Here we go Music first, things first make sure to hit that subscribe button below hit the notification bell, so you cannotify miss videos, comment tricks, unboxing, just like this. One check out merch blog 130.8, hit that like button as well, so we can beat that youtube algorithm without further ado lets, go ahead and show you what this thing can do here we go so basically this is the dos ts03 smartwatch and were going to test It out today and see what it looks like this is the packaging right here very simple, very minimal, very nice as well lets just pull this out of the box here here we go theres a smart, smart watch right there, the power adapter right there and also The literature right back here there you go lets put this away. Lets go ahead and take off the little plastic sticker in the front. Here there you go now. If you look at the website here of hyokin, basically youll see that very nice design, quite legit actually, and it even has features that the more expensive watches would have, and it even has the ip68 waterproofing, which is really good. You can use this for swimming theres. Also, the full day, heart rate, monitor, which is really good for people who are into fitness or maybe youre just concerned about that. So here is the watch. Right here were gon na download Music. This app called the fit everything will be linked down below now.

Lets go ahead and open the app and pair the device lets hit. Okay on the bluetooth there and press allow were going to change the profile here to whatever we want there. We go now lets, go ahead and add a device while using app ts03 plus right there lets hit pair, allow and thats it its really cool. Now all the options here, if you want to change the watch, faces change the notification settings alarm, shutter and other you can also upgrade it right here were upgrading the software right there lets look at the watch faces here takes a little bit of time to download It, as you can see there there you go dial three. If its a brand new watch face, there itll start to download they download it into the watch, so here theres also shutter. If you want to take a photo, all you need to do is hit this and itll take photos. Well, there are other settings right here. For example, if you hit find device itll start to vibrate the watch there there you go, you can also have reminders to move for full day heart rate right there do not disturb you can choose what time it starts and end time change the language unit format. As well theres also the quick view valid period right there again, you could change the time right there. Any new notifications will go to your watch here as well. You can have a drink water reminder right there, starting time or frequency of drink water and then water interval.

You can see the weather as well. I have a location right here were in edmonton right now, just put that right there and then the uh physiological physio logic, official physiological cycle reminder right. There really helps you menstrual days and all that stuff. Now, if youre, looking at the watch here, like i said its pretty cool design right on the back – here – is a heart rate sensor right here as well, the charging spot right there, magnetically pretty cool. If you want to change the watch band, all you need to do is just a little clip there and then you just pull that out real easy. If you want to put it back, you just have to do the latch right there and youre good to go. Do the same thing on the other side to fit it on our wrist? What do you guys think of that? I actually think it fits very well its a different design as well. If you get an apple watch, usually its a square off design, this is more of a circle. Traditional watch type of design turn it on is just a press of a button on the side, and then you get to interact with it. Uh touch screen so thats. Pretty cool there you go, it does actually fit very well there. I am a pretty big guy, so uh pretty much max out there. This reminds me of like a watch its like the old g shock there.

Now it does have the old shake to open there. So thats pretty cool on the top. As you can see here, youll see how this uh youll see all the settings that weve placed on our app here. Thats pretty cool change, the brightness right there by tapping it very responsive as well right there. If you are in the theater, you just hit the cinema mode there and then itll dim the light for you as well. Pretty cool theres, also the shake, which is the rumble effect. If you get a notification, you can turn that on or off theres also the weather right there. You can look at the weather from uh whatever day it is as well. Look at that very nice great addition for sure lets. Look at the settings here. There are stop watches, you can add an alarm right there, its an alarm, timer theres. Also the dimming change the brightness there as well now lets go back to the main screen on the right side. Now everything fitness will show up. There ill show your steps there. Itll also track your sleep right here, as you can see, itll give you the deep sleep how many hours or how many minutes you got, and also how a light sleep right there, how long youve got as well and then itll show you the total up here. Itll show your graph and everything, and the bpm here shows you as well. During your workout exercises, you can start right there walking cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball, whatever it may be ill, be able to set it up right.

There itll also uh, detect the bp right there. The as you can see, i get notification as well from twitter, elon, musk itll show you the spo2 there. There you go theres the weather right there as well, and theres theres shutter its the iplayer. If you want to play music, this is connected to your phone. So youll be able to control your music here as well. Music lets hit next Music. There you go Music next, you see that is doing the previous now and thats it to go back home. All you need to do is hit the side there. Now lets go to the left side there and now you can choose which one you want: theres sports sleep measure, heart rate training and then the bp spo2 weather, shutter player and other stuff theres. Also, the 20 40 game there you go well get you stuck on your smart watch there. If you know what im saying so, you could see here. Itll show you that theres a motion detected on my garage camera, so itll show you that notification here as well. You can clear all once uh. You are good to go and thats it for today guys thanks for watching. I hope i was able to help you on your choice on a brand new smart watch. This is the ts03. If you want to get one of these ill link, this down below make sure to subscribe to my channel hit that like button as well, so we can beat that youtube.