Distance, traveled, calories, burned. Heart rate is in here with some fancy: graphics you've got your blood pressure capability. Reading on this one as well, along with blood oxygen. All of those metrics are in here, including last night's, sleep time and a robust exercise area where you can go into any of about 20, a little over 20 different uh exercises that you might want. You'Ve got weather from your area when you're tethered to your phone it'll push that to you in centigrade or fahrenheit and overall messages like we saw from before. When you go the other way, you've got your settings that you can get into for resetting the watch. Getting basic info changing the brightness and turning it off. You'Ve got a music player that play the music tethered on your phone and, of course, find your phone as well and a built in stopwatch, which is interesting in that when you leave it, it actually pauses it, and you could come back and pick up again. Most of them just reset so that's that's, pretty nice as well, now back to messages we've got a lot of different watch faces available. You'Ll see that in the longer review you press and hold and you can go through them and there's a whole uh selection of additional ones that you can download from the server. So you're.