We hope you’re doing well and you’re all safe, but don’t forget to subscribe. All major cruise lines joined a conference call this week with the white house and cdc. The conference was held by vice president mike pence to discuss proposals to get cruise lines back up and running in the united states. During the meeting pence made it very clear, he was keen on getting maritime operations, including cruisers, up and running safely again, norwegian cruise line and royal caribbean’s healthy sale panel findings, including the 74 recommendations they have made, are due to be presented to the u.s coronavirus task Force in order to provide a recommendation to president donald trump on what to do next, with the cdc north seal order, vicki freed a royal caribbean senior vice president informed travel agents that there is a possibility that the cdc no sale order could be lifted next week. She said there is a chance that we will have a return to service if the cdc gives us the green light this week. So we’re not sure if she’s had some inside information, but we can’t see anything that backs up these claims but make sure you subscribe to our channel because as soon as we hear about it, we will let you know. Royal caribbean have also announced how the circulation of air will work on board its ships new systems, as well as high grade medical filters, will continuously supply 100 fresh, filtered air from outdoors to all of the indoor spaces.

The air will be drawn in from one side of the ship for cooling and ventilation, then removed via an exhaust pipe on the opposite side of the ship. There will be a total air change of up to 12 times per hour in state rooms and about 15 completely different cycles and changes of air per hour in the large public spaces. A bio aerosol assessment was carried out on royal caribbean’s oasis of disease to prove the system works. This is really fantastic to hear it’s very similar to what airlines have been doing, and it just means you’re getting continuously provided fresh air, stopping any viruses from being able to circulate, and obviously those high grade filters stop any pathogens and viruses such as the coronavirus, the Flu and things that are from being circulated in the air system, so it’s, really good yeah, if anything has came out of this whole situation, is that the health and hygiene on board is going to be so much more improved than it was before not like. It was really unhealthy before but it’s just going to be even better, which is uh great, to see yeah and on that note, royal caribbean have also released some graphics and information on the protocols they will be carrying out aboard their ships on the royal caribbean website. They have entitled it the royal promise. It basically outlines all of the new protocols in different areas of the ships. One surprising thing that we saw is that you’re going to be required to wear masks outside unless you’re in the pool, so no sunbathing.

So, even if you’re on a sunbather or if you’re walking around you’re still going to have to have your mask on, which is absolutely bizarre to us. It’S going to be very strange, especially in the warm countries like the caribbean you’re, going to have very strange tan lines. As you can see here, you can sunbathe but there’s a some interesting tan lines there. I guess yeah. It also goes into more detail with the indoor venues being limited to 50 capacity and much smaller numbers on attractions like dodgem cars and the north star. You can also book private appointments for shopping to reduce the risk in being around other shoppers. There’S also detailed plans on how the medical centers will operate and what they will look like on board. We’Ve popped, all of the information in the link in the description section below. If you want to take a better look at those royal promise protocols, the royal promise it sounds like some sort of a netflix movie, then it does. The royal promise come in next summer, sorry to interrupt the show, but this episode is sponsored by the fantastic skillshare. I’M sure you already know all about them, but if you don’t skillshare offers thousands of different classes for creative people, everything from design illustration photography, freelancing and more it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, whether you want to start something new or further develop. The skills you already have and most classes are under 60 minutes, so they really really easily fit into your schedule.

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But after the meeting with the white house, they have decided now to push that date back. They have said that they’re still optimistic that they can cruise this year, they’ve also cancelled five cruises scheduled to operate from sydney, australia from january the 16th to february the 8th. Next year, in some better carnival news brand new mega ship carnival, mardi gras has successfully completed her sea trials in finland. The ship is now placed in a wet dock at the mere turku shipyard in finland, where she’s been giving all of the finishing touches to her interior. We really can’t wait to see her finished. She has the same name as the line’s first ever vessel back in 1972, and she comes along with some really big changes compared to the other carnival ships in its fleet, including a huge atrium on the side of the ship, with a big wall of glass and, Like royal caribbean’s oasis clash, ships, she will be divided into six distinct zones, plus, of course, there’s that big roller coaster on top called bolt she’s due to make her debut in florida in february next year. Hopefully, though, she’s going to be a little bit more successful than the original vessel with that name back in 1972 after she left on her inaugural voyage from miami she hit a sandbank and was grounded so fingers crossed. The new carnival mardi gras is a little bit more lucky than that. Thanks for sharing that ben that’s, a really good quiz question there, but maybe uh for our sunday quiz on the sunday live streams.

There you go and in some more good news from carnival corporation. Another ship, from their sister brand costa cruises, has started sailing hurrah. This means that there are three coaster: ships back up and running with passengers in the mediterranean, the new ship, the costa smells of esmeralda yeah. Yes, i remembered the costa esmeralda has joined their sister ships. The costa domina and the dossier diam diadema and delhiosa: okay demeanor no costed, diadema and costa delioza. They look like prescription drugs. They said that they are gradually returning to operations with an increasing number of ships in a responsible and safe way. Thanks to the new health protocols and some exciting news here in the uk from piano cruisers, they have welcomed their brand new ship iona. The new flagship for piano cruises has 17 decks and holds 5200 passengers and she looks absolutely gorgeous on the outside and i’m sure. She looks just as gorgeous on the inside. She will include the first ever gin distillery at sea. We can’t wait to try that out. You know how much we love a good gin and tonic. Oh definitely, they will produce their own unique gin, distilled bottled and labeled. On board iona and then it’s going to be served across the whole piano cruises fleet. The handover ceremony was held on october 9th at the meer worfed shipyard in pappenberg germany, where she was built, it’s, going to be also the first ever british cruise ship to be powered by lng which drastically cuts emissions and is much better for the environment due to Travel restrictions from the uk iona is now preparing for an early 2021 debut.

We really can’t wait to get on board. She looks incredible in other news. British cruise line cunard have revealed their back to service safety protocols. These protocols include testing passengers negative for chronovirus, either at the port terminal before boarding or before they travel or even both during boarding there’ll also be a health declaration, a temperature check and a medical screening there’ll be a track and trace system on board the ship and The buffet will no longer be self service, they will have crew members serving you. There. You’Ll also need to reserve a table and you’ll only be able to dine with your travel companions. Pre booking may also be put in place for other activities on the ship, such as the spa, the gyms and the swimming pools, and, like all the other cruise lines that i’ve already started, you’ll only be able to leave the ship with a booked show excursion. You will not be allowed to leave the ship at the ports alone and finally, river cruising is still going strong in europe. Many cruise lines, such as a rosa resumed cruising months ago. There has been no issues at all and everything has gone perfectly so far. Many lines now are offering christmas cruises an amazing way to enjoy those christmas markets in europe. So that’s some fantastic news and remember. You can still take a cruise as well with sea dream, yacht club as well, because they’re not classed as a cruise line either because they have so few people on board so check out.

The links in the description below they’ve got some great cruises to barbados. During this winter and we’re, going on the transatlantic in just a few days, so stay tuned for that that’s it for this episode we hope you enjoyed watching again. Please do consider subscribing. It really helps us out. Go on we’re watching you hit that subscribe button. As we said, we’ve got so much good cruise videos coming soon and remember. This video has been sponsored by our fantastic sponsors skillshare, so make sure you check them out in the description section below. Remember that only the first thousand people to click the link will get the free trial and a big thank you to all of our patrons. If you’d like to support us further, please do check out our patreon in the description section below the cruise captain of the week. This week is charles, so oh hi there, charles that’s it till next time.