At inside this box i got ta tell you, i've had a secret desire for this watch for the longest time. I really have you remember the company final. Of course, you do, you just participated in the contest for one of five different watches that they got that we've been reviewing well a long time ago. They actually put out android smart watches and they had the sweetest little thing. It was almost like an apple watch, but not well guess what it's back but different company. Who are we talking about we're talking about domi ware, which is from domino which is a company that actually makes a lot of these watches, and i don't know why. But on the home page where this comes from, tomtop does not have their name anywhere, but this is from tomtop. Thank you, tomtop for sending this out and if you go to the link down below uh you'll be able to click right into here. But if you're out and about and want to say where, where was that watch, mr ticks was talking about it's,, okay, but really, if you use the link, we give you that's a whole lot better, because that helps them track that you saw it here and You can pick it up now. Look at the price under a hundred bucks for an android 7.1, not android 10, but an android 7 with complete revisions in the firmware to make it like up to today's standards.

Unlike the old android, 5.1 apple, looking kind size watches, you get it in two configurations: one gig plus 16 gig for a hundred, but i would highly highly recommend you bump it up to the three plus 32 because you need at least two gigabytes to run. Google assistant on a watch or phone these days and it's only 20 bucks more so that's, the one i recommend you can pick it up in silver or black, like you just saw and spec wise and features wise here you go it's. Basically an android smart watch. It does the standard sim calling you get a gsm sim compatible with att or t mobile in the usa. You can put it in there tether it to the y watch 2 app same app. All of them have been using so no difference. There. You'Ve got a front video camera 2 megapixel for video recording and, of course, when you install the apps, you can use it for video conferencing, facebook, messenger all kinds of things: a 2880 milliamp hour battery ip67, waterproof they're, claiming with this one and, of course multiple dials. Some rounds, some rectangular i'll show you a fun apple like one that they've got installed in here. Two different memory configurations: the 67' processor common to all the watches. We'Ve reviewed this past year, 320 by 360, full touch screen 1.88 ips screen runs bluetooth 4.. What else can i say all these different languages, for the app and for the watch and the basic specs uh dimension, size and weight are listed here so let's get into it it's in its own little bag inside here, and it is sweet, it's a cute little Thing it's literally like an apple watch, it's got a button and a twirly knob.

The twirl doesn't do anything, but it does act as a button. Uh you've got the camera up there. The screen is not edge to edge but it's reasonable. You see the little black areas there it's going to sit nicely edge to edge this way, you'll see when we turn it on there's the cover to put the sim in the speaker right there and it's decent sounding too you got the heart rate. Monitor presses against the skin so at night, if you wear this thing, it's not going to be shining green from under your arm. There'S, the charging port we'll see the charger in a second held on with screws plastic back glass front, fairly lightweight and full android that's what's nice is. We can get an apple watch in an android body, no yeah, no an android watch and an apple body got ta, be careful. You'Ve got a ribbon cable kind of a charger. Connector it's got the little key in here, so you're not going to use other ones with it that lines up it's, nice and strong. It definitely can hold the watch. It'S not going to go anywhere. We'Ve got the apple kind of looking bands and i'm. So embarrassed, did you see my other review? I did of one where i put this thing on backwards and i was i was trying to loop it around. I don't know how they work it's. This has, though, the the quick disconnect clips.

So you got double good news: it's an apple, looking kind of a band and it also uses standard, uh style of connection, so you can use any band at all and by the way i got some cool bands coming from a a strap company that will work On all of these different watches, 22 24 26 basic sizes, millimeter sizes, to connect and later on, we'll show you different bands with different watches. So you can decide what you want basic black basic black. You can get this in silver and, of course, you can add any band you want to inside here now, there's, something a screwdriver. You get your own personal screwdriver, a screen protector that comes with it awesome the manual – and this, of course, is what you need in order to open the door to get the sim card in here, and you just pull it out and it's easy to do. The user manual will go through, show you all the controls and buttons and things the product description it's in english, right out of the bat there you go on how you put the sim card in, and you put the silvery side up. It looks like there's. Your charging information first boot, what you got to do power key functions for it, so it's a good get. You started kind of thing watch faces and of course not only do you have the watch faces that come with this watch, but you'll be able to install other ones using the server that's online, like all android, 7 watches and even android 10 or you can install Custom watch faces from folks like alright or from the www dot android.

Oh gee what's. It called full android watch that's it full android, uh. They have watch developers over there there's some with animation there's. Some with touch spots that you know can activate things like your phone calling or your heart rate. All of those new custom design faces are going to be downloadable into this watch. That looks pretty much like an apple watch on your arm. The y watch 2 app is the default app mixed reviews on that one. Some people think it's. Okay, other people say it really has a long way to go, but it is the only game in town when it comes to all android watches. So you got ta love it. Here. You go we're into the um chinese side of the manual on the back and that's it. I am gon na put it together for you now now on this one we're gon na press. The bottom button hold it for a second or two that's, how we boot it up and we come up with a really bright colorful picture. Obviously, i'm gon na have to tone it down a little bit because the screen is even too bright, uh for for shooting with the camera. Needless to say, being an ips screen, even it's, going to be nice and bright outdoors too, you should be able to see it really really good. So it's got this pinwheel thing going on as it's booting up got a sound. A little bit of graphics and we're busting open into our home watch face come on come on come on; well, they do enjoy their little graphic.

