Let’S reveal an amazing smart watch, it’s iw26 plus smart watch. The watch brand is demo. Okay, let’s open the box to have a look at the watch. The watch is rose, gold color with pink silicon strap. It has a black large touch, screen it’s square on the right side. There is one long crown button with red circle and nearby. There is a small hole for the microphone on the left side. The is holds for speaker. Does button fastened on the strap another job? Can be removable and replaced with standard size of apple watch band? Okay, let’s have a look at the back. The back of the watch is one garage and we can. There is a two pin connector to connect with the usb charger adele, as well as a round atlas sensor. At the center of the watch case, we can see some letters written on around the side at bluetooth watch, cr6, 44 millimeter aluminum case ecg, heart rate, okay, let’s turn on the watch by pressing the ground button above for about 5 seconds it’s powered on. We can see an amazing watch face with a blue black ground when we slide through the screen from right to left. We can see many Music menu icons with different functions, for example, camera stopwatch calculator, gesture, music, sleep, monitor, heart, race, monitor phone call, phone book call logs and sports function. We can scroll the clone button to zoom out and zoom in then manual icons.

This function is interesting and then we can also move on the screen with the finger okay, if we press down the ground button, it comes back to the watch. Device watch face press it again. The display is turned off press again turn down now. If we slide down the screen, we can see some status bar on the left side. The first one is the bluetooth connection status and the second one is battery indication status. The third one is a qr code. We need to scan the qr code to download and install the application on our smartphone to connect with the watch on the right side is about the watch device name version w26, plus release time and add a new alarm shortcut and the main menu style. There are two ui menu styles. One is smart style there are. There is line apb style, let’s change to line apb style. We can see. The display changed to layout has been changed to line grid star. There are nine fpb icons on the screen: okay, let’s change. The let’s check the functions one by one. We need to connect the watch with our smartphone by bluetooth, let’s check out the bluetooth setting on our smartphone and click, the buttons connection, button, bt, icon, search device power on bluetooth; first, yes, let’s search. Now now we can see the phone has been searched on the pail it’s connecting okay it’s connected now. The first one is phone book.

The phone book has automatically synchronized from the phone. This is the dial code. We can input phone number here to make a call it’s calling now. This is the collocks, and this is the hour’s message, because the hours system restriction this the sm message function is not. This app is disabled, but it is ready for the android phone, but we can also receive message notifications from iphone. This is the bluetooth classroom. We can disclose the bluetooth question here. This is the pedometer. It can count the steps calculated calculate the current and the distance, and this is the how to change the my menu style is fine foam slip, monitor it can count the sleep time deep sleep and all under light. Sleep at least monitor when it’s, detecting the heart rate sensor light screen color, and this is the sports function. We can see some different spots patterns, walking longing climbing cycling, basketball by the window, table tennis and football let’s check out the working it’s monitoring. Now. Okay, just stop it and then the history result is shown here and the history data has been saved under this icon. This is the temperature measurement, the sensor also lights, screen color and blood pressure measurements. Add a new alarm, let’s, add a new alarm at six o’clock. Okay repeat: every day: okay, the alarm has been done, and this is the calendar. We can check the date here, and this is the music. We can remote control the phone to play music on the watch it’s playing now, and we can control to play previous song next song.

Next volume up body mode. Okay play okay, and this is the camera. We can also can remote control the smartphone to play to take photo on the watch. This is the stop. Watch, stop reset okay, calculator gesture. We can enable the recap to actual function and the screen will automatically light on when we release our list, and this is the language it will be automatically synchronized from the smartphone about the language setting. We all can also change the language manually but manually here to disable the autosync function and change the language here. There are many different countries: languages supported on the watch – english, french, spain, polish, portuguese, italian, german, malaysia, indonesia, turkish, russian, arabic, greek and so on, and this is the watch setting we can set the work change. The watch settings here, for example, that bluetooth setting clock sound volume display we can change the brightness and we can also reset the settings to factory settings click by click. The reset item about the watch – okay – and this is the blood oxygen measurement – remind scenario – reminder that: okay, when the bluetooth connect connection status becomes blue color, because it’s connected with the smartphone by bluetooth, we can also tune change back the manual style to smart style. Okay, let’s change it back now and if we slide through the screen from left to right, we can enter to the spot mode, working wrongly climbing, cycling, basketball, badminton table tennis and football, and we can also change the watch face by scroll the ground button.

We can also long press the screen to change change. The watch face just slide sliding to left or right three. Four, five, six seven, there are totally seven watch faces in total on the watch. Okay, this is the iw w26 class smart watch and the watch brand is demo.