So, finally, i have the casio g shock model, which is the ga2100 ske model that apparently is very difficult to get hold of. Some people like to refer this as cassie oak skeleton that is, but, along with that, i also have the g shock. Ga110 rg model that i own for few years and my favorite of all time, which is the tag hoya carrera, which is the 42 mil by the way. And lastly, my uh tag hoya connected third generation, smart watch as well, and the reason i’m actually naming these products and showing you these products is one of the biggest elements i look into before i buy. The wrist watch is fact how big my um risk is. Comparing to the actual model and i’m sure many of you out there, if you actually own one of these model, you can find out whether the newly released casio g shock of what to 100 ske is going to fit to your risk nicely or not. So my favorite is 42 mil by the way, but enough said let’s get into the unboxing of the new casio g shock. So here it goes just like any other g shock model. We got the actual manual um and so on and if you open up the metal case – lovely oh so what we have here is a card that actually you could shape it and place it onto your nice metal case. And lastly, what we have here is the actual g shock model.

Okay, so here it comes out nice look at that. That is one nice piece of work, so it looks really nice here. But what immediately i don’t like is this strap here, which is seemed too clear? I wish there was a bit more pattern on it, but there’s only the pattern on the edge here and um and so on on the back side. Let’S actually focus on that it’s carbon called guard casio made in japan, steel back, etc. So that’s pretty much it so really nice, indeed isn’t it so immediately. If we compare the size against my uh tackle connected third generation, it feels smaller actually comparing to it, and that is really good news. So if i were to place it along next to my tank, hoya carrera model, they seem kind of similar feel again. I love 42 mil. I think they fit perfectly well on my wrist, while as if i were to place it next to the g shock, the uh one ga110 rt model, it’s, bigger and that’s one of the biggest reasons i don’t really much wear the g shock. Even though it looks like a batman kind of feel with the rose gold and the black feel, so if i were to try it on yeah, that’s, really nice fit actually and once i get the strap adjusted well and yeah, it feels really light comfortable and um. The fact that i like about is that yeah it’s the right size for my wrist, i have to say and g shock.

We all know that it’s really well made and is going to be well protected with all these things and yeah it’s really cool. Indeed. So i hope this video quickly demonstrated how well it fits on my wrist size, and i love it actually, especially when i actually click on the uh light button. The way how the screen actually pops up is in blue color. I don’t know whether you can see on camera, but it’s, really beautiful, actually somehow it’s very trendy um clear. I can see why people fall into this uh sort of model and it’s so well sold at the moment. But for me i just don’t, like the strap, when i actually look on the bottom side of the actual wrist, but then again when why do i need to? Because i could always look at the top side, which is a brilliant nice size. Casio g shock skeleton cassie oak model so anyway, so i hope this video answered your queries, but if you have any other further queries regards to this model or anything that i could help, please do comment below i’ll try to come back to you as soon as Poss. Thank you very much for watching this video.