Now coral smartwatches have proved very popular in the endurance sports world athletes like elliot kipchoge and climbers, like tommy caldwell swear by them, and while, admittedly, i havent run quite as many marathons as elliot or skilled, quite as many mountains as tommy. I could certainly use a hand burning off the many many cheesy chip buddies that i recently consumed on holiday. The coros vertex 2 offers slick but durable design, impressive training tools and unbeatable gps support for 599 quid and im going to take you on a full tour of some of the highlights right here. A big thanks to corus for sponsoring this video and for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do put subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so the premium experience here starts with the unboxing, because the vertx 2 actually comes in a suitably tough and waterproof case, which you can actually reuse once youve plucked the watch out and as well as the watch Itself, complete with silicone straps, you also get a quick start guide and, of course, the charging cable. The vertex 2s casing is constructed from titanium alloy, while the screen is protected by super tough sapphire glass. So the vertex 2 is certainly rugged enough to survive all kinds of outdoor shenanigans and this watch can merely survive all kinds of extreme conditions as well, including temperatures all the way down to negative 30 degrees celsius, so basically sunderland around december time. All the way up to a sweating juice and 50 degrees celsius and its even water resistant to an impressive depth of 10 atmospheres, which is double that of most other sporty smart watches so yeah.

This thing is basically built for extreme outdoor adventuring youve got a choice of two different colors here to suit your own personal tastes, lava or obsidian and chorus is also offering a variety of nylon and silicon bands to go with it. Own chorus is also just recently announced special limited edition models of the pace 2 and the pod to honor kenyan long distance runner, eliot kipchoge, who recently bagged himself a gold at the tokyo olympics. Youll have to be pretty swift, though just like elliot, because only 5 000 units in total are being produced, so you can set up the vertex 2 using the coros app and its a very simple, straightforward process. Just scan that qr code on your watch and the two will pair up nicely, then you just need to feed in a bit personal info like your height and weight and then set up your personal heart rate zones and youre ready to get stuck into some training. That 1.4 inch screen sports a 280 by 280 pixel resolution, so visuals are nice and crisp and youve got a 64 color palette as well with the ability to customize. Any watch face that you want on there. The main watch interface can be scrolled through using that digital dial. This can be controlled with just a single finger, even when youre wearing quite thick gloves, and that interface serves up all kinds of useful information, including how active youve been that day.

Your recent recovery rates, your heart rate, range sunrise and sunset times, and even the external temperature you can access any scheduled training activities, while your phone notifications will also pop up for you to check out when you cant use your phone. Meanwhile, if you long press that back button youll access the vertex 2s toolbox, which serves up a good variety of different apps and tools you can play around with, as well as your basic settings and also toggles like do not disturb youve, got fast access to your Music collection, go. Your standard watch features like an alarm. A timer and a stopwatch. Youve got a very powerful mapping feature which well touch on in a bit and then lots of fitness features, including even a metronome, to help you keep the pace and the verdicts too small, which also introduces touch controls as well. So, for instance, you can use those to scroll around in the mapping feature and also pinch to zoom in and out, and everything runs with the please and smoothness as well. The vertix 2s performance has been boosted over the original watch, so chorus estimates its around 20 faster youve also got built in wi fi support here in the vertex 2, which is currently used for update and the smart watch, but chorus rankings itll be expanding that functionality In the near future, but one of the best and brightest features here on the vertex 2 is undoubtedly that offline mapping feature which offers a choice of landscape and topographic layers, as well as a hybrid option.

This is the first gps watch equipped with an all satellite dual frequency: gnss chipset, allowing the vertex 2 to simultaneously talk to all satellite systems, including gps, glonass, galileo, beardow and qzss. Not only that, but this watch can communicate with those satellites in two concurrent frequencies. So it can track your precise location with terrifying accuracy, even if youre planting about in the most challenging of environments, including rain forests, canyons even bustling city centers, where youre surrounded by whopping great massive skyscrapers. This feature can help accurately track your route when youre out cycling. Hiking mountain climbing and what have you, but its also ideal for simple navigation using the global offline landscape map, with the ability to freely download topo maps of your region from and chorus is very kindly announced that it will be bringing that topographical mapping feature to Existing smartwatches as well, including the original vertex and the apex pro and chorus, has a great reputation for bringing fresh new features to older devices whenever possible. So its great to know that your spangly new smartwatch is gon na be supported in the long term and despite all of this next level. Satellite and youll get a full 90 hours of use from the vertex 2 on a full charge of that battery. And that is with all systems active with dual frequency. You can expect around 50 hours, but even if you just use standard full gps, youll get a full on 140 hours of power and with basic daily use.

The vertex 2 can keep on going for 60 days before it will finally need refueling inside that chorus app. You can craft your very own training plan, including a massive selection of exercises to target select bits of you or give you a full body. Workout and the training tools even include advice on how to do each exercise properly to get the maximum benefit. You can also set yourself targets for your running swimming or cycling sessions, adding in factors like cadence and pace, so the vertex 2 knows exactly how intense you want that workout to be otherwise, if youd rather just track your fitness shenanigans on the fly. Well, the vertex 2 supports a huge variety of activities: hiking biking, climbing skiing, rowing cardio, whatever healthy hobbies youre into this smartwatch, can handle it. The chorus vertex 2 can constantly measure your heart rate. Youve got an spo2 sensor as well, which monitors your blood oxygenation levels, and the ecg sensor can monitor your heart rate variability, giving you a really insightful overview of your bodys health metrics over time. Hov is particularly useful for measuring stress levels. Just get yourself in a relaxing position and press your other hand over the watch bezels and then just wait until the results pop up on the screen. And this can reveal exactly how stressed out your body is feeling with lower scores, showing that you definitely need to ease back on work and spend more time watching relaxing tech videos from your favorite, bold miscreant.

And if you want to bop along to your favorite tracks or listen to some audio books or podcasts, while youre hitting the great outdoors or just working out down the gym? Well, no worries! You can load up the watches 32 gigs of storage with all kinds of audio to enjoy offline using your bluetooth, headphones just connect the vertex 2 to your computer, using the bundled usb cable and then drag and drop your audio files and youre good to go. And if you happen to be the proud owner of an insta, 360 camera well great news, because the vertix 2 can even be used as a remote control. So you can take yourself a proper self congratulatory selfie when you finally scale that massive great mountain, sorry theres a full unboxing and tour of the fresh new coros vertix 2 smartwatch. As i say, definitely one for the hardcore outdoor adventurers among you. So what you reckon definitely be great to your thoughts down in the comments, thanks again to corus for sponsoring this video and for more on the latest and greatest tech.