But before we get to that as i’m doing in all my videos from down in the basement here, my album today that i’m featuring is exile on main street from the rolling stones when it comes to raw recordings of rock and roll. That record is probably the best one you’ll ever buy now today, we’re looking at a smart watch and before i show you the smart watch and we take a good look at it. I want to tell you how i got to this point. If you watched any of my videos before you’ve noticed that i wear a smart watch and you know a couple of years ago, we had some health issues in the family and i was missing phone calls and text messages. When i was out on the road. I was kind of concerned about that, so i decided to get myself a smart watch and i really wanted a smart watch that has interconnectivity with my phone, so it could control my music player. I could get email, i could also get text messages and i could get phone calls at the same time and did the trick for me. But the problem is with most smart watches. Is the batteries are just terrible in them? They don’t last very long. If you’re, somebody like me, rolls out of bed real early in the morning and i’m, talking 3 34 am by the time you get to noon hour. You’Re really draining your battery and if you go out on a bike ride, it won’t do the trick, because i wanted a watch that could also track some of my rides using strava and ride with gps with the apps on the watch.

This watch will not do that, so i started looking around for some other watches and if you look at sportscentric watches, for instance, garmin first of all, they’re really expensive, they’re huge and also they don’t have that interconnectivity with your phone they don’t have the text messaging. So you can’t reply to messages. You can’t use your phone, it doesn’t have that on it and i really want that as well. So i started looking online, i had a lot of different watches. I ended up coming across the ticwatch pro 2.. Now i looked at that one you know a year or so ago, and i really liked what i saw but they’ve since come up with the tick watch pro 3 gps and i got in touch with mobvoi the company that makes this i said, listen i’ve, seen Lots of reviews of this watch online by just general users and a lot of runners but i’m, a bike rider. I go on rides of four and a half five hours six hours. Will the battery in this watch last for the whole ride because they claim this has a very long battery life so that’s? What we’re going to do? We’Re going to look at the battery life of this on this video we’re, going to look at some of the features as well but i’m, also going to go out on a 100k ride a little bit later this week and it’s going to be about a four And a half hour ride i’m going to use this thing for the whole day and we’ll see if the battery can do the job while i’m out riding my bike, and i can use it as well for all those features i want so much when it connects With my phone, so let’s do that right now, it’s a brand new box i’ve had it in the house about 18 hours, i’ve had to use a lot of self control, not to open it up.

You can see the cellophane still on there, so let’s open up this box let’s take a look at this watch and then we’ll give it a test right here on cycling on a shoestring here’s, a close up, look at the box itself and if you’re an observant Person you’ll notice that the plastic is off the box. I had some issues i unboxed it and i had some audio problems with the video, so i apologize about that, but this will be your first time. Looking at the watch and much about the ticwatch pro 3 gps is written right on the back of the box itself. So we’ll just take a quick look at this, so you can find out what’s under the hood. Basically, okay, so you’ve got the qualcomm snapdragon where 4100 platform, which is a big upgrade from my last one, which is a 2100 up to 72 hours of battery in smart mode 45 days in essential mode ip68 and swim, suitable hd, heart rate stress and sleep tracking, It’S got google assistant on it as well. Also thousands of watch faces many already on the watch. You can get so many on google play. Many of them are free dual display as well, which is great for that extended battery life, which i’m going to test out later on a bike. Ride 100k ride this week, speaker and mic support, which is so nice. You get a text message you want to reply.

Speak at your watch as long as it’s connected to your phone, you can do that. You can also just talk into your watch to make phone calls, which is so cool you’ve got 10 professional, workout modes plus also it’s got google pay and it’s got a gps already built in. So all of that already on this watch – and it can do so much more – you can download apps and just really enjoy this watch and can make your day so much easier. So let me take it out of the box and then we’ll take a look at how this thing works and see if that qualcomm snapdragon 4100 platform makes it really snappy and easy to use. Also coming in the box, you get this ticwatch pro three quick guide, which is just basic information on how to sync it up with your phone, which is basically a two step process, a little more information about the watch itself and some product safety information on there. As well and you can’t have the watch, if you haven’t got a cord i’d say this cord is a good three feet long. A meter long it’s got that two prong magnetic hookup for the back of the watch, which will snap on there in just a moment and of course we have to have the star of the show and there it is right there, the ticwatch pro 3 gps. Let me zoom in on it nice and close, so we get a good look at it and what i notice about this watch right off the top is that it looks very sharp that all black look looks terrific, and i think that this would look fine.

