com unusual times, we're living in right now, while we're filming this we are approaching apex is all over the place of the coronavirus hitting mostly the United States, but the whole world as Well, and sometimes you feel helpless when this is going on, but there is a way each and every one of us may be able to help I've got to bring in an article, which I also have a direct link to in the show notes under this video. From Mike Phoebus published in USA Today, on entitled could wearables like Apple watch. Fitbit fitness trackers help detect coronavirus, it's the title of our video here. Hey guys, I'll give you the synopsis of this and I'll. Let you read it on your own. In essence, the article is saying: we're grasping at straws, trying to figure this darn virus thing out. What are some indicators that can show us that somebody is asymptomatic and may be spreading the virus, as we all try to hunker down and isolate ourselves. What are some of the ways that you can see it developing and what are some of the interventions that we can do to try and help people get through it, as we rapidly try to figure out a way to prevent it in the first place? Well, big data might be able to help and that's what this is all about. If you've got a fitness tracker, you might be able to participate along with me and several others in a tracking program that will give information ahead of time before we get sick.

Hopefully we don't, but if we do, we can provide some data that may be able to help out in determining what we can do to identify it and intervene to help mitigate it. What I got here is the information that you saw basically in this document. It'S talking about setting up a program to be able to assess your bio readings, in particular like your heart rate that are normally available in Apple watches and Fitbit, watches and, of course, on this channel. We talked about a lot of other things, including this amazing or a ring right here and this SmartWatch here. Fitness watch the huawei magic watch too, and these are the two devices that I have linked in these apps: to detect my information on a daily basis and feed it into a program that will allow researchers to study my basic numbers over time. And if I end up getting the virus, which I hope I don't and I get sick, I'll be able to drop into this app called my data helps and it's a daily interface tracking of my health over time, as reported through Google fit Google fit connected to The app and things like this watch and this ring connected to Google fit so that all the data is feeding into it 247 and if I hit the I'm feeling 6, it raises a red flag, so they can start checking the data before I felt sick to See if there's any information there that can help in guiding us through this pandemic, I've got here a whole bunch of legal documents toward the end I'm going to page through this.

So you can see what's involved if you want to participate without having to go through and set up an account and do all that stuff. You'Ll know where it's coming from to begin with. I have here screen showing you, the huawei health and the aura band information. This is the typical apps that track this stuff and they're done on a daily basis, and they feed to Google fit like I said and Google fit feeds over to here, but this is the main app, so I just want to run through quickly what this looks Like again it's voluntary you don't get paid, but the gratification is. You may individually be helping a broader perspective of how this virus affects all of us, so it opens up in home. You basically got your calendar here with each of the different days resting heart rate. There'S really nothing to see until you start reporting, you're, sick and then all that stuff starts running in funneling into the organization that's tracking it you can set up a Fitbit device. If you have one, because this is really tied to Apple and Fitbit, it looks like an in particular Fitbit, but again it's gon na work with any device that will connect to Google fit, because you can connect that as well. I don't have a Fitbit to do. If you do. You could do that, one. If you have anything else, including guys, if you have an Android smart watch, you can install the Google fit app on the Android.

Smartwatch connect it through the system. Let it monitor you and again connect Google fit directly to the app. When you go to my data here, it's gon na show you and I just started it your step count for the day and some of the other kind of stuff. In the background, you can add different providers, because a lot of this is set up to actually work with the medical providers or your Fitbit tracking information. It is submitted in here and then there's a tab on resources, which you know guys download this app in the first place and just read the the coronavirus: myths for example, or go into each of these things for frequently asked questions. If you want to learn more about the corona virus in general, from valid trusted sources, okay and what's, the app call my data helps it's in the Google Play Store, okay and that tab is what's going to give you this information tasks as you're going through logging. In reading these documents and signing up for it, all of those tasks are kind of followed through this, and when you've done all of that stuff, it it's complete. If you get sick, you may be given tasks to do in here relay to where you are in your sickness. I don't know having gone as far into that and then the account is literally where you are signed up, which study you are in and we're going to be in the Scripps Research detect program on this one, and it gives you about an information and who these Guys are, and then it talks about consent, documents which I'm going to show you over here, and you guys can take a moment to freeze frame your YouTube and read that if you want to don't want to make this any longer than necessary.

