Now this one is packed with features and to top it all, it comes with bluetooth phone calling. So now you can answer calls and even make calls directly from your watch. You want more, the body of this watch is made of metal alloy and it looks absolutely identical to the apple watch. In fact, it has a crown on the side which is so similar wow. I can’t wait to check it out by the way there’s. Also, a pre booking discount on this device, which i shall share towards the end of this video all right, let’s quickly, unbox it and we’ll have a closer look at it, but before we begin subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon, so you never miss An update also follow me on my social media handles facebook, instagram and twitter. The handle name is mr tech, say all right: let’s jump into the unboxing, so here is the retail packaging of the crossbeats ignite 2.. You can see two written in bold, the ignite branding right here and if you see closely, it also mentions series 2. on the side. Here you have the cross beats branding towards the back. You can see the image of the watch. You have a qr code to download the companion app for android and iphone. Here are a list of some of the features rotating crown button, bluetooth, calling inbuilt sleep, monitor ip68, waterproof rating 11 sports modes, full metal, build case, dynamic, heart rate tracking and up to 15 days battery life.

You have some more details here and the mrp, which is 9999 all right. Pretty good packaging let’s open this up, don’t. We all love just peeling away the plastic. Okay, that’s interesting, hello, namaste, and if you see closely, you have a quick start guide and scan the code to use the link to redeem a gift. It will activate one year of warranty and you have to do this within 10 days of purchase. Then you have the watch itself that’s. Actually, a sticker we’ll check it out in just a moment, and you have a charging cable which also resembles the apple watch. Charging dock and right at the bottom is a user manual Music. So let’s have a closer look at it. First let’s remove the sticker from the screen wow. This looks just like an apple watch. Isn’T it the resemblance is uncanny. Let me open the strap here’s, my apple watch side by side wow. This is amazing, of course, i’m. Not comparing these two by any way, just showing you how similar they look. You can see the speaker on one side. On the other side, you can see the same crown and the mic below. However, there is no button at the bottom like the apple watch, then the straps too, are very identical check out their back so similar frankly, i’m. Very impressed with the build quality crossbeats has been able to achieve here. So let’s have a closer look at the watch square dial with the matte black metal, alloy body.

You can see the speaker on the side on the other side. Is the crown and mic the crown even actually has a red ring around it, the back houses, all the sensors and the charging terminals? The charging dock connects magnetically when brought closer. The straps are made of really soft silicon. They can be removed by sliding it out. Super easy, let’s wear the watch and see wow. This feels really nice, i wouldn’t say it’s heavy though it has some weight to it, but feels very sturdy all right coming to the display so it’s, a 1.55 inch ips lcd display the colors look pretty good and the text is sharp to read. It also gets bright enough to see outdoors. Of course, you can manually set the brightness in the settings, as per your preference, always remember: lower the brightness, better, the battery life. The watch supports bluetooth 5.0 and connects with both iphone and android. You have to download the cross speed, active app on your phone and follow the login and pairing process which shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. It will also ask you to pair separately in bluetooth settings. It shows up as bt 3.0. You can see that there’s ignite h2 connected as well as bt 3.0. Only once the 3.0 is connected. Will you be able to answer and receive phone calls on your watch, so you can see the caller’s name when there’s an incoming call. Also, the watch has a ringtone which is really helpful, but remember if your phone is on silent, so will be the ringer on your watch.

Then there is an option to reject a call answer the call and even silent the ringer isn’t that great now, when i answer the call, i can simply talk directly from my watch, but always remember: the phone has to be around and bluetooth needs to be connected. Here’S, a quick demo, hi googly. How are you so actually i’m using my cross, beat watch to talk to you. So can you believe it i’m talking to you on my watch, what the quality sounds so unless i would have told you that i’m using my watch, you would have probably not known i’ll catch you a little later adios amigo Music. The audio from the speakers is pretty clear indoors and the opposite person had no problem hearing me either. You can also make phone calls from your watch, just go to the dialer and choose the number and click call very handy great for those quick short calls. When you don’t have to reach out for your phone by the way when you move away from your phone, it will vibrate and show you that the bluetooth has been disconnected. Also another fun feature. Since it has a mic, you can actually use your phone’s voice assistant from your watch like my watch is connected to iphone, so i get city. I can simply press the siri app on my watch and ask anything you will hear the answer directly on your watch. Speaker, it’s, really cool moving further.

The ignite s2 comes with ip68 rating, so it should be fine if you wear it in the rain or if you sweat, it comes with heart rate. Sensor. Blood pressure monitor spo2 sensor for women. There is also menstrual cycle tracking. There is a camera shutter to take pictures remotely there’s an alarm app there’s, also a stopwatch music player to control the music that is playing on your phone. By the way i forgot to mention you can actually listen to your phone’s music on your watch. Speaker too, and the output is actually quite decent, but remember. The battery drain will be a lot faster coming to work out from running to walking cycling, climbing treadmill, spinning, yoga and basketball. Once you turn it on, it will show you the time: steps, steps per minute, distance, calories, burn and heart rate. You can see a complete workout in the record section. Sadly, there is no built in gps on this watch. The interface is also unique. You swipe left, you can see all the apps. You can click and search just like how you do on your apple watch. Swipe from the top to see notifications swipe from down to access, quick, toggles swipe right to go through all the apps it’s, really smooth and really easy to use the cross. Speed active app shows you your steps, workout heart rate, blood pressure and sleep tracking in the device options you can choose from which app you want notifications and from which apps you don’t.

Some online watch faces are also available to download from here. But the best part is custom watch faces and cross speed has taken it to the next level. You can choose from analog to digital. You can choose your own custom image from your phone gallery and you can also choose the dial design further. You can even choose the pointer design, it’s, really cool the way you can customize your watch face rest. You can set alarms, sedentary reminders, wake up the display on off option, firmware updates and a lot more by the way. This app also has provision to sync your data with strava app, along with the apple health app, if you’re using it with an iphone coming to the battery. So it comes with a 300 mah battery and cross speed claims 15 days, but we should get about a week with medium use. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge from 0 to 200 percent. Battery life might vary depending on how you’re, using the watch the brightness levels, the apps you’re using the mic and speaker you’re using, but you should get six to eight days easily with heavy use. So the crossfit ignite h2 is a premium looking smartwatch with built in bluetooth, so you can answer and make phone calls directly from your watch and it aces in that department rest. It can measure your heart rate, spo2, sleep tracking and a couple of basic workouts it’s, a complete package with an apple watch, look and that even stands out it’s priced at 4999 and will be available to buy from 22nd of june.

But you can pre book at a special discount price of 4499 on the crossbeat website and that’s, really a good deal. I’Ll leave the links below in the description with all the color variants, it’s, definitely worth checking out. So i hope this video was helpful.