This thing let’s see if this is what the thing actually looks like so yeah here we here we go boy now. This is the. This is a great start, for you know, because the thing is automatically that right out of the way wrapped in the duck, bag has beautiful, cardboard, very high quality and some beautiful foam and a manual in chinese marvelous great start now, oh and it’s recyclable. I don’t know if this is recycled or not, but i don’t know so here is it here it is yay, so you know this probably has no power. No, i ain’t got no power we’re, just gon na you know plug it in because we’ve got a handy. Little micro, usb cable, wow, look it’s upside down, see what happens if it even works, come on we’re just gon na. Let it stay for a little bit. It’S been five minutes, hasn’t beeped flashed or anything it’s probably dead, but i don’t know you know before before. The thing even boats, if it will, even if it’ll, even build, i want to tell you kind of a back story of how i got this um watch now i i was like that this um chris. Oh, oh, wait, oh god! Oh god, damn it. It flashed! What oh boy here we go, welcome it looks like the windows 7 build screen anyway. Look at these oh it’s, connecting to something stop connecting. I don’t want you to connect your chinese software to anything.

Now, we’ve got what what we’ve got some wonderful um apps! If you can even call it maps so it’s, obviously a bluetooth watch, i mean it has several applications that are meant to work with bluetooth. You know so um we’re, just gon na check them all one by one, but first but first you know it says 2016 but it’s. You know obviously 20 21 it’s not even friday. I couldn’t even get that right. What what? What what i didn’t even touch the charger anyway, i’m – not even gon na get my hand close to the charger. Then now um see the settings. Yeah let’s try to set the clock, uh beijing, yeah it’s. Obviously a chinese watch uh! No, i just want to set time – oh beautiful, my thumb. Oh, what what the hell i have to kind of like it’s, not even making good contact what the hell. This is like the shittiest little lcd screen ever. I have a watch right here on my hand, it’s very good, but this i’m never putting this on my hand, it’s like twice the size of the watch, because it’s like a little phone on my hand, it’s going to be like you know what all right it’s. Officially touching itself now i’m, not setting the setting the time on this watch, it’s gon na be such a hassle. I don’t want to deal with it. It has like you know your typical um uh little android buttons down there.

This is you know. This is probably like a modified android version. This is the flimsiest little charging port i’ve ever seen. Honestly, it doesn’t even get in on the way. Ah god damn it power save okay, wow the brightness on this thing is really really high. I don’t know how i don’t know how the hell this thing gets so bright, anti lost, looking phone bt notice, um, i don’t know i i you know. I i had this so you know, i told you that i had this watch for a lot for a while, and i tried to look up in the app store this bt notice app and it doesn’t even exist. So it’s probably an android app, but you know i don’t use android. So this is the biggest piece of garbage i’ve ever seen. Honestly, it barely can tell if the charger is plugged in or not anyway, alarm. Wow. Do you want this thing? Beeping, in your hand, at like six in the morning like making these little sounds that it that it just made now, god that would be terrible pad armor probably works. I guess i don’t know wow calendar, this doesn’t look too bad, but it’s a bit small. For my taste i mean, if i want to check the calendar. I just go on my phone and check because why would you just stop and stop dead in your tracks while walking and open to and look at your your watch and try to open the calendar and see what date it is? I mean come on bluetooth, disability, my device, my name m8.

You know typical chinese watch, name let’s, try to change that, but can i can’t change it anyway? Okay, this is these are apparently the bluetooth settings a ringtone, but can i see a sample of the ringtone at least oh wait, it’s playing something, it’s, really quiet! Wait if you’re at like a boss, you will never hear this. I swear to god. It can vibrate. No way this is so god damn quiet, you will never hear this a train or a or like a bus. You ask you will never hear this stopwatch. Okay, probably probably accurate, but god damn this charger is so flimsy, it’s, not only char it’s, probably the port. The charger is not a problem, the port is, it has like this little flap that gets in the way like pushes it out see this little flap right here. This is awful messages sent messages. What why would you ever check your messages on this thing? You can barely see what’s on the screen, it’s tiny phone book not connected bluetooth. We already saw that calls this thing. The half of the features are like meant to be connected to your phone. This thing is probably half useless without your phone bt, music, i can’t, even you know, i think i have uh yeah. I remember now. I think i connected this thing with bluetooth to my phone and i played some music from youtube and like started playing from this tiny ass little speaker, this thing right here.

This thing it was the quietest most garbage sounding speaker, i’ve ever seen. I’Ve ever heard the. If, if you see one of these don’t buy it for your kids, if your grandma bought this and thought this was like an apple watch or something like that, please ask her for the receipt and return it because it’s just not good, you know, even if you Are trying to appreciate it and thank your grandma. Please no don’t do that, and here is like the calculator up like one now, one wan na press one cut out there. We go one plus one: okay, it’s, okay, but the touch is a little up. I mean it’s, not good. What is sedentary? What does this even mean? I don’t know. I guess this thing is a little piece of garbage. I mean it’s, it’s hot, oh god, damn this is hot. The back is like a solid piece of metal it’s, not even comfortable in your hand, it’s hot god. Damn its battery will die in like 20 minutes. You can’t even go out with it, god damn. This is a real piece of junk. I tell you, you see, you have to leave it like five to five hundred years to charge and the charger left on like an hour. Oh god, this is awful and i kept it. I don’t know why i don’t know why they just didn’t, throw it away.