There are a lot of different research projects that this app and these folks have going on, and so there's different research studies and you can even scan codes if you were invited to join a different one. This is a universal app again. It'S called my data helps, but we are looking at the detect app, which is specifically for the corona virus or the detect project within this particular app and that's all this stuff here so back here at home. This is where you want your all connected. You would activate this if you're feeling sick, if you're not just keep doing your daily thing, make sure you update, google fit make sure your Fitbit is updated and open the app and let it sink so that all your data is being synced in the background and They may take all of that into consideration. Your zip code is the area where you're living is is all part of this when the weather is changing and it's getting warmer or cooler, and your heart rate and all that stuff or changing all that big data and again they're, not tracking you individually. But big data can be helpful in trying to find out what's going on and where this virus is going. Okay, so, like I said one of these apps that ties to a watch is the Huawei app and the Huawei app in this case is the magic watch too, and this is just basically what you get when you refresh it one of the things I really like About this watch is it has this stress level computation, and it tells you basically how stressed out you are that's, not something that they're really looking at yet in detail.

It'S, mostly temperature breath rate coughing. You know those kind of things, but your stress level is being tracked as well by this particular device. Along with your sleep, your heart rate and exercise records that you do, but the important stuff that'll be transferred over for here is most likely. Your heart rate stress level and sleep information. You also have available. If you have an aura ring – and I hope you guys do if you have one – please – please participate in not just this one but there's another one out of San Francisco study that's going on. That is really really worthwhile. The aura ring has tremendous information available to it. For example, here's the aura app. You get an overall readiness score that I know you've seen you have sleep information, not just your Aizen sus sleep and rise time, but all the different states that you were in you have within readiness all kinds of different information, including your body temperature and they're gon. Na use that your deviation from your normalized body temperature, as you start feeling sick, to give a gauge on what kind of predictive information can they get from that your resting heart rate, your predictive body temperature and your respiration rate are really key factors and those are Generated by the aura ring and they're so serious about this – that in San Francisco they're giving these aura rings. These are like 300 right they're, giving these to the health workers loaning them basically for the duration of the project.

So they can monitor them and is any of them start to exhibit symptoms and need to go into quarantine. They'Ll have all kinds of track record data they're, also making that same study available globally to anybody that has an aura ring so definitely want to check that out as well. Okay, so the last thing I want to show you google fit. This is where all the data feeds into from the devices right – and here you have basically your step count and whatnot that accumulating from here or your Android smart watcher any SmartWatch that you've got this gon na. Do the step count? I don't get step count from my ring, so you got that feeding in here and that'll be tracked over time. You'Ve got your sleep record in this case. This is coming in from the aura ring, and heart rate are being provided directly from the ring into the app and all that then again gets cascaded through ultimately to this particular app, which is where the group tracking is going to happen to try to assess what's Going on with the virus in different parts of the world folks, this could be so important as to help those in charge determine which hotspots are coming up and where they should send ventilators to yeah. Your little SmartWatch feeding. Information in your area may help in the overall administration of saving lives, it's that critical, so here's how it works. Here'S the documentation that's it for the presentation, if you're still interested in thinking about participating or want to learn more about how this works stick with me.

Otherwise, thanks for being here be sure to subscribe, if you have it, we've got lots of information. New smartwatches are on the way in they are. China is shipping again, so I got some great reviews coming up for you of new devices. In the meantime, thanks for doing your part allowing me to do my part – and I hope we can all come together and move through this and move on for a bright future here we go when you get into the app the first thing, it's going to do, And these are screenshots is to read through this. I just want to read the first paragraph because it explains pretty much what's going on care, evolution, web portals and smartphone applications like my data, helps, and this other one enable consumers and patients to participate in research, studies and quality improvement programs, the project or projects, as It they're called organized by healthcare, researchers and providers, and those are called the investig again. This is a legal document to improve our understanding of how diseases progress, what interventions work and how each of us may respond differently to the same interventions. So we may learn how to improve our collective health and well being through data, okay, that's, what it's all about so, as you freeze frame this and read it, these are each of the pages of what you have to do to register what kind of information they're Going to collect again it's intended to be aggregate information, not specific for you.

