You have a lot of different things. You can control from here. You'Ve got your daily step. Count calories burned, distance, traveled last night's, sleep time and a real time tested heart rate monitor built into it from here you've got notifications pushed to you from your phone if you're tethered to that, and you have the ability to do bluetooth, calling you do a bluetooth Call setup with this: you can place and receive calls using the sim in your actual phone you've got notifications today. Information is your step count linkman, we don't know what that is, that might be messages from your phone. You'Ve got notices, which is your other notices coming in from your watch, sport mode, which includes a variety of different things. Records are stored here, you've got indoor walks, cycling, you've got outdoor, runs no gps, but basic pedometer tracking of all of that stuff. Sedentary reminders. Heart rate, again sleep monitoring pairing for when you tether it to your phone bluetooth music. So you can remotely play the music on your phone. You can take a photo and you can find your phone from here as well. You'Ve got alarm clocks, stop, watches a flashlight that will brighten the screen and look you've got beautiful visibility on that screen and the music out, which we're not sure what that is. Perhaps you play the music through the watch, a timer and overall settings where you can change a variety of different dials. You can have other information like setting your um heart rate measurement, every five minutes up to about every hour.