Video is about the call me p8 mix so in this video were gon na be unboxing. The latest smartwatch by call me, which is call me p8 mix. So it is a newer model of the p8 series and there are a lot of new features and a complete redesign. So in this video were going to be discussing all about this watch and it is one of the best budget watches in my opinion and is available under dollar thirty, so im gon na be telling you about all of the features and why i prefer this watch Over the other models of call me so were gon na be discussing all of those features in this video, so make sure you stick till the end, and i hope you will find it helpful and will enjoy watching it so before we start if youre new to The channel, i am abdullah and i make videos related to tech, including unboxing reviews and many tutorials, to help you out in many different situations. So if you are interested in any of these, then make sure to subscribe to the channel and turn on notifications to stay. Updated on the upcoming videos and also hit the thumbs up button and comment down below with your opinion on the video. It helps a lot and if you want to support me, ive, given the related links in the description box below and do not forget to hit me on my socials.

All of the links are available in the description box below so without any further delay. Lets get right into the video and start by unboxing. The call me p8 mix smartwatch so lets unbox it. The package arrived like this. I ordered it from aliexpress using the aliexpress standard shipping and it arrived in 19 days, so lets go ahead and unbox it. This and im gon na open the parcel and see the box inside it im bad at opening parcels. So here is the box of call me p8. So the box is not in the perfect condition, but still looks fine. So, as you can see, it is wrapped in a plastic paper, so lets go ahead and peel it off the box, so lets go ahead and get the watch out of it. So im gon na open it from here so im gon na pull it out. So here is the call me p8 mix. So here is the manual in the box, and here is the charging cable. It is charged by the magnetic wire, as you can see here, so lets get it out, so the straps are already attached. So im gon na remove the plastic cover, so its looking quite of a good quality Music. So here is the call me p8 mix so its looking of great quality, the new bezels are looking great and also the sides are great and the back is just looking. So good so well go ahead and turn it on, and we will attach it with my iphone 12 pro max and well see.

How can it be used with a smartphone and how can it be used without a smartphone so lets turn it on well have to use this side button in order to turn the device on so im gon na press and hold it. So there was a vibration and now its turning on so be at smart watch. So here is a log screen, so you can see that its smooth and everything is great. So this was called me p8 mix and what was included in the box. So call me: p8 mix is a redesigned model based on the call me p8 only it has a bigger display, it has a different dial and also it comes with the glass back, which makes it really unique and really beautiful. So if you talk about the dimensions, so the screen size is almost 1.69 inches. According to the call me website and the dimensions are 43.4 mm height and 37.4 mm width, so it is quite of an average size and is really good for every size. I would say so: the call me period mix has great gestures. A great screen and also the brightness level is great. So, first of all, if we talk about the gestures in the call me p8 mix, then it has a lot of gestures. So, if ill swipe from the top, there is a control center, you can adjust your brightness level from here. The vibration can be turned on and off then heres, the theater mode.

There is the torch and after that here is the menu view. Then the settings and the weather is shown here so after that im gon na go back to the lock screen and after that swipe from the left to open the menu. Many view can be changed from the settings, so here is the menu and after that, if you go back to the home screen and then, if you swipe from the right, there are featured pitches spores and sleep meyer, heart rate exercise, then weird, bp and after that, The oxygen level, the weather everything is shown here, you can see that you can also see the weather condition of the upcoming days. So this is awesome so after that im gon na press the button to go back to the home screen and then, if you swipe from the button, it will open the messages menu and it will show you all of the messages you have received. So the side button on the call me ph mix smartwatch is mainly for locking the screen or turning on the display or powering on your device, and it can also be used as a back key. So, for example, if youre in settings then pressing the side button will take you to the menu and then pressing it again will take you to the home screen, so it can also be used as a back key. So there are three main functions of the side button call me: p8 mix comes with an option that you can set the time to keep the display on, for example, if i turn on the display, then it will stay on for maximum of 20 seconds and minimum Of 5 seconds, so you can set this in the defeat application.

It is available in the yellow section, and also the wrist sensor is great. For example, the screen display is off if ill move the rest towards my face and look at it. The display will turn on and it will stay on depending on the time you have set. So this is something great and also if you talk about the brightness, the brightness level is awesome and it is clearly visible and if im outside i keep the brightness at quite higher level, the display will be clearly visible when the brightness level is at the highest. When youre outside, so this is something i really like about this smartphone, the call me pn mix comes with a lot of custom watch faces. So when you are using the watch, you can have six watch faces at a time. Five of them are downloaded by default and you can change the sixth one by choosing from hundreds of the custom watch faces available in the defeat app. So first of all lets go ahead and install the application. So here is the qr code im gon na scan. It using my iphone – and here is the application so now its loading just give it a few more seconds so heres the application. As i told you earlier, i already downloaded it. It is defeat ive, given the link in the description below, so you can go ahead and install it after that. Im gon na open it and then here ill, have to click here to add a device.

Then its searching now here is p8mx im gon na click on it, and now it is connected to my watch. Yes, it is now connected to my watch so allow pn mixture display your iphone notifications, im gon na click on allow and after that here it is. My watch is now connected. I can set my profile and everything so here in watch faces. You can go ahead and select from many dials. You can also go to discover more dials. It will take you to a big library of word faces. You can download them and sync them with your words, so you can see there are a lot so, for example, lets go ahead and try one out, so i think im gon na try this one out so im gon na click here then click on download. So it is now almost done, and here you can see that the watch face has been set, so you can also download the custom watch faces. So what im gon na do is im gon na click on edit and then you can select a picture so im gon na select a picture so im gon na select my uh youtubes profile picture. Then click on done. So you can see that after that, im gon na click on save and now its updating the screen. So it is almost done now, so you can see that my youtube profile picture has been set as my watch face.

So you can see that so after that im gon na go back, and the next feature is notifications, so you can also turn on other notifications. Other watches dont allow that other than that you can set your phone reminders messages. Facebook, facebook, messenger, twitter, whatsapp, widget, instagram, skype, kakaotalk and online. The call my peer mix comes with a magnetic charger and i really like this charger, so you just have to attach it at the back of the called mix. Smartwatch and the magnet will immediately attach it with the charger and you will hardly miss the target and it takes around an hour to fully charge the device, and it gives you a great battery timing and it all depends on your usage. So i cannot tell you about the exact battery timing. It will give to you because it all comes to your usage, depending on how much cause you are getting, how much notifications you are getting and how many times the display is turning on and how many times you are checking your heartbeat or using any other sensors Or working so it all comes down to your usage. I have connected to my main device and im getting a lot of calls and messages and continuously turning on the display. So i am really satisfied with the overall performance by the call me p8mx smartwatch. So this is a great deal under 30 dollars, so i would really recommend you to buy this one, because there are many options like this display is in the middle.

If we compare it to the other smartphones in this range, then the lower bezel is a lot bigger as compared to the top one so thats, why? I really prefer it over the other smartwatches, which are mostly apple, watch series six clones. I would really recommend you to go with this one so guys this was all from for me. P8 mix smartphones so comment down below with whether you are going to buy it or not. And do you think that it is a great deal under 30 or not and if youre going to buy it then make sure to use my affiliate link, which is available in the description box below and also leave the like and a comment below and also, if Youre new here and you havent, subscribed yet then make sure to hit the subscribe button and a lot of new videos are coming on the channel. You can also comment down below with your requests.