I have got this watch for like five months ago in using it a lot here you can see it has. This watch has Music oxygen level sports messages. You can also take a picture from the watch by syncing to your phone. You can use it as a button to capture pictures from your phone in sports. You can measure how number of steps you have taken here is the timer. You can answer for your skipping time, your setups, your messages, Music, it Music. It has a number of features such as blood pressure, heart rate, tracker, oxygen, saturation meters, Music, comfort, Music. I have counted 109 steps. It is showing me 274 steps. Sometimes it is accurate and sometime, it shows a number random number. Let me show you its app also its called fit pro app. It shows number of settings for your phone. You can calculate your distance consumption targets Music. You can calculate it for number of laps. You have to make an account first, if you are using this watch for the first time so what’s the final project. I will recommend that it’s really up to you that you have to buy it or not so it comes. It has a very low price. It comes with many features you can, if you want, if the features are not accurate, if they still has a lot of Music has a lot of features. So if you really want to buy it, you can buy it.

I got it for like 800.