So today, in the house, we have a brand new budget category smartwatch, and this one is from gionee its an all new g, buddy style, fit gsw5 pro edition smartwatch guys and today in this video were gon na unbox and check it out. Thing is its a very affordable category smartwatch yet offers some pretty awesome, features guys and im like super excited to unbox and show you, and also i have arranged like special giveaway for you. People in this video, where ill be giving away two of these smartwatch to two lucky winners, watching this video ill tell you about the giveaway details at a later part, and by the way the video is also sponsored by the brand. So big, thank you to them. Lets get started all right, guys, heres our brand new smartwatch from gionee, their g buddy style, fit gsw5 pro edition smartwatch and as ive told you at the beginning. I got three of these units and ill be doing like a special giveaway in this video. So stay tuned for that. Well talk about the giveaway details at a later part in the video keeping these aside. Now let me give you a closer look at the box packaging and talk about the product and all of its main features and highlights it comes in this sort of box. Packaging weve got the gbudi logo. The model mentioned over here and even has a picture of the smart watch on the front and talking about the main features guys.

The watch has like a big 1.69 inch touch display on it can measure blood oxygen. Spo2 levels supports 100 plus watch faces. You can easily download them on it and weve got some more features mentioned to the side of the box like the watch is like fully ip68 water resistant has like a bluetooth, remote camera shutter and smart notification support multiple sport related tracking and 24×7 continuous heart rate Measurement as well, so those were some of its main highlights guys now without wasting any more time lets get started with the unboxing. Let me grab my knife and cut the seal on the package and by the way this smartwatch is available in like different colors. We have the standard black color edition, so as soon as you open it, youve got the smartwatch at the top. The gionee gsw5 pro smartwatch in the hand, oh wow. This actually looks pretty good. Well just come back to the smartwatch in a moment guys. First, let me show you what accessories we get in the package: theres, a magnetic pogo, pin, cable for charging and some paperwork just make sure to read that, and that is it. These are all the stuff we got in. The package now lets have a closer look at the smartwatch and talk about the design, build quality and all of its features. Let us remove this sticker on the display there you go. This is how gionees g buddy gsw5 pro smartwatch looks like from my first impressions.

Now the watch looks very similar to apple watch guys and definitely has that premium, look and feel its got. A squarish form factor display and talking about the display theres. A 1.69 inch touch display covered in a 2.5 d curved glass at the top build quality of the product is also nice. The entire watch case is made of polycarbonate material and has a nice matte, gray, color finishing and theres only one button to the right side. Guys, which is a multi function, power button thats it there is nothing else on it. Going to the back side. Weve got a hr sensor. Weve got the g buddy branding and weve got some charging contacts just above that and not to forget guys. As i mentioned, the watch is like fully ip68 water resistant as well. Talking about the straps quality of the straps. Also look pretty good. They feel soft, durable and also flexible and best part is you can even remove and replace these straps with your favorite ones at any time in future, so thats it guys our complete overview on the smartwatch. What ill do is ill quickly power it on set it up and use it for a couple of days and then be right back to continue the video all right, guys im back to continue. The video ive been using this smartwatch for the last couple of days and now im ready to share, like my complete experience and feedback on this model, since weve already discussed about the design and the build quality lets start off directly with the display quality, as mentioned At the beginning of the video, the smartwatch comes with a big 1.

69 inch touch display that too, with a 2.5 d kind of curved glass at the top – and let me tell you display quality – is actually very good. Considering the price point and this great amount of detail on it, you can easily read the text on it: either itd be like notifications or any sort of messages or any content on it. No issues – and you know colors – also look rich and vibrant. Its got like a tft lcd panel, yet color accuracy and reproduction was pretty good, and if you ask about the viewing angles, viewing angles are also pretty fine and the brightness was also adequate and sufficient guys. You can easily view it even in outdoor situations as well. So far, all good guys, no complaints on the display side. Now what ill do is ill. Give you a closer look at the watch and ill show you how the menu on it looks like built in apps and features and all that stuff and by the way guys as usual. Even this smartwatch does support, raise to wake function and, as you can see, the raceway function is working well and accurate. So there you go guys. This is how the home screen on it looks like the watch supports almost like 100 plus watch faces guys, and this is one of the custom watch faces – that i have applied using a photo from my smartphones gallery. That option is also there on board.

Now you have around like five watch faces pre installed and you can download even more using gionees compatible app that you need to install on your phone ill talk about all that at a later part in the video. So guys. Let me just quickly show you how the ui on it looks like, and basically all the navigation stuff by swiping down on the home screen. You can quickly access the status panel and here youve got like lots of stuff guys. It shows you the date and time battery level of the watch, bluetooth connection status, and you also have like quick settings and toggles for different things like find your phone feature is there? Vibration mode is also there. Youve got a torch as well. Direct brightness adjustment function is also built in. It also gives you a glance at the weather and a quick access to settings app, so that was about the status panel now by swiping up on the home screen. Now you can easily access a notification page here. It shows you all your recent notifications that youve received on your phone either it be like messages or any sort of call missed. Call notifications, complete information is shown over here again for this now youll have to be connected to your phone via bluetooth. Then only you will be able to get all these notifications on the watch. So keep that in mind now by swiping left on the home screen, you can quickly access a lot of widgets theres, very useful widgets starting off.

