Golden watch with a brown leather strap makes it look really really premium. You have a charging mechanism that looks like that, and you have to either love it or hate it. But i personally prefer this mechanism rather than using a magnetic charger, because whenever you put your watch on charge in this little cradle here, it will make sure that the watch stays connected all the time and it will definitely charge, whereas with the magnetic charges. Sometimes they can disconnect and you will find yourself with a nasty surprise of uncharged watch. So this is my preference and you also have a user manual which looks like that. It’S got several languages. Obviously, there is in english and chinese and russian and italian and french in other languages, so very useful user manual. So, first of all a couple of figures about this watch. The screen size is 1.69 inches across which is quite large, with a resolution of 240 by 280 pixels. And i said that in the past that this is a very clever resolution, because although it’s it’s minute compared to, for instance, some of the watches that have 360 by 360 pixels resolution, for instance, that allows the watch to work quicker, have a smoother animation uh. Yet it’s still pleasing to the two knives. The watch has a cpu, which is nordic 52840 and if you’ve been following my channel for a little while, you know that nordic produces one of the most power efficient, uh processors on the market.

The watch uses bluetooth 5.0, which allows it to stay connected to your watch throughout the day. No problem whatsoever. The watch comes with a battery which is 220 milliampere battery, which allows your watch to work from one charge for about five to seven working days. The watch comes with an ip rating ip68, meaning you can take this watch into your shower. You can also take it into a swimming pool because um thanks to um these, you know water tightness. There is actually an option in sports modes for a swimming pool as well, and finally, the watch uses an app to connect to your watch, which is called the fit, so we will be taking a look at it later on in the video as well. So the first thing i’d, like to do, is to take a look at the actual build quality like i said, this is by far the best color schemes, so brown leather strap with the silicon, underlay um and the golden watch looks, you know, makes it look really Really premium so that’s the way it looks on the on the wrist. You can wear it with any any sort of um. You can wear it with any clothes and it’s going to look really really good suitable for men and women. The other option i would suggest, is you can’t, get it on the website from call me, however, if you get yourself a golden watch like that, you can always add a golden metallic strap, which will make it look even even better so there’s, no speaker or microphone In this watch, this is a fitness tracker purely um.

I do like these little accents, so, for instance, this is a golden watch and you’ve got a silver portion in there and those little legs where your strap connects make it looks you know, make it look a lot more premium on the right side of the watch. You’Ve got the only physical button that crown doesn’t work for rotation. It works for push and press only and you’ve got a hardened glass screen which shouldn’t scratch um anytime, soon whatsoever right so now let’s scroll and see some of the options available within the watch. So if you scroll from top to bottom, that gives you access to quick settings, you can see the date. You can see the remaining battery percentage. You’Ve got your bluetooth connectivity icon here, meaning we are connected to the phone. You can find your phone if you’ve lost it, you can choose between different brightness settings. I prefer to use it on the maximum brightness because there’s a very, very slight lack of brightness within the screen. You know it could be just a little bit brighter for my own preferences. You’Ve got a little torch. You’Ve got your cinema mode. Um you can. You can see your weather, you can actually see the weather for the entire week, which is very useful and very good, and you can jump into the settings if you need to if you scroll from bottom to top. That shows you your messages. As you can see, there are several um social um social apps that actually come through.

You can see the message uh and you can read it almost fully, however, for the full message you’re still gon na have to jump into your phone to read it. If you scroll from right to left that gives you access to your quick information about, you know how many steps you’ve done, how many calories you’ve burned and all those things you can see your sleep tracking information, then on the next menu you’ll have your heart rate Sensor, heart rate sensor is a very, very accurate sensor and actually, as you can read on the call me website, the sensors, the entire sensor set, has been updated and these sensors are very close to like medical equipment now, so they are very, very good um. Then you’ve got your page for the exercises, so if you, if we’re gon na open a new workout, we can see what sort of workouts is, if are available in here, so walking, running, cycling, uh, ropes, keeping above internal basketball football. And finally, you got your swimming because, like i said, this watch comes with an ip rating 68 and then, if you go back this way, you’ll find your oxygen uh blood pressure, sensor, that’s what it’s gon na do so, if you’re not wearing your watch on the Wrist it’s it’s not going to start reading any information, so it has to be physically on the wrist, otherwise it’s just going to say you know please wear on the wrist and then, if you scroll further, this is you you can see your weather once again.

