So today were taking a look at a smartwatch. That is tough, has pretty much all the features you need for your adventures and lets take a look at it to see whether they are any good. Welcome to a review of the zblaze stratus hello. My name is sean and welcome back to my channel if youre new here i do a lot of tech reviews as well as unboxing, and if that is something that interests you do consider subscribing to this channel, leave a thumbs up on this video as well share This video to all your friends around and with that said, lets get on with the review of the zblaze stratos, so todays smartwatch was sent over to me from zblaze and when they reached out to me to check out their latest smartwatch. I was intrigued by all the features that you get in this watch itself and the stratos, despite its feature pack capabilities retails at affordable, usd 50 and thats about 208, malaysia, ringgit, so youre getting pretty good value for everything that youre getting with this watch. So, if youre interested, if getting this smart watch, do check out my links in the description below the stratus is a very professionally designed, smartwatch and even with the box, you can see that they spare no efforts in the design and it actually looks like a way More premium watch, so the watch itself has a very sleek design, with very flowy bands.

Coming from the middle of the case, all the way down you can see that the shape tapers down very nicely and the watch itself is made of a combination of materials and starting with the case itself, all the way at the bottom. Here it comes with a carbon fiber, reinforced polymer case. I dont know if its real carbon fiber – and i doubt so – but it does look pretty nice and the bezel up here – is made of a zinc, alloy metal, so thats, very strong and the buttons that you get with the case here as well as the buckles Are made of stainless steel, so they are pretty hardy materials overall. Definitely, a watch suited for your adventures. The strap here that zblaze uses is a 22 millimeter. Silicone strap with quick release. So if you have any 22 millimeter bands that you like to use or want to swap out the bands, you can always do that very easily, and the band here is also soft and nice very easy and very nice to wear on your hands. But the only problem or complaint that i have is that they are very grippy and they are very hard to put into this rubble piece here so thats my only complaint with the design, so the main display that you get here is a 1.32 inch 360 by 360 resolution display and its honestly not the most amazing screen and perhaps because of the processor you cant cram in too much graphic enhancement.

So you see that the image and the graphics here dont have anti aliasing and looks really rough around the edge and at the bottom of the case, you also get a bunch of sensors and at this budget price point im, really surprised that this watch actually has Quite a lot of sensors here and you get spo2 monitoring, which is getting very common nowadays with budget smart watches and as well as a sensor for 24 7 heart rate monitoring and at the side here you also be getting some charging pins and z. Blanks makes it very easy for you because they come with a cradle, so you dont have to struggle with aligning your watch with the charger, so thats very convenient battery life with the z blaze is very impressive and perhaps its the lack of flagship, chipset and the Interface is also not that demanding, but z blaze raised the stratos to have about 14 days of use with standard smartwatch feature like your heart rate, monitoring, sleep tracking and some notification personally ive been using this watch for a couple of days, and you can see that The battery life is slightly around 70. I use it to go to sleep and all so thats the performance that you get for the battery and since this watch comes with built in gps, you also get 40 minutes of continuous gps tracking on its watch. Honestly, not too long, but at least it comes with gps charging.

The watch out from empty should take roughly around two hours, so the stratos comes with a bluetooth 5.0 chipset, which is sufficient for syncing data to your smartphone really quickly, but it doesnt have any other feature like for you to connect external power meters or heart rate. Sensors to it, so the watch is also rated to be 50 meters water resistant, so you can bring this watch swimming and it should do really well with tracking your streams as well. Some of the key features of this watch includes your 24 7 heart rate sensor. Spo2 monitoring, sleep tracking stress monitoring, barometer altimeter, as well as your compass, so from a watch standpoint. This is super well spent, so not to mention that the watch also comes with a built in gps and im honestly quite impressed that a budget watch at this price point actually carried enough to put gps in. So you can track your workouts. So the watch is really simple and the interface is also very basic and similar to many budget. Smart watches out there that we checked out before so from the home screen itself. You can press and hold on the screen for a while, and you can go and change your some of your watch faces and youll get about. Nine pre loaded watch faces here to choose from, and you can also add additional watch faces, but for any custom watch faces you can only sing. One watch face at a time so thats one of the limitations of most of this budget, smartwatch so swiping from the bottom itself.

