Bol is going to launch new smartwatch one after the other and launched one of its new smartwatches, which is named in world class and light is the biggest feature in it. Its a recipe, The price which is friends, is 1498 piece. Yes, friends, you can like it for se special and square at 4000 back price, but in this video i will reveal its details whether it is bill positive design, except you are interpress Or friends. Its health tips are agricultural machines as well as, and I know that you should like the cord in it under 15 bump on it. Otherwise, friends, if you have not subscribed to a text message, then definitely do it. Press the bell icon more because I am the Professor in Boxing Repair, give video at this very latest time and post all the products on twitter. First, on bullet train coaches launched in the market and, as you know, in the video of world cup on your channel and d launch and its, If you have given on videography, then definitely like this video and not three or four smart. Try. Videos will come on our channel by next week and in one of the functions, if you have more aggressive price in gooseberry display, then definitely subscribe. The channel And press more on the bell icon then before boxing. If you talk about some features, then, as you can see here, you get the help monitoring unit design. 1370 water goes into it and in the quantity of Gwalior Caste, which is a very good thing on the side you get the branding of the board and on the other side you will be given training of the lyrics.

If you talk about dark, then here its MRP is rs.6000 but, as I told launch the boats, special branch On the price of Armed Forces at the office and in this video, let me tell you how you can buy it at the best price and its vaginal Is also given in the description so quickly, while boxing the smart watch saw that its box intensity and Inside you will be given board cosmic, which Thats how we bill positive design. Here you will get its 4G job along with support, can see here. Friends, this type of charging is very good. Feedback in this group has a lot of songs. They also give them to the rest of the bank.. I would recommend that this type of charging is only more dependent because friends also used to provide charging baby top idli sandwiches and its build quality would be quite a long list.. It is not given in cable and end Manoj that you do not need that. I am going to show you its set up as well as all the features in detail, so here you will get 1 note from clove veronica top, so do your quality Can, which is one year old. So, as you can see here, I have become smart. If I talk about the court for generations in the world, class friends are very lightweight. Smart watch, no matter how many smart watch I have so far. Its handsfree Make your channel out of it.

This smart watch is very real and there is a lot of meeting for females because you also get payment transfer. If we talk about the design, then it is. The first avatar then see how its build quality and like here You can see Paschim Prem Mishra. One Point 6 inch display. You will see side, you are feeling a little bit of class, quick, 2.5 cup glass right side. You will see button, you will see all the senses in back side will go to magnetic charging port and, as you can see, If the steps are replaceable and are of too much soft material, then the product quality is going to give you the problem of Rashid, Etc. It is very much dependent so quickly. I will show you by coding it and setting it up. So, as you can see, I have muted this mask and said the first time here from the language, and now we have to download that board track you And by downloading it I will quickly show you how to set it up so friends to connect it. First of all, you have to open the lyrics track from Play, Store and download it, as you can see in starting. You do not get the option on register login. And one more amazing thing is that here you get that option without use. Then you can do this mask by simply going to detail. So, as you can see, I have set up my own details or It is that now that I get my smart out quickly, then this is with you.

I can see you in this here. My smart watch has become easy feet in very easy steps with you, and now I can use it easy and if, If we talk about the quality of its display, then the display quality is very high. If we talk about the brightness of this smart watch, then, as you can see, I practiced it very little because friends, I am going to have a problem with you. Its speed brightness is a 475 minutes.. It is a good thing in the secure under 15 team and in the outdoors or in the saw.. I will be able to use it. If we talk about its details, then, as we type this below, you will learn all its sounds from setting to it. Several to race, 2, one as well as stitching up like deal etc., But you will see messages and notifications on the right side. Here you will get a uric in a pot that makes your day to day work. Much more like we do on the left side. Here, if you will go from it to Hearted, Monitor Decorative Liter Dedicated to get red light in it, which is a very good thing, and by inviting further, you will get real positive here, music control you can friend from stars smartwatch. I will update you gas weather and come in it. You can recharge your copper. Quite a lot of customization options according to your convenience. If you talk about how to get into the main, then you have to simply press the button and your main will be opened and in Tokyo one will start bending down its that and that which is quite speed.

