5 millimeter and at the right side both watches have two buttons and the microphone dd7 max is made case. Hw7 max its shiny case, both watches do not have lock buttons at the back and both are using the wireless charging and the left side. Both watches are apple watch series 7 design with only one hole, as the speaker 87 max is advertised as a 1.9 inch screen, and the hw7 max is advertised as the 1.99 inch screen, both watches have very small black edge seems that the black age of the Hw7 max is a little smaller dd7 max has eight built in watch faces and hw7 max has 10 built in watch faces. Both watches can add, extra watch face and support to customize watch face through the app Music. Both watches have split screen, but the styles are different from the top to the bottom, Music and the bottom to the top, from the left to right and from the right to the left. Both forges can add component and both of them can hold the screen and remove the component. Then you can customize again. Dd7 max has 11 menu styles and the hw7 max has four manual styles. We can hold the screen of the dd7 max for around 5 seconds. Then we can change the menu style or we can double click. The round button to change Music, the hw7 max does not support to hold the screen and change. Dt7 max is using real tech chipset, while the hw7 max is using the henderson chipset.

We can compare the speed Music seems. The hw7 max is smoother than the dd7x. Both watches can normal use for 3 to 5 days. Most functions in both watches are similar. Dd7 max has the ecg and the gps motion trajectory, while the hw7 max does not have these two functions. Hw7 max can download extra app from the worldfit pro app such as addition sharing and the essential. Also it has remote control. The short video suggests that tik tok videos, it has the countdown repay function and the screen lock, while the dd cell max does not have these functions. Most watchers are using the wireless charging and both of them have bad lamp function when charging dd7 max is ip68. Waterproof while hw7 max is ip67 waterproof, the app for dt7 max is wear pro and the app for the hw7 max is a ver fit pro so which one to choose. As per my opinion, if you prefer matte case and ip68 waterproof, you can choose the dd cell max and if you prefer the shining case and the smaller size and the short video remote control, you can choose the hw7 max. You can leave a comment to. Let me know which one do you prefer? Okay, above is all our details.