I guess! Okay, you see the little background there and it's registering all of the watches and there we go – and this is the one i really like the best, because it it's got kind of the circle thing in the middle, but it does have the complications. At least they look like it power over here, heart rate over there step count, calories, burned and i'm, pretty sure active buttons yeah. You see how it turned on the heart rate there by just tapping that button so that's it that's all. I need that's that's. The best watch face right off the get go, but we'll show you the rest of them later in terms of how it works. Standard android 7.1 you've got this thing here, shows you if you're connected tethered to your phone or if you have a sim card in and it'll, say, 3g or 4g or whatnot date time power circle. The circle goes down. As the power goes down, then you got the layout of all of your stuff here. This is where you've got um your raise your wrist twist, your wrist to see the time. Oh look. I got an update already to an app that's cool, okay uh. We have that turned on. This is a quiet mode, uh that'll, silence that boot up and boot down sound for you and other things: here's, our overall brightness let's, take it down there's the lowest brightness right there and that's. What the screen would look like at the lowest brightness, but if i wan na, i can kick it up a bunch of different notches to fulbright there and yeah it's good and bright.

It really is in fact, for the video i'm, probably gon na, run it on half let's, do it on half cellular connectivity. This is your location services that activates gps, keep it off if you don't need it bluetooth over here for tethering wi fi. I have on and connected already and the dots show you all the other pages you've got. I could come over here, there's that clean up thing come over here you got the integrated music player and volume control and one more dot is for weather in your area. That is also displayed in centigrade and fahrenheit, and you can update it right here on the screen. So all of that stuff is at the top level. When you go over to the right, any notifications pushed come in here when you go up, you get your step. Count summary: for the week current steps, calories and distance traveled are shown here on the lowest level and then, when you go over this way now you get into your chiclets and look at that it's. Already too bright, i'm gon na have to turn the brightness down. Here to our first, maybe second level, so they don't look all washed out let's. Try that again, wow they're still washed out all right. Sorry guys want to get it right for you, so you can actually see things i'm, going to the very lowest level let's see where, okay, that visible still a little washed out on contacts phone messaging.

I love it all grouped together. That all depends on the sim. There is no bluetooth tethering with any android 7 or android 10 watches you're not going to do that, but you can have it as a as a stand alone. Smartwatch phone, when you put the sim card in there make and receive calls that way. We got sis settings which we could go into quickly. You see you've got your overall sound and display stuff in display. You can set your timeout from 15 seconds to 30 minutes. I usually leave it about five brightness level notification bright, that you can twist your wrist to see, uh or or when notifications come in they'll show up there. You have some basic sounds that you could change in here. Your app list style is either matrix or bubble. Let'S, try it out here we go there, you go, you've got the apple bubble, it doesn't change when you twist it, but you can of course go wherever you want and pick right back up where you were so beautiful that you actually have the apple into innovative Bubble uh process as well i'm gon na go linearly because it just works better for me uh to do that with you and we are in connect, which is where you've got your bluetooth, wi fi. You can run this as a wi fi hotspot, but you'll use your battery up really fast airplane mode gps. You can turn on here and, of course, your cellular stuff will light up.

When you have a sim card in there, gestures is basically turning on or off to twist your wrist or turning off pedometer services. So if you're not monitoring your step count, you can squeeze a little more power out of the thing. If you turn that off power savings again is for all your uh standby, stuff and saving power, and it shows you an estimate of how much time you're gon na have left on your watch. You got your language and input section here and we have can add a language and show you quickly the different languages that we've got espanol and then we've got all of these english, so forth. Okay, i'm! Taking the time to do this, because this is a relatively updated and upgraded, android 711 configuration and they may have added some languages since the last time we did all this and, as you know, android 10 is coming out on the market too. So you can kind of compare to see if your particular language is on either both or none of these, but we're going to be in uh. I hope we're in english. This says espanol. No, we are in english. United states spell checker virtual keyboards. All that stuff is there date and time you can update for your location, reset everything uninstall any application. Third party kind you've put in this is the more section and while we're here, i want to remind you that if you got apps that you don't want to time out or they go away every time they shut down every time that your um, the screen goes Black, you want to go into background, cleaner, tap the screen and for those like duo for video conferencing, you don't want it to go gone when it closes down.

You want to turn it off so turn off any of the things third party apps that you've put in here that you want to be able to run in the background that's a thing in system 7 that we all need to know about. I'Ve got some little tips on that. It includes that one and then about the watch is where you can come down here and look at your build number version 0.9 back here on july 15 of 2020 and if there's anything waiting, make sure you're on wi fi it'll go out there and check and If you have a firmware update, then you'll be able to do that and we got videos that walk you through on what you should do. If you do get an update and to optimize your watch and that's all of the settings, you got a music player we've. Seen already your downloads area, the calendar is relatively simple, not much to it. You'Ve got a basic browser and here's the camera. So when i turn this on, i can see you there. I am okay, it's kind of at a funky angle. How about there does that work? I'M gon na try taking a picture hello, okay, there. It took an ugly picture of me and oh man, that is an ugly picture there. It is uh. Do i have pinch and zoom? I do. Oh, i go to my eyes. Oh there's, my nose. I can go way in with pinch and zoom.

