Today we are going to check doogee last budget smartwatch, the cr1 pro with built in gps and 5 atm water resistant great for sports Music. I Music welcome to the review of the cr1 pro smartwatch Music tiago here, welcome back or welcome if its not the case, let me tell you we do tech reviews and unboxings of cool tech like this one today, if something interests you please consider subscribing leave a Thumbs up in this video and share it all around with your friends will help the channel with this said lets start a review of the doogee cr1 pro smartwatch, starting with the price. The cr1 pro has a price tag of 59.99 at the time of recording this video. So this is a budget price, but is the cr1 pro any good well check the full review to find out? Like always, i will leave links in the video description. Please check him up for best price and produce information now that the price is out of the way lets see what is in the box, so you have a type, a usb charger with two magnetic pins, nothing new here and a manual. The cr1 pro comes with a silicone, strap and has a nice design. The feeling, on your hand, is that you have a premium watch and a well made one as well. The cira1 pro dimensions are 45 by 45 by 11.5 millimeters and weights 46.5 grams, with a 22 millimeter strap width.

The body is made of ceramic and plastic, and that gives you the feeling of a more expensive watch. The screen is a 1.28 inches tft round display with a nice numeric bezel on the right side, you have two buttons. The top one is the on and off button that works to go into the menu and to come off the menu with a nice red line. The bottom button is used to go into the workout menu on the back. You have the magnetic contacts to charge the crr1 pro on the bottom and on the center, the sensors, and because we are talking about the sensors. Let me tell you what sensor the cr1 pro have together with the features, so we have built in gps, not normally seen on a budget watch time, sport, heart rate, monitoring, blood, oxygen, monitoring, 5 atm water resistance, bluetooth, 5.0, 14 sports mode with swimming mode. Again, not normally seen on a budget watch ceramic body, a large 300 million per hours battery sleep monitoring and you have support for android and os using the app very fit. And now, because we have some nerds watching the video and thanks for that lets, see some of the hardware information. So the g sensor is the nordic nrf52840. The ppg heart rate sensor is the stk8321. The touch chip is the pah8009 and the screen is the ca oak. 71. 6S. Music. The pairing process is easy and straightforward. Using my iphone 13 pro max connects first time without any problems.

The app is easy to use, but more in up later on, the video, the cr1 pro has a great round screen with a 1.28 inches tft full touchscreen, its clear and bright enough youll be able to read all the notifications on your watch. It has a resolution of 240 by 240 and, although its bright enough, like i said, please dont forget that is not an amoled screen so outside during the sunlight. Sometimes you will struggle the cr1 pro doesnt have a speaker or a microphone navigating through the menus is simple and fast. The cr1 pro is very responsive and after using for a few hours, youll be used to all the menus. Next lets see the tracking features, so you have spo2 tracking all day heart rate monitoring sleep monitoring, one of the more important, in my opinion, just because for a healthy life, you need to rest your body and because this watch has a gps built in and is 5 atm water resistant – you have 14 sports mode. This makes this budget watch very complete. In my opinion, just before we see some of the sports mode, let me tell you that you can control the music using the cr1 pro. You have 14 sports mode, and this is a great on a budget watch. You have outdoor running cycling pool swimming these ones are the most important for me and being able to get them with the full gps tracking on a budget watch is great.

The next one. The battery the battery is always good on a budget watch, and that is because they dont have as many sensors like the more expensive ones, but the cr1 pro has gps, for example, and still managed to have a good battery life with the watch taking less than 2 hours to fully charge and 49 days on standby mode, Music and youll be able to use it for a full week without needing to charge it, and this is the last part of the video, if you made it until here. Many thanks for watching the app very fit a simple app, but with all the information that you will need, the first step home is where you will find all your health data like steps, sleeping data, stress data and so on. The next tab is the exercise tab where youll find all the information about your workouts, and you can see all the gps recordings next one device and here youll be able to change your watch faces and all the settings about the watch. The last one is mine, where you can set up your goals and check for updates, for example, a very complete app for a budget watch, Music and thats it guys. This was my review on the doogee cr1 pro gps smartwatch a watch with a great design and build quality with gps built in and 5 atm water resistant. All the tracking features that you find on a more expensive watch and 14 sports modes for a sports partner.