than one so ive disabled all of them, but just know that those are the apps you can use and integrate with the watch again.

It reports accurate metrics. The watches hardware is my opinion, really good and its comfortable. The the thing is with more notable brands: garmin fitbit, whatever what youre paying for is largely the app the premium comes with how in depth the app is community statistics badges all that stuff. With this app, you dont quite get that if youre training for a marathon or have a big group of friends who all have one brand of a watch, youre – probably going to want that brand as well. Thats, just a general rule of society. If you will so with this, you dont get that app. But if youre a person like me – and you dont – want to shell out a few hundred dollars for a super nice watch just so, you can have some average metrics. This watch is honestly fantastic thats effectively. The entire review, the start of the video had a summary which i think still stands true and i hope the rest of my reporting is here. Deliver the boeing. Smartwatch is pretty much exactly what the amazon reviews say and they save five stars, because its exactly what youre paying for and id even argue, youre getting a little more out of it, especially when it comes to the hardware. After seeing a typo in the box, my expectations kind of lowered all of a sudden, but those quickly rose again as ive been wearing it daily and will continue to do so for a while.

I havent had to charge the watch every night. I can go swim with it. I can take a shower with it. I can use it to track my sleep metrics if i choose to care about those one day, and it gives me metrics that, for me are more than good enough and it does that all while not breaking the bank. There is a link in the description if youd like to check it out its just an affiliate link on amazon, again, im not affiliated with boeing, but thank you to them for sending me this watch. It found me at a perfect time if you do end up using it or if you have one of your own or you have some of your own tech. You think i might want to check out as the person i am id love to hear in the comments down below, but anyway, thanks for watching, dont forget to subscribe and like on your way out, maybe check out some of these videos over here.