it’s, an android 10 watch, that’s full fat androids not wear os. It comes with a rotating camera, all kinds of mental battery craziness. Well, if you enjoyed that one, for whatever reason, the good news is those crazy mothers are back at it again with this bad boy. Here, the cospet optimus 2. it’s, apparently what you want, bum, and indeed tisch yes, it’s once again, full android. Yes, you do get a rotating camera again, yes, it’s completely nuts, and you can buy one right now. If you check out the link in the description as well so that’s uh whip it on out of the box. Take you on a full on tour and for the latest greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe, ding that notifications, bell and yeah that’s actually cheers all right, let’s see what we get in the box, or should i say a watch you get and what you get is a watch. A big old chunky charging doctor the biggest i’ve seen on any smart watch, i think, is unfortunately micro usb as well, and you actually get not one but two usb charging cables as well. One of the micro usbs you can plug it into that dock and another one that just connects directly to the smartwatch. You also get bundled in there an exceedingly cute little mini screwdriver, which doesn’t actually fit any of the screws on the cospit optimus too mysteriously, and apparently this is a tool for removing the symmetry on the watch, even though you can just do that with your nails.

But okay, cool you’ve also got a screen protector, bundled in the box as well, quite rare for a small watch and there’s actually one already installed on the cosbit optimus 2, though it’s already got one of those annoying little air bubbles in it, which is incredibly infuriating. What’S, even more infuriating is the fact that i can’t actually get that screen protector off ah come on you bugger and last time you even get a cute little oneplus style. Thank you that are bundled in with the cosmet optimus 2 as well, which is very sweet. Congratulations on becoming cospet’s, most precious friend, no cheers martin founder of cosbet. I, like you too, the actual design of the cospet optimus 2. Not too surprising. It is quite a chunky more for then not ridiculously hefty, considering the size of it, mostly because it is just constructed from plastic it’s. Definitely one for bigger wrists uh, so i think it’s going to look kind of ridiculous for my skinny little boy, arms uh. Definitely not a very feminine look, of course, up top. You do, of course, have the flip out rotating camera, which we will fully test out later on the left side of the watch. You’Ve got your sim tray and on the right side, you’ve got two buttons, a back button and a menu button, and then, as you can see, they can quickly and easily remove the silicone straps. If you want to replace them with other standard straps of a different elk different color, maybe a nice leather band for hitting the town on the night out anyhow let’s get to the good stuff.

Let’S get the cospit optimus 2 all powered up and take a look at this. Absolutely mental watch Music, absolute bastard. Does it really is that really necessary really step? One is to, of course, install the mobile app onto your smartphone. You can do that by scanning that qr code, otherwise you can just say screw it and go straight to google play on your android smartphone and while the cospet prime 2 watch used a app called, we wear. I believe it was the optimus 2 uses. One called gal fit instead to get that installed and it’s also available on the apple app store. If you’ve got an iphone, jobby so yeah, another bloody app i’ll have to sign up for once. You’Re all signed up got ta. Do the usual enter your height, your weight, your daily step goal, nine thousand don’t think i go to the toilet and back that often uh let’s. Do it at something a bit more realistic and then add device and then moments later we’re all set up and ready for action and uh. The app itself looks pretty remarkably similar to every other smartwatch app i’ve used recently, so you can obviously dive on into the settings and fiddle around with a lot of the different options for the optimus 2 customize it to your liking. Change up your steps, target you’ve got to find device, option automatic hr measurements. You can have that happening, every five minutes, ten minutes, etc, etc.