I can double tap double tap and go way in wherever i double tap a lot of flexibility here on the camera, with the images i can come here and show you oh wow, look at that. I can rotate things i can edit it. I can crop it. I can get details and it'll tell you when i do hello i'm, not hitting that button just right. Why is it not doing it? Oh? Well, okay, i was going to show you the overall size of the images but it's not bringing up the details. For me. Some reason all right there we go with 1920 height 2560, multiply that out you'll get the idea of the pixel dimensions of the uh of the image just fairly decent it's all right, and, of course you got video camera on here too, and you, i don't, think You can well, can you tell that how bright the screen is? When you go into camera, it immediately makes the screen full brightness. So if you're outdoors, you might have a chance of being able to see what it is you're trying to take a picture of, then it dims it back down to your setting of brightness after you leave the camera. So all that's going on gallery is where your pictures are. Your basic alarm. Clocks you've got a a sound recorder, microphone type thing. This is your file manager, where you can see how much memory you've got your used six and available nine, you add those together and that should give you your total, roughly memory, heart rate, the fitness section as you come in here, you've got all of these things.

Outdoor run and walk and whatnot and no records over here when i activate it and say, go those of you, who've watched the channel know how we can evaluate this thing to see whether or not it's integrated with gps it doesn't look like it is because that Thing should be flashing and when you come over here – and you touch finish yeah, if you touch it and it exits, this is the old old version of the fitness app. If you had to hold it long hold it down, then it's newer. So this is using an old version of fitness which is not integrated with gps. So sadly, your walks – your runs your cycling. All of that stuff, they're not going to have distance and track based on uh use of the gps inside the watch. Maybe that'll show up in an update, it could be updated through a firmware update. You got weather, you got your voice search, which is pretty much the google thing and then, of course, the google play store that you can use to add other apps google maps assistant, which is what you use to connect uh to. Why watch too? You get the app going, the app is going to ask you to scan a qr code. You put it over. There it'll highlight it it'll pair the watch with you and then you're connected, and you can use the watch for remote capture music, sending files you can find your device and from the app you can actually use the keyboard to enter data if it's hard for you To use the little keyboard on here, these are some things that i've added in here so they're third party, apps i'm playing with right now, that's the end pretty much of uh, of what you get here, uh like duo and all of that stuff for added things System, optimization comes with it, there's, where you have these cleanup things, and you can actually put this watch into a high performance mode, just monitor the temperature and your battery drain.

If you do it's best, if you leave it on normal most of the time and that's all of the apps here come over here: okay yeah, we don't have another panel over here with the fitness, so you have to actually enter the fitness app for that let's. Take a quick look at the watch faces i'm, going to bring you back to the very beginning to show you that you got this kind of a fun animated watch face here with the globe going around. I sure wish it showed the global weather, the current weather on the map. That would be awesome, but it's it's, really nice, you got little hands on the thing you have a few more. This is another little animated one that they've got that they provide for you and again, you could download custom faces with animation as well. There'S a cityscape let's brighten it up just a little bit for this part. Oh, where is it there? It is how's that a little bit better to see a couple of other things, here's, one that shows you and you have hot buttons for your music player, heart rate and uh, and your uh pedometer kind of stuff or your workout stuff, a tiger. Another earth one. These are just scenes with hands. This is the one that i was using and it was really cool here's, a couple of more here's, some high detail. You can see the resolution of the watch with a watch face like that, and this is one that you can download from the server which is just nice, plain, blue sure.

I'Ll put it on. I know you guys want to see it on okay, let's uh see if i can get this right, nope i'm, not getting it right. I have to go under through and then under like that right, that's. So embarrassing. I am not a fan of apple watches at all there i said it and their bands add misery to that feeling. Anyway, there you go uh that's. What it's, like it's a attractive watch again i'm, going to have a variety of different bands coming in that? I can show you on this later on and we can play with it and all in all it's a sweet, real android watch with tons of android apps and things that you can add to this and in an apple watch, format, sim card in there. It can give you a full 4g connectivity. You could watch youtube it's square, so anything you want to do that shows better on a square type of a screen than a round one. You know with corners on it and stuff you don't have to mess with making it bigger or smaller. It fits nicely on here and it's available right now, yeah it's called the dm 20 one more time from tomtop. You can get this thing, um check the show, notes, 100 bucks or so in the one gigabyte configuration 20 more. You can pick it up in the three gigabytes and plus 32 gig storage, a really good price, already uh and we'll keep that link up there.

For you so check the show, notes and uh hope to see you back here again soon we got some more android, 10 watches coming and at least one more android 7 one to show you so we're back on a roll with android watches.