You get your notification center and, if you previously have a notification here, this is where you will see them and swiping from the left itself. This is the same as swiping from the right, so youre gon na get some of the different widgets here. So the first one you get is all your sports tracking and you get over 100 sports tracking to choose from here, but the interface isnt too, smooth and frankly, very laggy. You can see, as i scroll here its not the its, not the smoothest experience here so clicking onto any spots. For example, if i click on cycling, if you press go, it will start to look for gps and if it doesnt find any gps, it will just start or you can just skip to start your workout, so thats pretty cool. So the next region here is a summary of your training and you can scroll through to see what your times for your workouts are and if youre training for a marathon. These are your timings, so its pretty nice and cool to see your training status. And next you also get a heart rate, monitor widget. Next, to that you get stress management monitoring, then, after that you get your spo2 monitoring, and next is that you get a menu that spins around and honestly its, not the 90s anymore. So we dont need color displays to show how capable they are with animations and with a spinning maneuver like that it means you dont get consistency and finding your apps becomes troublesome.

So hopefully this can be removed in future updates and next to that spinning menu. You get an activity ring for you to check out your day and so thats. Basically, all of the widgets you get swiping down from the top. You get your command center, and here is where you can have your silent mode. Your screen brightness flashlight, so that it changes the screen to a wide screen. You can use it as a flashlight. You have your stopwatch, your timer and your settings so thats, basically how you navigate the watch interface of the zblaze stratus. So the app of these stratos is simple and you have to download this app called zeroner to connect the watch so inside the app. The first page gives you a summary view of your health, your activities, your sleep and everything else, and you can click into each of the tiles to see more details about your health. So lets take a look at my sleep last night, and so here it recorded about six hours of sleep. So thats not a lot but pretty okay, but you can see that it tracks uh things like light sleep and deep sleep and its supposed to track our yam as well. But i think it did not track that part. So you do get some additional information here and it also analyzes your sleep performance. So to be honest for budget smart watch, this is actually really detailed and cool. So you can also look at your heart rate.

You know how how your heart rate has been, and so on so forth, going to the next page itself under device. This is where you get your smartwatch information, your battery percentage, so you can see that the battery that i have here is about 78. After a few days of use – and here you can click into watch faces – and this is where you can get some of the watch faces loaded into your smartwatch. But to be honest, its not a lot you can see. I have reached the end of the watch faces here, so you can just choose, whichever that you like and sync it to your watch at the bottom here. The couple of shortcuts that you can set up for your watch uh the first one is alarms and schedules. So you can set your alarms a message: notification if any of your apps, that you want push to your watch, uh sedentary reminder so that it reminds you to stand up after seating for too long and theres a remote camera here. And if you click on this, your watch will go into a remote control mode and it uses its own camera app inside the app here to take pictures. So you can see my hand here, hello and thats. The remote camera feature uh here. You can also set race to wake so youll detect when you turn your wrist and lights up the display you can set how long the screen will light up for before going back to sleep, your unit of measurement, deep format wearing left or right hand, vibration as Well, as firmware upgrade so thats, basically all the controls you get with the zblaze stratos app.

So, comparing the accuracy of the heart rate sensor and the spo2 sensor, i can see that the stratos is pretty accurate compared to a dedicated oxymeter. But you do see it fluctuate a little bit and its usually a variation of about one or two percent for the spo2 and about two to three bpms for the heart rate sensor. So if youre wondering whether this is an accurate tool, then yeah its pretty accurate. So, overall, if you need a watch that can do a lot and doesnt cost too much, then this definitely is value for money. Comparing with the sound petes watch pro one that we previously looked at. This is definitely miles a hit. What i would hope to see improve is the processor so that the entire watch experience can be smoother and less laggy, as well as a higher resolution. Oled display, but again at this price point its not really fair, to complain about those features its nice to have. Maybe in the future, so that is it for this review.