You can also do automatic, sp2 measurements as well, once every hour, two hours or three hours that’s about it, though not quite as comprehensive as some others that i’ve tested out that’s for sure and then back on the main screen. You can see how much battery life you’ve got remaining, so you’ve got 74 left in there right now. You can also see how you’re doing your steps target. How well you’ve slept. You’Ve got your heart rate and your sp 2. All that good stuff. It looks like fairly standard functionality uh for your average everyday smart watch. As you can see, they can set an upper limit for your heart rate. You get a little nudge if you or start to get a little bit excited, shall we say you’ll be able to track your spl2 levels, all that good stuff as well over time. Steps as well see how much distance you’ve covered, but anyhow let’s actually check out the cospet optimus 2.. So what you have here is a mighty 1.6 inch. Ips screen it’s, not an amoled side. These those colors are looking a little bit. Muted brightness levels seem fine. However, you can manually tweak the brightness in those settings, um yeah and it might just about do your outdoors on a bright sunshiny day. It’S not uber bright, but should be okay, so the viewing angles seem absolutely fine as well perfectly legible, even from a very tight angle. Indeed, i just cannot get over the size of this thing.

It’S absolutely freaking enormous, not the most exciting of watch faces. But if you long press on it as usual, you’ve got a variety of others that you can choose from looks like you. Do actually have one that is optimus prime’s face as well, which is quite cool um, albeit uh, new optimus prime, not the uh, the classic. From back in the day, so plenty of analog and digital options, uh or with for a variety of information right there on the main face. So you do have some uh, some more classic look, looking transformer stuff as well, and you can actually create your own custom watch face using a downloaded image or actually using that built in camera, now it’s a fully rotatable 13 megapixel camera using sony’s imx214 camera sensor. This is very similar to the camera formed on the coz book prime2, except now, you’ve got the addition of a flash here as well, which you can activate like so go into this little menu tap here uh. Unfortunately, it seems like the flash is only active in standard mode rather than selfie mode. So i could take a picture of you with the flash right now. But if we swap back to selfie mode, then uh, all of a sudden, the flash is no longer active and using that camera you can even shoot full hd video, which is pretty freaking cool. So here is a video shot on my cospet optimus, 2. um.

Sorry it’s an extreme close up. I can’t really get my arm any further away from my face. You can see right up my nose what a glamorous angle, but anyhow back on the watch, faces there’s, actually a watchful store here on the cospit optimus 2 as well, which allows you to jump online and download some fresh ones if you’re not enamored with any of The ones that are on there by default some proper classic monochrome ones on there all kinds of stuff. Otherwise, you can also create a custom wallpaper using an image that you’ve downloaded as well. So i’ve got connected to the internet uh via wi fi. Here on the optimus 2 and i’m busy trying to type in demon, slayer wallpaper, which actually isn’t as bad as i thought it would be, despite the dinkiness of this display let’s see if we can find something good, yeah that’ll probably do get that downloaded and now Go to image and downloads, and there we have it just get that get that into frame perfect there we go. We’Ve got our own custom, geeky anime wallpaper. Now, as i mentioned before, it is full fat, android uh that this thing is running it’s, actually android, 10.7. Apparently so not the latest freshest android 11, but you do have all of the standard android features on here that you’d expect plus a load of uh bonus watch stuff so swipe down in order to access the main settings.

As you can see, you’ve got the brightness controls the do not disturb uh airplane mode, all that good stuff. If you swipe this way, you’ve got access to the android light mode and, with light mode, active you’ll notice that the functionality is really stripped down. It’S a lot more uh bog standard and basic you can’t access, the internet or anything all you can do is make phone calls, send sms’s and check your of general fitness stats. If you do a swipe this way, you’ve got access to your notifications and doing a swipe up. This way will give you all your fitness shenanigans, how far you’ve worked, calories, burned, etc, and last up swiping to the left will bring up all of your apps that you’ve got installed in here, as you can see, there’s absolutely tons of stuff already pre installed pretty Much everything you could hope for and expect you can, of course, make calls and uh send sms’s via the sim card. As long as you’ve got one in there to nano sim that this thing takes. Otherwise, you can check all of your usual fitness stats. Your heart rate, your spl2 levels, how well you’ve slept, but because this is full for android you’ve, also got access to, for instance, the proper full on google maps. Lots of other google stuff, the only problem being, of course, that a lot of these apps aren’t optimized for a circular display, unsurprisingly, because they are built for smartphones.

