So in the box itself, you’ll find the watch which is which looks like that. Um it comes with a black silicone strap. This is actually a branded strap, so it all looks very nice. Indeed. You also will receive a magnetic charging cable, a user manual with many different languages and some safety and warranty information with it as well. So what i’ll do is i’ll leave a link down below this is where you can purchase this watch. If you wish to um and let’s begin by throwing several figures at you about this particular watch, so the watch comes with a screen which is 1.28 inches across with a resolution of 240×240. But even though, even though the resolution is um on a smaller side, the screen looks amazingly crisp and all the watch faces that you will see later on in this video look very, very good on this screen as well. Um. The cpu inside of this watch is rtl8762ck. The watch comes with 128 megabyte flash memory, so it allows you for a very smooth and very quick animation experience, so very, very nice indeed um and the bluetooth on the board of these watches bluetooth. 5.0 – and it is the most reliable, the most you know – it’s, like the best bluetooth i’ve ever experienced in any of the watches. So far, it stays connected every single day, every single minute it gets all the weather, updated all the time and it’s connected to your phone, like literally 24 hours a day without any dropouts i haven’t mentioned you know i haven’t seen any dropouts whatsoever.

The watch comes with a humongous battery, which is 450 milliamp battery, meaning that from one charge the watch will actually work for three weeks non stop. So that is very good for those of you who don’t like to charge your watch every single day. The watch also comes with an ip rating 68, meaning that you should be absolutely fine, taking it to a shower to a swimming pool. They will be absolutely fine, no no worries there and the watch has 13 sports modes, which we will be taking a look at in a minute. And finally, the watch uses an app which is called glory fit to connect to your phone. So, before i’ll jump into the app, what i would like to do is i’d like to show you a closer look of the bezel um that’s all made out of metal with little nice screws in there. It looks it’s got a very brutal sort of look to it. A very masculine look um and the side of the watch is made out of plastic, and the bottom of the watch is also plastic but it’s. A very rigid plastic. You know very very sturdy very nicely made. This is where you’ve got your sensors. Sensors are very accurate and very good and you’ve got your little magnetic um little platform for the charging mechanism and on the right side of the watch. You’Ve got two buttons. The bottom button is used primarily to allow you to jump into the sports mode, whereas the top button allows you to turn your watch on and off and return to a home screen.

So what i’d like to do before we jump into the app? Is we just scroll through some of the options in the watch? So if you scroll from top to bottom you’ve got do not disturb mode. You’Ve got your settings, you can search for your phone. If you’ve lost it, you can read some of the information about the watch and you can also change the brightness mine is currently set at highest because it just feels more natural, more comfortable. Then, if you scroll from bottom to top that takes you into your messages. So, for instance um you can you can see all of these social medias that sort of come through so youtube, facebook and instagram and all those things you can’t read the full message. Unfortunately, you’re still going to have to go into your phone to read the full message, but it’s displayed fairly well on the on the screen and it’s easy to read. So all and good. If you scroll from right to left that takes you into your general information about how many steps you’re done, how many calories you burn, how many um sort of you know what’s all the distance you’ve traveled for today, then you’ve got your heart rate sensor. It will not take reading whilst in the air, so it has to be physically placed onto your wrist once it’s on your wrist. It will start taking the reading it takes couple of seconds to kick in, but what i prefer to do is actually leave it on also so.

The heart rate sensor actually works 24 hours a day, every single like minute, taking non stop reading and it gives you the most accurate reading possible. So, as you can see, the reading’s not been taken and it’s just going to continue doing so as long as it’s going to stay on the wrist once you take it off it’s not going to take any more readings, then, if you scroll further, this is where You can see your oxygen level in your blood. Furthermore, you can see your sleep tracking, which is very accurate once once again, um it’s, not that often that you find an accurate uh sleeping, uh, sleep or tracking, and then you’ve got your weather information, which it gets updated like every single hour and is, is very Accurate and it’s very easy to use you’ve got your music control, which is very simplistic and straightforward, so play pause and keep track very, very easy to use. And finally, you jump into your sort of main menu, but in order to do that, you can actually just scroll from left to right, so we jump into the training. We can see all the training activities that you can choose from. There is no swimming um activity available here, but, however, because it’s got an ip68 rating, you can take it into swimming pool with you. Other things that you will find in the watch is like a stopwatch, but you can only use it whilst the screen is on.

So you can just start the stopwatch and you can reset it not more uh, not nothing else that is available in there. You’Ve got your text messages and very simplistic settings for things like on and off reset info and qr code, because actually most of the settings are done through the app which we will take a look now right, guys, let’s, take a close, close look at the glory Feed app, we can see that the watch has now been connected on the first page usual thing: you can see your sleep tracking heart rate, sensor, tracking and blood oxygen levels and all those things uh second page shows you your physical activities. You can choose between different sports and then on the third page and final page, basically um. This is where we can see that our watch is connected. So if we jump into the dashboard, this is where your watch face. Library is actually stored. So if i scroll through all those watch faces are available for you to download, most of them are animated and they are very carefully designed. So they look really really really good on the watch itself. It’S, not a huge library, but it will be expanding. So please expect more watch faces be available on the second page. You can see the watch faces that you’ve downloaded, so you don’t have to download them again and on the final page, you can actually customize your own watch face. If you want to use your own wallpaper, you’ve got your heart rate.

Sensor settings blood oxygen settings, you’ve got your phone uh sort of like ring, um reminder, so the watch will show you you can either turn it on and off. When someone brings you, the information will pop on your screen, and you can also do the same for the text messages and where it says app. This is all of the social medias that will be sending the information through onto the screen of the watch, and, if you, if you can’t, find the on social media of your choice, you can always click others down the bottom. That should allow for all the information to come through. You can set your alarms. You can choose between. You know whether your screen is going to come on when you turn your wrist and all those things, and you can choose more settings, and in here you can choose between all of these languages to use with your watch and all those things. So the app is very good. It’S got lots of settings and all those things and it’s easy to use um and what, like, i said in the review, what i really liked about it is just that the connection stays stays so strong and reliable throughout the day. Every single day, so now that you had a closer look at the app and you actually had a good sort of um review of the watch itself, um it’s time. For me to summarize today’s video, i must admit, like i said right at the beginning of the video, probably um, that i’ve never thought of purchasing any products from keyboard.

It just just never occurred to me, but when i first unboxed this product i just fell in love. I felt like this is an amazing product um, something that you know the world needs to know about, because it’s inexpensive, it’s it’s incredibly well made using a really good senses is really really really well built, and it just sits so nicely on the wrist as well. You know it’s it’s, one of those watches that i feel very confident taking absolutely everywhere in you know, sort of on on a day to day basis with me so it’s, just yeah it’s, a really good, buy um good senses. Excellent battery, like i said it, will last you for three weeks, really really good good, build memory. Um, you know branded branded silicon strap. You know with clever mechanism, which you know the little little latch that actually sits there and it doesn’t move. You know make makes your life a lot easier and it’s really well built and it’s. Just i don’t know it’s just it’s really really cool and although it looks brutal and it look, although it looks a bit more muscling, the thing is, you know: even girls can wear it and absolutely absolutely fine, so yeah really good product highly recommended by me by All means follow the link down below and you can buy yourself. This watch, and especially now they’ve got summer sales everywhere. So you know you could be in for a good bargain and a good buy so yeah i’d like to take this opportunity to.