Smart watch. Okay, i’m, sorry, i’m, shaking so much, but um let’s deal with it. So we just slide this um and yeah um. I actually took off the cover earlier so like yeah, okay. So this is my smartwatch uh it’s gray, as you can tell by the rubber thingy um so um. What does this say? Is this function button? Okay, this is pretty sweet um. Let me just try to get no my hands on these. First of all, um let’s get started. Okay. I i had a really hard time trying to pull this watch and i just figured all i had to do was pull this thing up there you go. Oh, oh, never, mind, that’s the card. Okay, pull this thing up. Let me just um: okay, wait: okay, finally, got it out, and how do you pull this watch? Let me see: okay, i’ll i’ll be back in a few seconds. Okay phone finally got the swatch out and the charger and um yeah. As you can see, you can see it like the dents in there because, like i really had to push really hard from the bottom to get this out um, it says i need. I says: let me just focus on okay yeah. Sorry, my camera is really bad. Um says please charge to activate the watch before you use it. Okay, um i’ll be back in a few seconds. Okay, um time for the satisfying part, wait! No! Oh! We need to take that out.

So sorry, i’ll be back okay time for the satisfying part, let’s open this. Oh, let me just focus okay, oh my goodness. I don’t know where to start. Okay, oh okay! Oh boy! How do i open this is why i don’t like unboxing, because, like i really like, i need to be real, careful and stuff. Oh so satisfying! Oh okay, uh as you can see, that’s like the hand um the heartbeat. I don’t know what you call that it’s, like the sensor, where it checks your heartbeat and stuff, and this is where the fun gets started. Okay, um! I just need to pull this down. Ah, so juicy okay i’ll try to get this powered up and yeah. This is the charger um i’m. Just recording it because, like i think like you guys would like it um so yeah so what’s, pretty cool about this charger. Is that um you can charge it magnetically magnetically, as you can see right here, i’m. Just focus on that oops too close too close. There that’s the magnetic charger and we don’t wait. It didn’t come with a like a powerbank it’s, just a usb. So i guess i have to use my laptop or one of my um usb hubs to charge this thingy. Okay, um it’s charging right now. It said it was like 100 charged. I think. Let me just look at the menu for a second okay turns out. It was really simple: you just had to press this button.

I think to power it on. I mean i can’t press it like okay turns out my hands were really weak, let’s. Try it one more time. Ah, wait! Oh no don’t go away, see it says: 99. That’S pretty cool, then what do i have to do? I think i just have to press it longer. Maybe press one more! Oh, you see my camera right there yeah. Why is it working um? Okay, let me just um research on that. Okay got it finally powered on. I just took off the charger and tried and it worked um so so far um i haven’t connected with my phone and i’m recording with my phone, so that’s a bummer um. So i i i’ll try to um connect it right. Now so yeah, okay, oh it looks pretty nice on my hand. Let me just just it looks better um, so um yeah. This is the time um. You click that and then, if you just swipe down, you could get the number of sticks, the steps that was. Yes, sorry, all steps, you talk and uh your gps. I think yeah, how many calories are burned, your total steps, calories, etc, and you have a stomp watch. I think um, so yeah that’s, pretty cool uh. Let me see if yeah their diet looks much better on the camera. Um it’s 99 charge. So i don’t really need to charge it anymore, um and yeah. I think i guess that’s it.

Let me just see what else i could do by the way it comes with a one year, warranty card, so that’s, nice, okay, turns out it’s, not just going up and down. You can also turn to the side. You get your alarm and let me just focus on that. Okay, you could um check out um the alarm, relax mode heart rate. Let me just check on that heart rate. Whoa 62 beats per minute, that’s that’s, pretty nice um just an alarm and from there you could go down and go to the timer. Oh and what’s. Really nice about this. Is that um, whenever it restarts or turns on or a message comes it like vibrates, real loud and so like um, that’s, really nice and handy and what’s? Also, really, nice is um. You compare this with your phone and so you could check your messages and you could turn on music. You could turn wait. You could turn on. Oh, oh yeah, you could probably um turn on the music on your phone or your device, but not on this dot. Stopwatch because, like what kind of style – or i mean what stop watch or not stopwatch, what smart watch would have a speaker on it, um, which should be kind of bizarre um. So let me just see if i could customize the clock, because i i really don’t like this color with the 12. um uh. Let me see oh looks like there’s night mode here.

Let me see that um there’s night mode, uh and stuff. Oh, if you go up oh that’s messages, i haven’t paired with my phone yet so yeah. Well i mean, i guess that’s it guys. I hope you guys really enjoyed this video. I mean, like i don’t think it would be really useful to um. Show you guys.