Firstly, we can see the box and this box is the eow26 plus, and this one is the dt100. Firstly, we can check the same point. Both watches are the 44 millimeter, and the material of both watches are the same. Both are made of zinc oil and both are 2.5 d curved screen and both watches can fit the 42 and 44 millimeter original apple watch. Straps and both watches have the 1.75 inch infinite screen and both round button can rotate to make the selection and also domain and zoom out and then let’s check. The differences both watches are very similar, and the boss has only one red circle: button and adjusted. The microphone position is a little different. This is the evo w26 plus, and this is the dt100 and then the battery life, the eow26 plus, can last for one to two days, but the dt100 smartwatch can last for five to seven days, so it can last longer than the evo w26 plus and then The system we can check the dt 100 smartwatch works more smooth than the evo w26 plus, and then the quick actions, the evil w26 plus, can move down to the control center and from bottom to the top. Is the message notifier and then from the left to right is the spot exercise and then from the right to the left is the main menu. Then we can check the dt 100 smartwatch. We can move down, we can see a split screen and we can adjust the brightness and also control the music.

Then, from the left to right, we can see the frequent used apps and also this is the message and the bluetooth call then from the right to left. We can check the steps and heart rate and the weather, and also we can add two extra components. So the dt 100 smartwatch has more functions in the quick actions and then the menu style. The eow26 plus only has two menu styles, the smart style and the nut apps style, but the dt 100 smartwatch has totally four manual styles, the list style and the smart style and release circle style. And then the watch face. The eow26 plus has four watch faces that it can customize watch faces through the app and the dt 100 smartwatch as the 11 watch faces, and it can also customize watch faces through the app and then the functions both watches can make an answer calls directly through The watch after the watch is connected with the phone while bluetooth, but the dt 100 smartwatch can only synchronize maximum 20 contact, but the uw 26 plus can synchronize more contacts than the dt 100 smartwatch and the spot. The euw26 plus has 8 spot mode, but the dt100 smartwatch has 7 spot mode and the evo w26 plus has the temperature and the blood pressure function, but the dd100 smartwatch has the weather and the bridge function, and also the female assistant and also the meteorological functions. While the evo w26 plus does not has these three functions and then the bluetooth music, the evo w26 plus, has also the mutual volume control function, while the dt100 smartwatch does not.

Has the music volume control and the screen timeout the eow26 plus has maximum 60 seconds, and the dt100 smartwatch has the maximum 30 seconds and the dt 100 smartwatch has the password function, while the uow26 plus does not have the password function and the waterproof the evo W26 plus is ip68 waterproof and the dt100 smartwatch is ip67 waterproof. We do not suggest to put both watches into the water, and both watches can synchronize the incoming mastery notifications from the phone and we can see and after we click the message. Notification in the evo w26 plus the messaging will be cleared and for the dt100 smartwatch. We need to click this, then the message will be cleared and then the app the app for the uw 26 plus is the m active and the app for the dd 100 smartwatch is the where pro and the evo w26 plus can customize wood faces through the App and the dt 100 smartwatch can also customize watch faces through the app, and we can see the ware pro has more functions than the m active and also it can upgrade the firmware through the app now. The firmware is upgrading, but the eow26 plus is unable to upgrade the firmware. Ok, above is all details today. From my opinion, the dt100 smartwatch is better than the evo w26 plus smartwatch, so which one do you prefer? You can write your answer in the comment.