My apple watch, which is what do you use it for so, were going to talk about all the use cases i have for the apple watch and why you should or should not get one or should or should not get this one starting with the display. This is the 45 millimeter version, its plenty big, and it looks really nice even in comparison to the 44 millimeter watch, which i had in the series 5., the ui is stretched out, which makes it look all that much better and the oled display on here its Plenty sharp it gets more than bright enough when youre viewing it outdoors, which you absolutely need out of a watch and with the 60 hertz refresh rate, its quite smooth. As for the design, with apple watches, they tend to have a 3 year design cycle, and this is the newest design in the series. So series 1 to 3 had the first design series four to six had the second one and now were off to series seven, and there were a lot of rumors saying that this would be a more boxy design kind of like we see on the iphone or The ipad pro but thats, not the case. This is still very rounded on the edges and everything is pushed out a little more to incorporate the larger display when it comes to the durability of the apple watch. I have always gotten the aluminum models and ive had some dents in them in comparison to what i see on the stainless steel, which tends to get more micro scratches than the aluminum model.

Another difference is that this has the ion x glass, whereas the stainless steel models have a sapphire glass and the ionx glass here has been pretty durable for me, although i have had friends who have cracked their apple watches, which, if you do crack your apple watch, Youre just going to replace it realistically because it is quite expensive to repair it. Only applecare could really save you, then what apple seriously needs to improve on above all else has to be the battery life. I use the always on display here which i tend to like, but i find that battery life isnt nearly as good as some of the other smart watches ive used while using a watch, i feel like you, dont, want to be charging it literally every day. Im. Okay with doing it, because i charge everything in the same area and ive gotten used to it at this point, however, many people might not want to and with the proprietary puck, it makes it so that theres, one more cable that you have to hold on to This does charge up faster than other watches, so ive been able to not have to charge it overnight, and then i can just top it off in the morning, because the battery life does get me through a day quite easily. Nevertheless, if apple were able to extend the battery life to at least be a two day watch, that is something that i know a lot of people would love.

On the other hand, what they dont need to improve on is the performance. The performance on the series 7 is top notch and its basically identical to the series 6. in a smartwatch. This is all you need and the whole os, and every action you do is quite smooth and quick were not going to be gaming on a smartwatch. An aspect that apple has pushed forward is the health and fitness. The heart rate notifications have helped a lot of people, and you see that, through their testimonials for older folks fall. Detection is great because it helps you call the emergency services you need to. If an older person gets themselves into a situation that is more troubling its also cool to be able to do ecg on here and blood oxygen level. However, weve found that the blood oxygen sensor is not quite accurate due to the placement of where its at and thats something that fundamentally cant really change its also worth mentioning that there are sleep and noise monitor things. I dont tend to wear my watch, while sleeping so thats, not a personal use for me, but i know a lot of people that do and sleep tracking is quite important. Apple continues to work on these health features as well as features for your fitness, and i think its something that is a huge application of the apple watch. So now well talk about my personal use cases for it and in regard to health and fitness, i really like the mindfulness notifications.

I didnt use the breathing ones when it first came in, but being able to kind of you know, stop your day and to be able to practice mindfulness through reflecting is something that weve seen a lot of benefits for in research. So i actually have been finding myself to use that than the previous breathing notification obviously track my walks and workouts, and do the fitness sharing with the notifications of the rings and everything with my friends its something that makes it feel a little more competitive. But also you get to see that hey this persons doing this or that and that can motivate some people for sure, but probably the biggest use i have for the apple watch is notifications. So you can obviously see your calls, your texts, incoming tweets, incoming just notifications that you might not want to pull out your phone for and having a quick glance allows you to use your phone a little bit less. So if you are someone who wants to practice, not you know opening my phone, then going through social media and just endlessly scrolling, maybe um you know, having less screen on time is more important to you. I think an apple watch is a good tool to keep you connected to the outside world that may need to contact you, but also not to get engulfed in social media. Obviously, another big use of a watch has to be the time and date something i look at every day and i also like to see the weather and conditions outside and finally, although i do have more use cases, the last biggest use case, i would like to Talk about is the authentication, so if youre someone who uses apple ids, you can obviously approve things really quickly and there are other apps.

I use this for too. I use one of my school accounts for that. So i can just hit, approve and dont have to take out my phone to be able to still work on my computer and everything without needing to you know, turn that on and get distracted in a way. The quick information you get from the apple watch has been quite important to me and something that i really value. Overall, i really have more use cases for the apple watch than i thought i initially would. In the end, the apple watch also lets you express yourself in terms of fashion because, like i talked about, it is quite recognizable, and then you have interchangeable bands and everything that people use to make it look like their own. You have different case colors on this. One its midnight, so there are less traditional colors, at least in the aluminum models, but having a midnight and i use a white band. Sometimes i change it up. I think it looks really cool and you can show off things. There is value to the apple watch for some people from a fashion standpoint and i think its one of the cool ways that you know technology and showing off your personality come to fruition. However, as for the series 7, its not a huge upgrade from the series 6, so if you have that you dont really need to upgrade the bigger display is nice, but surely there will be better upgrades in the future, hopefully in battery life, either way.

I love using my apple watch series 7 and i hope i was able to help anyone who had any questions about it. Let me know in the comments section if youre curious about anything regarding the apple watch or the series 7.. Thank you so much for watching.