You’Ve got your remote camera control just in case. If there is no one around to help you with the selfie, you can always use your watch as a remote control. A music player which is very simple, so play pause and skip your tracks and nothing else. And then, if you scroll from left to right, that takes you into your main menu, which looks like that very similar to the one we’ve seen in call me. P8 plus um, with the only minor difference is because the crown doesn’t work for rotation. So therefore, you won’t be able to zoom in or out or you know, scroll through the menu. So this is also pretty much the same thing as you’ve seen in the um menu we just we just scrolled through so you’ve got your night mode. You’Ve got your heart rate sensor and you’ve got your timer uh and flashlight, and you got some information about. You know, text messages and things like that and workouts and um how many steps you’ve done all those things, so it basically duplicates and it’s it’s up to you which menu you prefer to use. So you can scroll from right to left and use it like that or you can go from left to right and use the little bubble menu if you find it more comfortable, so that’s about it about the watch and what i’ll do now is we’re going to Jump into the dev feed app because majority of settings are actually take place in the app itself and once we’re done with the app we’re going to come back and we’re going to summarize today’s video, for you guys all right.

So what we’ll do now is we’ll. Have a look at the defeat app um let’s uh. Take a closer look. First of all, um we’ve got on the first page. You’Ve got things like you know how many steps you’ve done, and sleep tracking and heart rate reading and all those like health related uh things. On the second page, you can see that the watch is connected models called p16 if we jump into the watch faces. These are the dials that are pre installed on the watch. If you can read carefully right next to the dial 7, it says edit. This is where you can actually customize your own watch face and then, if you scroll right down to the bottom and you click on discover more dials, these will allow you to choose watch faces from library to be downloaded um. So you can scroll through and you can find the watch face of your own preference and the library is extended all the time. So therefore, you know there’s always going to be new watch faces available, they’re, totally free to download and i’m sure. All of you will find a watch face of your own preference and then, if you go into the notifications, these are the social medias that will send information through to your watch and if you can’t, find the social media of your choice, you can always click on The others down the bottom, you can also set your alarms.

You can use your watch as a remote to take selfies and if you click on others, that gives you a whole load more settings for your watch as you can see just there and if i click on the languages. Those are the languages that you can download onto your watch and use with your watches. So there you go that’s that’s that so a very simple, straightforward, app to use um easy to use and i’ve been using this app for donkey years now. So yeah highly recommended good app so now that you’ve seen pretty much everything and you’ve sort of you’ve got accustomed to the app as well um. My oh in my own words i’d like to summarize this video um for 38 us dollars. This is a definitely good buy um, because this is a very, very good looking watch for those people who are sort of a bit more upper class. If you know what i mean don’t get me wrong, but it’s, just if you someone who wears a suit and you you know, you need to be really presentable. This is a very, very nice model that you can buy for 38 us dollars. I mean it’s it’s, not it’s, not a lot. This is a very good watch for those of you who are into your sports because, like i said, the sensors have been updated, so they are very accurate, they’re very good. This is a very, very, very good watch.

I mean um comparing to the apple watch. Yes, you probably don’t get as many uh. You probably don’t, get as many um options within the watch or so many you know you can’t bring people through this watch but as a fitness tracker. This is a very, very good watch. Uh personally, you know i’m very happy with the purchase and, like i said, this is my own purchase, and this is this is something i purchased for myself. So this is something i’m going to be wearing on a day to day basis, um so yeah highly recommend it from me. Follow the link down underneath this video i’m going to leave two links. One will be to the official um call me shop and the other one will be to the shop that i trust as well. The price will be slightly lower in the second shop, but but you can still trust that shop. Trust me, you know the other guy is good. You know they’re doing a really good job um and there are a number of different color options to choose from and all those things and because aliexpress has actually summer sale on now at the minute. So you can grab yourself this watch even cheaper, so don’t hesitate and go down there and buy yourself a decent, decent watch so yeah this is it from me uh. Thank you very much for watching this video. Thank you very much for subscribing and supporting this channel.

If it wasn’t for you guys, it wouldn’t be possible uh to do all that uh.