com got a smartwatch box, obviously, and something that’s really a fun design. A lot of you guys have been giving feedback when we have a watch that looks a little different than all of the others, either like an analog kind of a watch or a squirrely looking shape uh, and this is one of them. This is actually called the dm12 and before we get into it, let me tell you that our great friends over at tomtop have sent this one out and they like to express appreciation for you guys that click through using the links on these watches that they’re providing For us, because they see you coming, they see you looking around and sometimes you buy that watch and sometimes you buy something else. So they’re really happy to be supporting us here at smartwatch, ticks and it’s all because of you. I really appreciate you too, a dm12 okay. This is a 1.9 inch it’s, almost two inches long guys, it’s a touch screen watch ip68 bluetooth 5. They claim. Although look up back up the box, we just looked at and see what you saw in the specs there. So not sure, but maybe it’s been updated to bluetooth five here’s some overall features it’s using the fit app which we’ve already reviewed lots of different languages supported there. You’Ve got ip68 for sunny days and rainy days and don’t need to worry about sweat and whatnot. Just don’t put it in hot water: okay, we got seven different, multiple sport modes in this one, a dynamic heart rate, blood pressure, real time, heart rate, monitor going on.

You can receive calls and messages from your phone, but it’s, not bluetooth. Calling you can just like know, who’s calling and rejected, i believe, full on 1.9 inch screen 170 by 320 resolution, sensitive, easy to read, you’re, going to see all that things that it supports, got magnetic charging. The actual specs are right here, a little bit of ram. Little bit of rom again it’s, saying bluetooth four here, but the title said: bluetooth, five, so not sure uh, which one really is appropriate and not sure how we would test that. But anyway, here you go with the overall dimensions and packaging information and inside here below this big insert is the actual user’s manual that looks like this. It is a bit of a different uh shape, watch, so you’re going to do a little bit different um activity with it there’s the qr codes for ios and android. As you know, in the show notes we have the link to the google play store for uh androids that you can download the fit app directly. Tells you a little bit about how to connect up to that app and what you’ll see when you do? What the apps look like on the watch, but we’re gon na get into that right now. Anyway, we also have the charger in the box. Two pin magnetic coupling we’ve got a oh interesting, uh band here there’s, the back oh looks like we got another cover to take off let’s pop the charger on.

I always get it wrong, but that’s good. You can see how it works when it’s wrong. Oh not quite strong enough to hold it, but it is a bit of a heavy watch that’s where you connect it in this is a cover over the heart rate sensor information. So we want to peel that off and take it off of here, and it looks like we’ve got a cover on the front as well pop that one off look at this puppy. That is really interesting. Well, as we always do, we’ll charge it up and then take a look at it for you here’s, a trivia question for you, you guys remember the galaxy gear s smart watch. When did it come out, huh, huh, ah yeah, 2015, actually, 2014 and time to reach the christmas buying season? This is an original galaxy gear s and i got something to tell you don’t leave it plugged in you know what happens over years. The battery will swell and the darn thing will completely separate look how fat that battery is there. Fortunately, unlike the galaxy note, 10 was it phone that was sealed so tight that the battery had nowhere to go but explode most of these watches. If you do the wrong thing, they’re just sealed in here with a little bit of sticky tape and it’ll just pop the whole thing out. But i want you to see the curved screen, because that is what we’re, seeing in the dm12 let’s take a look at that one.

