2021 watch this video till the we end. You know why it is a scam and i dont know why other peoples are promoting this watch anyways. This is full waste of money. You can see alot of fake reviews on the website. Quality Of Watch, Looks good and made up of metal very bulky and heavy. The Straps are of of soft quality, but not that great.. There is a button on the side for switching the menu inside it., Fitting and Comfortability Display Colorful IPS display Pixeleted Display of very bad quality., Not that great visible in direct sunlight. Features and Modes. All the modes are common, but there is a exclusive features that is calling, but its not consistent. It keeps on disconnecting all the time.. The quality of the speaker is good and microphone is also good, but of no use of its buggy software. Scam, No.1, Bluetooth, 3.0. Instead of Bluetooth 5.0, as shown on the website. Data Accuracy, Scam No. 2 SpO2 Sensor is Fake. Heart Rate is kind of Okay. Okay, Steps, monitoring, quite inaccurate Sleep Monitoring, don’t work, Scam, No. 3 Blood Pressure. Monitoring is fake User Experience, Scam No. 5 After Sales Service is so bad User Interface. Quite Choppy, DND mode dont works so full of disturbance. Battery and Charging Battery backup is good and ofcourse. It is cause.