If you went out for dinner, went home, went to bed and then first thing in the morning go out for a bike ride or go out for a run or go out for a swim. I think it fits all of those situations now, looking at the watch itself – um, it is metal bezeled all the way around here and you can see the numbers on there. 5. 10. 15. 20. 25. 30. All the way up to 16 you’ve got those dual buttons to control. The watch itself on the back. You’Ve got your sensors here for your heart rate, okay and, of course, you’ve got your little charging points right there, which i’ll snap on in a moment. This is a very hard plastic back and the watch is not that heavy at all so i’m. Finding that it is very, very light and that’s something you want. If you’re going out riding you don’t want to feel it on your wrist. You don’t want to feel it if you’re out running and then there is the charger and it just snaps on just that easy and right now, we’re going through the process to set it up and you’re, seeing different languages right there. So you can hook it up to your phone that’s. What i’m going to do right now, i’m, going to download a couple of apps to it and then we’re going to take a close look at the watch itself and see how sharp and snappy that snapdragon 4100 is in that watch.

I have connected my watch to my phone it’s, a real easy process just follow along. It really doesn’t take a lot of time, maybe a few minutes and and then very soon, you’ll have most of the information from your phone on your watch and you can access all that information. Now, if you look closely at the watch face right now, you might be able to see very faintly the time on it that’s the dual screen, but right now, it’s kind of in hibernation that’s. What it’s like when you’re, not really looking at it. What i’m going to try to do here is i’m going to make it so it brightens up a little bit and that’s what happens when you turn your wrist over, so you can see that time. You can see your steps. You can see the date and it’s only there for a few seconds, but that’s going to save your battery so that it lasts a lot longer. But you really want to be able to see this beautiful screen here. Here’S your amoled screen 1.4 inches 454 by 454 and it’s, really nice and bright. It looks vibrant. It looks terrific and that’s the watch face. I’Ve added i’ve got my wife’s face on there. You can see that if i click on that, i can either text her or i can send a phone message to her. Also got the battery on there as well, and it’s got the temperature here in calgary today now, as far as that, snapdragon 4100 it’s – really nice – i mean you drag with where os you drag left right up and down over.

Here you get information the date uh phone or the the temperature out there as well, how many steps you’ve gone if you want to click on that an inspirational message from margaret thatcher there today, if you go over this way, that’s a tile, so i’ve got the Temperature on there and our weather today you click on it and it updates it, and it gives you you know further weather down the road sort of an extended forecast right now. If i go this way, i’ve got a calendar on there right now. No events today, i’ve got my beats per minute for my heart, i’ve got a timer and you can change this and kind of set it up. The way you really want it going down is notifications. It tells me that there’s, a system update needed there and if you go up to the top, this is your settings up here. You can go in here and change all kinds of things. How bright your watch is how loud the alarm is on it. How loud the ringer is on it things like that all in there as well now one other thing you can do in here is: you: can click on this button right here and that button is all the apps in there now i’ve added a few apps. I put strava on there ride with gps, keep notes and you can add all sorts of different apps in here and you can add them to the top of the list.

So when you open it, the ones you use the most are at the top and all you do with that. Is you just hold on them and you start to see them wiggle there, and then you can drag them to the top. So those ones that you use all the time are always at the top and easy to access. Now, a nice thing about this is at the bottom. Here you can personalize this button to put anything on here. Maybe a calendar contacts i like to have this for messages, so i can instantly text message my wife or whoever has got in touch with me, the last. So what i’m going to do i’m going to send a message to my wife we’ll see if she gets back to us test test test, all right. You just hit the check mark and then it will send that message directly to her and she’s upstairs. Maybe we should get back to us, but i really like the functionality of this watch. It’S a beautiful watch on your wrist very comfortable i’ve been wearing it for a couple of hours before i did this and after i’d set up the watch. The way i wanted – and i linked it up with my phone, but it has been very com, very, very comfortable. You can see she just sent me and she sent me uh teat back and – and she sent me just so a little bit of a spelling mistake at that point.

But anyway she sent me that message back and you can see her face there because it’s gone in and it’s using the contacts of my phone on my watch right now. But anyway i got that message from her and it’s terrific that you can do that. Really. Really handy because you don’t have to pull that watch or that phone out of your pocket or, if you’re out on a bike, ride it’s in your jersey, oh she’s, making a phone call to me. Sheila bolton calling phone hello there: okay yeah! I was kind of joking about that. While i was shooting my video i’m glad, you called me to explain what you had done there on hamburgers for dinner yeah. That sounds great. Thank you. Okay, bye, bye, so there you go and it’s so cool. I love every time i’m able to answer a phone on my watch. I just absolutely love it now over here. You can see on the watch right now. I’Ve got um music up there right now. You can control your music and do all that from your watch. As well it’s a it’s, a terrific thing and if you’ve never had a smart watch, you’ll wonder how you’ve done without it but of course, i’m really interested in the battery on it. You can see the watch going into the dual screen mode right now there. It is uh which keeps that battery lasting, longer and longer and later this week, i’ll do that 100k ride and we’ll see if the battery lasts for a whole day for me, so that i can use this for sports and when i’m riding my bike now right Now, i’m, going to change my camera position, i’m going to show you this watch on my wrist show you the band as well, and then we’ll uh conclude this on friday with a long ride here in calgary.