So quite a lot of stuff is kind of cropped off, not ideal. When the uh, the menu option you want is actually just off screen, uh, so i’m, not really sure i’m supposed to get to that. Okay, just pressing back, seems to have done the job. Thankfully uh. Of course, you can’t do any multi touch can’t zoom in or anything because it’s not multi touch compatible. This screen, we can do you know the usual double taps in order to zoom in and such forth and yeah, you do have full access to that. Google play app store as well, so you can download whatever your lovely little heart desires. You’Ve actually got 64 gigs of storage on here as well. So quite a bit, for you know downloading lots of random apps, but yeah. Of course, you’ll have to remember that with any app that you open up, the uh display is not going to be well suited for it. So youtube is a bit of a nightmare trying to get your subscriptions and all of that work and best of all these features are actually fully working and have been directly implemented into this shiny, wii blower here yeah the speaker’s reasonably loud, if you’re not exactly great. On the clarity front and yeah you’ve got a built in microphone on the cospit optimus 2 as well. If you want to make a call as long as you’ve got a sim in there or access the google assistant, you’re right, google, how you didlin! Now, if you jump on into the settings from that app spend you’ve got access to all kinds of stuff in here as well, so you can play around with the the battery options turn on the battery saver mode.

If you like, uh jump into the display, you can see exactly uh how long it will be until the screen hibernates, you can access the lift awake feature, there’s, no fast way of changing the volume of the uh. The speakers you’ll have to jump into the sound settings. If you want to do that – and here is also where you can pair up with any other bluetooth devices, you might have like headphones and then last up swipe. One final time: you’ve got access to your fitness training if that’s your bag, uh quite a decent variety of stuff. As you can see, the usual walk in running bicycling playing a bit of football ping pong who doesn’t like ping pong rope skipping. If you uh want to add some more stuff, though just go to the fitness section and in here you’ve got access to even more stuff that you can chuck in get rid of some of the other stuff that you don’t use. So if you’re, not really a badminton fan, get rid of that, but you can chuck in open and close jumps which i’m guessing is a star jump. You got skiing skating, squash, all kinds of shenanigans, even a bit of wrestling 31 in total, is definitely an upgrade over the optimus prime too. This watch is so dense with different features and settings and if you’ve got a desktop settings, for instance, you can change up the look and style of these menus.

So you can see exactly how you want your apps to split and then apple watch style arrangement or various others instead, and because that cos pet optimus 2 is a full flat android device. You need a fairly beefy chipset to keep things running reasonably smoothly. So what you got in there is the mediatek helio p22, backed by four gigs of ram. Definitely an upgrade over the older prime two i’ve seen some apps acting a little bit janky here and there occasional little jeddah, but otherwise seems reasonably smooth and apparently, according to cosplay you’ve, actually got a secondary low powered chip packed in there as well, which actually takes Control whenever you’re doing very little, indeed such as just you know, tracking your steps, making a phone call, something like that, so you’re not getting so much of a battery drain and speaking of that battery to 1 260 milliamp cell crammed inside of the cosby optimus 2. I had 74 battery about a couple of hours ago when i started this video it’s now down to 44, so uh yeah it’ll, just about last you the day, if you don’t, have it full on using all of the features all of the time now you do Have the likes of that battery saver mode and the uh the android light mode as well? If you do find, you are starting to run a bit low, but anyway, that is a bit of a run through the cospit optimus 2 and absolutely bonkers smartwatch.

Just like the cosmic prime do a few little upgrades as you can see in terms of the performance you’ve got the flash for the camera. Now. Definitely an interesting and a unique device, but be great to hear your own thoughts down in the comments below and for more on the latest and greatest set. Please do put subscribe, ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a fantastic rest of the week, cheers everyone love.