First youve got like the fitness related info. Like it shows you how many steps youve taken calories burned distance traveled for that particular day. Now, if you want like a detailed analysis now, then youll have to check out the compatible gionee app on your phone for all the detailed or monthly analysis of your fitness data. Now moving on guys, weve got the sleep data analysis. Then youve got the heart rate, measurement app function and then youve got the sports related information, widget and then youve got the weather info widget guys. It shows you the current weather in your city and, lastly, youve got the remote camera shutter function and a bluetooth music control. Guys and let me tell you using the smartwatch – you can directly control the music that is being played on your phone from your wrist guys directly from this smartwatch, so that function is also there. So these are all the quick access widgets available on this smartwatch. Now suppose, if you want to access like the complete list of all the apps and features present on the smartwatch now, then you can easily do that by swiping right on the home screen and there you go. You get the complete list of apps available. Now again, let me tell you this menu over here can be. You know, listed in two different ways. You can easily set the themes from the settings app. You can either get a list style view layout, or you can also have that circular, widget kind of style, its up to you, like, whichever you want.

You can set it so at the top of the fitness related data, like the steps and all that weve already seen that just now then weve got the sleep data analysis. Then youve got the heart rate measurement tab. The watt supports like 24 by 7, continuous heart rate measurement as well guys and well talk about the health and the fitness related functions in a moment now going on, youve got the sports app guys, and let me tell you this gionee smartwatch supports like multiple sport Activity tracking, like walking, running climbing hiking, this sort of stuff is already there and you just need to like start that particular activity and the watch will you know record different type of things like how many steps youve taken distance travel, calories, burned and your real time Heart rate data as youre doing those activities and stuff like that, so that was about the sports app now moving on youve got the blood oxygen, sp2 level measurement. That is also there. Then youve got the weather, app remote, camera, shutter and then youve got the bluetooth music player. Relaxed, breathing function is also available and, as usual guys like most of the other smart watches. Even on this one, you do have all the general functionalities like stopwatch. Is there alarm functions? Is there countdown? Timer is also available and flashlight is also there. So most of the general stuff, whatever you would require on a smartwatch, is available on this model.

And lastly, weve got the settings app from where you can directly adjust the menu style layout. As ive told you at the beginning and then you can adjust the brightness of the watch screen, youve got the vibration settings theater mode and lastly, some of the stuff like reset power off and about what section so thats it guys our complete overview on the ui Menu apps – and you know, built in features of this smartwatch now what ill do is ill quickly talk about the health and the fitness related functions. Gionees gsw5 pro smartwatch supports a variety of health related functions like it supports 24×7 continuous heart rate measurement, blood oxygen, spo2 measurement is also their sleep, data analysis and, lastly, female health tracking, and if you ask about the hr measurement, the hr measurement app can be easily Accessed directly from the widgets on the home screen or you can even access it from the menu as well, and let me tell you the hr measurement on this smartwatch was working well and giving accurate results almost 90 95 percent of the time. Now, let me show you how you receive call and message notifications on this smartwatch for this function to work. Youll definitely need to install gionees compatible app on your phone available on both google play, store or apple app store, and after that now youll need to pair with the watch via bluetooth, and then only you will be able to receive all your message and call notifications.

So whenever you get a call on your phone guys, this is how the watch will notify you. The watch starts vibrating and it will show you the name or number of the person calling and from the smartwatch. You can either dismiss or end the call just like this and heres how you receive messages on the smartwatch. It shows you the name of the person sending and also the contents of the message, but unfortunately you cant reply to these messages. Guys, you only have an option to read the content and dismiss the notification were almost coming to an end. So let me tell you about the battery life. The battery life on the smartwatch is actually pretty good. Its powered by a 220 milliampere battery and on a moderate kind of usage with the brightness set to like 60 percent and doing a bit of hr measurement and blood oxygen spo2 measurement once in a while, and also like fitness activity tracking, like once in a while Guys every alternate day with this sort of usage, now i was getting around eight to nine days of battery life and the standby time of the watch is around like 20 to 25 days. Well, that was our video on gionees all new budget smartwatch, its a great watch at an affordable price offers a big display plenty of useful features: ip68 water resistant and multiple sport activity tracking. The watch will be available on amazon at an affordable price of around two thousand two.

Ninety nine rupees links will be in the description box below you can check it out there now. I know you all have been waiting for this part. So let me tell you about the giveaway ill be giving away two of these gionee smart watches to two lucky winners on our channel and to participate. All you need to do is be one of my subscriber and follow me on my social media accounts. Links for them will be in the description box below, and that is it guys. Youre in this contest will run for about three weeks starting from today, and the winner will be announced here and as well as on my social media, so make sure to follow me for all the regular updates so thats it for today guys.