gr today, i’m going to show you something that kubot has sent me uh. I have uh already show you a smartphone from them that they sent me in order to review it a very good smartphone and if they have decided to send me their latest smartwatch in order to review it. Also, since here at, we do review a lot of smartphones from various companies and we always tell the truth and what really really happens with them if and if it is really good to take them now. This is the kubot seed 3 smartwatch that was sent with me to me so let’s open the box and see what’s inside it, Music, so uh. This is the box that came to me opening the packets from the post office, a nice big box. I have to say impressive: smart watch black here it says color black set three and at the back of it model, cetria black c3 black scan here to download the app. This is the app that you must download in order to connect it with your mobile it’s. The h band, i have already downloaded and installed it in my xiaomi mi 10, so let’s open the box and see what’s inside it. Oh so we have one pair of straps here i see from silicon nice touch, gentle touch, and here i don’t know. If you can see it has some lines for sure not to affect the skin nice. Now the companies have a tendency to remove things, not to add them extra.

So nice thing this is the usb charging cable with magnets. As you can see here usb – and this is the smartwatch – i have already opened it and see it a little bit around before i review it for you, so this is the power button. This is the function button hr magnetic charging and this despite the fact that it looks like leather it’s, not leather, it’s, silicon again, but nice silicon nice touch, i have to say here it is the lower part of it. Power button function button now here you can see alarm vibration, lightness, dnd information battery the today date that it is connected with mymobile. You can see the menu from here no alarm finding my mobile. It found it because i sensed a vibration, it’s, you’re, heroic, so uh. Now heartbeat i’ve tested with my oxymeter that i have at the hospital and it’s reliable the heartbeats that the c3 shows are the same with this, that my oxymeter shows so let’s, wear it and sew it into you. Let’S go a little bit back and take my oxymeter here. It says: 82. 79. 82. 77. 80. 82. Let’S wait a little bit in order to see it again now that it’s 75 83 no it’s it needs some time in order to find the correct heartbeat. So it’s 76, 78, 77.78 it’s, almost the same so it’s good. Now, apart from that here, it shows sleeping steps. How many steps you have done, and here we have with the dials you can change the dials.

There are five three two one. I believe this one it’s the best for me. I liked it most now. This is the function button sports, it has 10 sports mode, outdoor running out of walk indoor, run indoor walk, hiking, stair, stepper outdoor cycle, stationary bike, elliptical and rowing machine step. This is what i showed you before sleep: what we have seen before a charge: the heart beating notification uh, it supports it, doesn’t support greek. It supports only the english alphabet, so whatever it’s outside of the alphabets that are already installed inside the smartwatch doesn’t show them. Nevertheless, for greek, most of the companies don’t support them, and i have to say that at least here at cubot c3, they are trying to show you what it has come. So you almost understand what is the message is coming alarm clock stop watch countdown music find the phone we started before female. This is for the cycle photograph. You shake the you why you shake the smart watch and it appears you take a picture all right. So you see here it must have had taken pictures – i guess. Oh yes, it has. There was someone at the top right corner and at the lower right corner and settings brightness. This is full brightness, auto lock. After how much time, it’s 30 seconds is the maximum switch you can activate and from here various things that you can activate from the application up, download dial settings message: settings which app are going to send their message to the smartwatch device.

In the information that i have already show you and clear data, so uh let’s see and what shows when someone is calling you so i’m gon na call myself from the phone now, as you can see it, doesn’t show who is calling. It has a mute if there was sound and to reject the call so i’m going to reject the call call ended. It says it was rejected. The call so it doesn’t show you who is calling. I must mention here that the name of the caller is in greek, so i don’t know if in english gon na show it or not uh other than that the smartwatch looks good um. I have nothing to say negative for it. Uh, the heartbeat it’s reliable from what you have seen now, the specs of the smart watch. It has a tft lcd display of 1.3 inches and the resolution is 240 to 240. Water resistance rating is 5 atmosphere. It has one megabyte flash with 256 kilobyte ram and for imu it has the sdk 8321. It connects through bluetooth 5.1. The battery is of 260 milliamperes. It can connect with ios 8 and above or android 4.4 and above multi lake and support the first time that you open it. It shows you several languages: chinese, english, russian, spanish, portuguese, english. Of course, as you have seen to choose it upgrades through auto Music, the functions that the feature that supports. I have already shown you now.

The price of the c3 is about 41.25 euros but i’m going to have a coupon for you. That is going to get lower the price for 8.24 euros, so you’re gon na send it at a lower price and it’s. A good smart watch that i do recommend. I have to say, as i tell here at uh, despite the fact that they might send me various things to review. I always tell the truth and i always tell if you must bite or not or uh. If something is not that good, what should be changed will should be uh, get better and have a really good smartwatch or a really good device. Now uh the app works. Well, the smartwatch works. Well, the price is very good, so you must get it it’s, something that i do recommend in order to get it uh. I hope you liked my video and press like and share it. I hope – and i do yes, i hope that you have subscribed to my youtube channel. I have another things to show you. This is my doctor for itechnews.