However, there is a potential that your individual health data being participating in this thing could be identified separately, but it's intended to be aggregated, so it's, giving you all the info on that. Then it's talking about google fit, which is Google's app that they're, using as the platform to pull your data in and then there's the individual wearables from Withings and Omer on Fitbit and so forth, and the documentation that covers all of those as well. The usage information push notification so I'm, going too fast for you, I'm. Sorry, okay, there you go here. We go about push. How secure is your data that's? What a lot of us are concerned about? Okay, few pages on that again. This is mostly background. I don't want to go too deep into it, how they're going to use this data and how they may share this data and again you're not into identified individually. All of that is stripped out, but your heart rate, your body temperature. Those kind of things are what they're looking for, and not just you individually but collectively as well as a bell curve about this. You know how similar is everybody and how different are you all? Are we all and that may make a difference as well, so we go on and on with liabilities, as is as availables and again all this is going to be available when you download it set up an account in the app and here's more information.

So when you register, which is what I've done, you can participate in research and search for the research study or if they give you a code, the skin, you can use it. We already know which one we're going to be using it's the detect one here's. Some of the other ones we are gon na, be in detect and here's about and how you join once you join, you learn a bit about scripts research and then, when you get in you're welcomed to the study, this is where now you you won't see this. Unless you're kind of joining so I'm giving you advanced, look so you'll know ahead of time whether you want to participate or not, and these are the screen shots as you become a member of it that you go through and then you have to do a consent Form with digital signature. Actually, so you go through answering all of this information or reading about it and digital engagement and tracking for early control and treatment, here's information, again of who these people are and how to contact them, and why is a research being done? This is going to give you background information. How long will you be in the study? What will happen to you, okay, they're, just basically gon na. Ask you to answer questions about your current health travel, medical history. At the beginning of the study and so forth, you can skip questions. If you want to and again then all of it is going to be turned over to your biometric measuring device to provide information about you on a regular basis that will help the study.

What are the benefits of participating? Are you gon na be paid? No. Does it cost you anything? No! What if you don't want to participate, treatments all kinds of stuff again, some of these studies have to do with different medical condition and treatments that may be exploratory. This does not. This is just simply creating databases of readings from individuals like you, scattered all around the world, data sharing, here's the different ones, Fitbit Apple health, google, fit hora. My data helps and Garmin. So any of the watches that you have that are in these categories should be compatible for participation, future research. What, if you get hurt, I mean they got to cover everything right. Will the doctor sponsor benefit from the study and then you do an agree to participate form you fill in your information, the next screen, you sign it and then you're basically registered because you literally are doing a digital signature with your finger on the thing is sending That in and that then allows you to drop into this app and participate and really it's going to count significantly. If you hit that I'm feeling sick button, if by chance, you're starting to exhibit some of the symptoms and what are those they're changing, go to the CDC find out hit the resources button here, here's what I've heard – and I think this is valid but check it For sure we all know you get a temperature, we all know you get a dry cough.

We all know that it really gives you shortness and breath so much so that you may need to be put on a ventilator. There is some story out that there may be a condition where you lose your sense of smell and taste, not just a little bit but like they're gone, that hasn't been confirmed yet that I know of but it's something to check. If you feel like you're. Getting a fever or getting a little tired and you've lost your sense of taste or smell quarantine yourself, right away right away because you may be in the early stages, that's, just a suggestion again for guidance, follow the CDC and the World Health Organization and your country, Things that they're telling you you should be doing, but just be aware that that might be something some people have talked about: digestive issues, getting an upset stomach, maybe even vomiting don't know but that's part of what research is able to tell so highly encourage you guys If you want to have something you can do to participate in the world dealing with this pandemic, you may have it on your finger. You may have it on your arm and you may be able to tie into a research study that your information would be critically valuable. All right, thanks for watching guys, we'll see you again soon and stay positive we're going to get through this together.