The ae1500wh watch till the end for the giveaway msrp is 27 bucks according to the casio website, but this will be selling a lot cheaper as always. So what do you get for 27 dollars? First i’ll give you the measurements it’s around 47 millimeters, ignoring these structured things so from here to here is 47 around 55 millimeters lug to lug around 15 millimeters thickness 28 millimeters for this trap and it tapers down to 21 millimeters talking about materials, it’s a resin Case a resin strap a resin strap that is actually nicer than most casios at this price point resin buckle over here has one keeper mineral crystal, and this crisp display that’s what they’re advertising for this watch? Is it really crisp? Well, i think it’s crispier than previous casio negative displays and maybe similar to the super twisted pneumatic displays, but not better than the news casios technology, which is mip. It offers a 10 year battery. It runs on the module 3502, it is 100 meter water resistant and what makes this watch better is their specialized alarms and chronograph. So, first of all, you have indicators right here. One alarm two, three, four five right and if you go to set the alarms, you will notice right here at the top that they’re fully customizable by letting you choose exactly what month and what day of the year you want the alarms to be chosen. The timer is also able to time up to 24 hours.

If you go to the chronograph section, we’ll see that it goes up to 24 hours, so stop reset, and if we go to the last section it lets you keep track of a secondary time zone that you have to set up by yourself. It is not a world time function, okay, so one more button and we go back to the home screen. I want to point out the printing on the crystal is very nice quality. In fact, the watch construction feels of good quality, especially for this price point notice. The design language notice these structures right here i will bring my beloved sgw100. They have similar case backs let’s see they have similar cases and similar patterns on this trap. My sgw1 has accordion style, um straps, while on this one it only has one of them, but this will help with flexibility. Of course, the sgw 100 has this kind of diverse strap. Hence the 200 meter water resistance. Overall, it feels like a sturdy watch that can take a bit in g shock style, although it is not a g shock. This is how it looks compared to a casio oceanus scw 100. So, as you can see, well, these oceans is 40. Millimeters anywhere is amazing. So yeah it’s a big watch next. This is how it compares to a seiko marine master. Professional seiko supposedly is a big watch, but it looks small in comparison with this it’s around the same thickness.

But of course the second marine master wears a lot better and it has better luck to lug with, and this is how it compares to a casio, oceanos catchalot. The ocean is catchalot, is a big watch, but it looks small in compression with this watch over here. As you can see, thickness is a little similar. Of course the ocean is wearing a little better. It is big, it is thick and it works nice for its size. I have a six inch in circumference wrist and this is how it works on me. The backlight it’s amber and soft in the dark now time for the giveaway. What do you have to do to get this watch for free is very simple. Like our instagram number, one number two subscribe to the youtube channel number three hit the bell: notification button and number four leave a comment saying why you are worthy of getting this watch for free. We will make a decision and announce the winner through instagram and we will contact the winner to send the watch to its future owner that’s all for today.