So far, i’m really impressed with the watch. I’Ve been wearing it all afternoon and i don’t really feel it on my wrist. It is a light. Watch it’s got a nice band to it as well that you don’t really notice all that much it’s very pliable. It is full silicone, it looks like it’s been stitched a little bit, so it’s got a little bit of class to it as well, 22 millimeters. So if you’re looking for additional watch bands, you want to kind of add some personality to this watch, while you’re wearing it or you want to change it regularly. You can do that, but the watch band is really nice and it feels very comfortable so far so good with the watch. But how will it work when i go on a long bike ride well through the magic of this camera i’m going to transport you into the future three days, and just a few seconds from now i’ll be heading out on my bike on a 100 kilometer ride. Voila, it is friday morning, a beautiful start to the day a little cool it’s going to get up to 18 celsius here in calgary today so i’m about to go out on my 100k ride and just a little uh background about this rod. I really want to test out the battery on the ticwatch pro 3 gps. My other watch smart watch died would never make it through a four and a half hour ride, particularly running a couple of programs.

At the same time, on it, gon na be running strava and i’m gon na be running ride with gps. At the same time, on the watch now a little battery information about wearing the watch for about five days and on wednesday morning i got up with a 100 charge. On thursday morning i got up with a 65 charge, and this morning i got up and i had a 33 charge, so they claim a three day battery life with normal use. I would say a little more than normal, because i’ve been messing around with the watch. This week, so definitely 72 hours, you’re going to get out of the watch just with normal use, and you can stretch that out. If you turn things off or you you put it on for extended life, so great battery use. So far in this watch so out. We go we’ll start off with uh ride, with gps and strava on uh. This morning i charged the watch up to 100 percent and it was at 33 when i started it took one hour 30 minutes and 54 seconds to charge up to 100, so it’s about a 2 hour 15 minute full charge from 0 to 100 on this watch. So i’m, going out with just a few less about 97 on the watch right now, let’s see how it works on a 100k ride today here on cycling on a shoestring, Music, Music, so i’m back from my 100k ride.

Actually, it came in at 94.3 k on my garmin a few detours around calgary today took a few uh kilometers off my ride, but let’s see how the battery did now just keep in mind. I had ride with gps and strava running on the ticwatch 3 pro gps through this whole ride, so we had gps running. At the same time, when i went out on the ride, it was at 97, so let’s take a look. We’Ll go in here. My wife is handling the camera. Hopefully you can see that all right, so we’ll go over here, touch the watch and then we’ll hit here on the battery and we’re at 53. Right now, so there’s still lots of battery life. More than half is left after that ride, so that’s great now i’m going to go over here and i’m. Just going to go over to my apps we’ll go over strava, you see my it’s still clicking away 4 hours 10 minutes 95k we’ll pause that we’ll hit. The little flag – and it is done and we’ll go over to ride with gps here and you can see it says, 59.2 distance in miles. Okay, so it’s not done in uh. Okay i’ll have to change that to setting uh distance in miles there. So right now we’re sitting at just under 100k. We can stop that and those will upload immediately to my phone and to strava and ride with gps. So how do i feel about this watch? Well, i really wanted to try this watch to test out the battery.

I said earlier that it’s a three day battery, if you just use it normally, my other watch would not have made this four hour ride with the gps running in the background, and i tried it with those two apps at one time and it crashed so really It’S got something great under the hood here that 4100 snapdragon is fantastic for this watch. It has been a joy having this. I didn’t realize how nice it would be to have this watch and be able to go to bed at night not have to plug it. In and charge it all night to leave it for three days and you’re fine, so that’s, terrific, the real game changer on this watch is that dual screen, which i really enjoy it’s got the screen. You can see anytime, touch it to get that beautiful 1.4 inch. Amoled screen 454 by 454. It runs like a dream: it’s, a terrific watch and i can’t say uh anything negative about it other than one thing: that’s, not really a negative. A little bit better. Vibration would be great because a little bit more of that vibration on the wrist to let you know, you’re getting a call or you’re getting your email, but if you’re somebody who rides a bike or you’re a runner and you’re. Looking for a watch, that’s got that interim connectivity with your phone. They get you your text, they get your email, they get you your phone calls, and you also want to use something for a sport watch.

I cannot recommend enough. This watch the ticwatch 3 pro gps. It’S, a fantastic watch thanks so much to mobvoi for sending it to me much appreciated. It was a real joy having this on my wrist over the last five six days and probably the next week or so, and into the future, because this is a definite buy. If you’re looking for a watch to do all those things i was just talking about now, this review was helpful.