Sense. If you consider the budget from giving to the cricketer, you will get more Level, support will be available and they will be very speedy. And if we talk further here, you will find that Mukeshs heart mode settings, also positive blood pressure, monitor knowledge of friends on BP monitor. You will get female doctor monitor messages weather female cycle in such a low budget, Because it is a very good thing for females. Music Control Stopwatch Time. All these features you get MB inside the box Thought that two three tight, that I will see you one so the lips. I am using right now child go up and see how I am. If I would have found it, then you will not get it here. Click on the subscribe button then see such a menu. If I get it, then here you have mine, which is very good and easy to hundred, and you can also use it for your timepass. So lets talk about the settings then here you have many options in the display: options. Thats the brightness control screen time that you You can click on the English word that you will get a teacher to graduate and off. Here you get the rest of the options here. You can turn on the battery saving mode and do it so that you will get them. Then you can adjust the vibration to us. You can adjust it and in the end, you get the option to set the password, i.

e. friends. You can turn the password on and off and in such a low budget. It is probably the first smart one who would have given you the feature of password, which is very important.. The only amazing thing is, as you can see, I have set this or password and asking to confirm this way. I have confirmed the password. It has been reset, so whenever you have to go to me, then you have to simply password Have put, which are very amazing things which also increases the security a lot. If you go to the smart watch and if you talk in the settings, then you go to the system settings where you cannot reset the smart watch then cross many air. You will get a lot more. You will see all the features of the different types used in the off and And the most interesting thing about. Isros smartwatch is that friends have the option to set its password. It would have been impossible to get a lot of smart watches at the back and in such a low budget, but the board has seen it done and you have to guide the password features. If you have got it, then you simply enter the password here and increase. The security of the smart watch then quickly see how this mask is the accuracy of your health sciences, and I will show you by comparing it with a professional oximeter. If friends talk about this tomato.

Almost Everyday here, I am seeing in Smart Watch Oximeter As there is a change in Smart Watch and there is a change in Oximeter and there is a lot of Amazing Accuracy. Smart Watch Heartbroken Turkey and if we talk about Due Toe Monitor, then, as you can see, There is a difference of plus minus one, but more 98 here see 98 in smartwatch. So those friends suggest, anyway, that you should use professional device to monitor this YouTube, etc. Only smart watches, and you can see this Smart Watch. My son has plated, which is very different. So if we talk about this channel, i.e. pedometer a recipe, then, as you can see, I take the switch due to pan reason and in it 162 of caffeine. Only then that text you hang The recipe, is very much dependent friends. If you have back to back from your smartphone, then the company says that in the smartwatch you will get the riders to Bhatia by the day. If you talk about practical use, then you can take 6 to 7 days in the smartwatch from Ram itself.. You reduce a lot. I get fast charging feature in which you can use Ram for two days by recharging it in sandwich, and if you talk about how much time it takes to get fully charged, then according to me, you can comfortably give it to two. Will be able to do A complete investigation in two and a half hours and the rest of the brothers are very different if its budget of 15 rupees is canceled, then if you talk about it whose set up, I told you in the shooting of the video, then this years The biggest Feature is that in starting you have all the health sciences on your main page.

. The data is visible. The most important thing is that I go to you in support of GPS friends. Whenever you use sports, etc. you can simply use GPS. If you talk further about the device setting, then here You main settings are fine, as you can see whether it is sexual friends watch money here, you will get a lot of shooting and redo options as well as here you can set custom hospital, which is quite Amazing thing: if talk notification returned So from here, you can turn off and on the notification of Major Raj. Its notification will be directly in your smartwatch and you can turn off and on Race 2. Many such basic choices, and if I talk further, if you are given an option, then Here you simply login and register how before I am also able to use smart even without login and access earlier. If you can go to setting your and many more episodes unit, you can set and board This type of, inter pistachio is also more user friendly and you will be able to use it. If you talk about confusion, that I am, How was the smart watch in the budget of 15, so my answer is very much Singh. Yes, friends in this, you get the feature of password at such a low price, which increases your security a lot and after that friends, you will get a lot. Goes to health sciences. Bp monitor is tomato. Dedicated SP, monitor sensor is found behind you, you get special.

You get a lot of liquid dry and go in, which will be very amazing for females. Female tracking is available, which is a very good thing, And many such amazing features go to long with me news to voice mawa so that when you can go to this fort at the price of 15 rupees, if you were looking for an american smart phone, as You know the memorial given in its vaginal description And it will be stitched from July 9 at 12pm on Flipkart, then friends, this Marutis Celerio will go from nozzle 12pm to Flipkart and I have given it in the description that total should be launched in three colors.