This puppy was a real sweet watch yeah. If you can get your hands on one make sure you check the battery isn’t swollen and if it’s in good shape, that’s a good watch. Okay back. We are to the dm12, not as harsh of a curve, but as you can see, there is definitely a curve to the screen and it’s really nice and long. Now it has one button on the front and i’m going to press and hold that puppy and it vibrated two or three times and it’s lit up and it’s it’s already on that quickly, i’ve been wearing it. I got some data to show you now it’s a different kind of band. I wrap it around and pop it through a hole here with a connector and then this little dangly thing just slides in here and now moving it above that bump for the optical sensor. As you know, we’ve got ourselves a nice watch right there. It should have the twist uh see. The time thing is as well on here when i let’s try it. When i swipe down, i get these different commands, which is where i can actually change the brightness. Look it’s down at level two level. One is actually what i’ll use for the video, because it gives us the richest colors here on the screen, but you can pump that thing up really high, so the yellow is almost looking white. It is pretty easy to see outside not an amoled screen, but it’s decent when we come out of here.

You’Ve got do not disturb you’ve, got your find your phone thing and you can go into settings where you can change theme now theme is their word for watch face and that’s the one we’ve been looking at here’s, another one that you can take. You just touch it. Well, maybe not there! You go touch it now. You’Ve got it so that’s. The watch face that we’re gon na work with for a little while longer when we swipe this way got to do it hard enough. You get a measuring drop. Now. This is not blood oxygen. This is blood pressure, so they’re using an unusual icon for that one. But this gives you your systolic over diastolic. I like that. It also has the time and everything up here and there’s our current reading. Swipe again, you saw a little measurement there that disappeared and now it’s actually going out and using the green diode technology. It’S measuring uh your heart rate, okay, so we have heart rate and blood pressure. With this one and there’s, the number you’ve got your overall step count, distance, traveled and then you’re back to your watch face. And if i swipe up, i get to my app drawer now i would have used the bigger font because you can get so many um of them on here, but it’s okay, you’ve got um your step, count stuff that we saw your heart rate, your blood pressure. Then you got the sports section with all these different activities: there’s, no gps in the watch.

You can activate any of these just by touching and hitting go and you’re getting time and heart rate, and probably your uh calories, burn type of information and that’s what’s on here, and we can bail out of that. You get your uh basic time. Oh okay, you have two different screens that you can get into that way: long, press, long, press, okay! I got a long press and continue pressing it it’s in pause, but see the circle going around there. Now we get the chance to stop it, and the rest of these activities are all in here for you as well i’m having trouble sliding back that was sport here’s your last night’s sleep time, you’ve got notices uh. If you have any of them pushed to you from the phone there’s the qr code for downloading the ffit app, if you don’t, have it already a timer, a countdown stopwatch and so forth, and then your basic settings, which we were in earlier, where you have the Theme, your brightness level, your overall system. That tells you a little bit more about it, where you can reset it and shut it down and do all of those kind of actions as well. So it tethers to the ffit app let’s. Take a quick look at that. When i bring it over here from the google play store, it looks like this: you can set up an account or what i really like is you can get into it as a visitor, so you don’t have to actually create an account, which is what i did And you have to give it okay to go and use it i’m, going to lower the brightness here to make it a little bit easier on us there’s some step count per hour.

It looks like it’s got a goal in each hour and i almost hit it in the second hour there i’ve just worn it a little bit. You’Ve got your heart rate. Continuous. You see, it’s starting to show up on here sleep motion. If you’re doing any of the activities and blood pressure would all be uh listed here and you can change the ordering of those cards in the first tab, the device tab here will give you all these different things for notifications, continuous heart rate monitoring twist your wrist. You can actually tie it into google fit basic basic stuff. We’Ve already reviewed this so i’m just going to glance through it here, there’s, where you set up your personal information feedback and more is where you can check your latest versions and exit your account if you’re logged in and of course, you can disconnect the device and Pair a different device, if you want to as well so there you have it it’s a nice uh long, rectangular, different kind of a design for a smart watch. It does the basic fitness functions. I keep thinking there’s a button down here, but it’s not it’s below it right here and, of course, the twist your wrist should work as well. You can get the puppy from tom top absolutely it’s called the dm12 and it’s available right now. 1.9 inch screen check it out, it’s a pretty interesting design if you’re a watch collector or you want your very first watch to look unique.