This galaxy watch 5 is supposed to be Sapphire, and this Garmin Fenix 7 is supposed to have Sapphire, along with some solar panels. Im pretty excited about this one sapphire is an extremely premium and very valuable man made material with a hardness level up near diamonds to make sapphire ingredients are subject to extreme heat for weeks to create a large block called a Bool which is then cut up or Cord and sliced to make watch faces, or cell phone screens its a super interesting process. As you probably know, we see smartphone screen scratching at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level seven but Sapphire Sapphire, scratches at a level 8 or 9., its exponentially harder than glass on the scale of hardness weve, seen Sapphire used quite a bit with the Tso watches that weve tested in the past, as well as on the displays of kyoceras lineup of ultra rugged smartphones Apple. However, ever since the iPhone 5 has claimed that theyre using Sapphire and while it is technically true, its a subpar grade of sapphire that still gets marked up at a level 6. Apple even used their impure Sapphire on the 1300 Apple Watch series 3. So I have some major doubts about the quality of sapphire here on the Apple watch, Ultra, which is kind of embarrassing. If other companies can get their hands on the real stuff apple as one of the most valuable companies in the world should be able to as well so today were going to see how well that Sapphire on the Apple watch Ultra holds up and compare it to Samsung Sapphire and Garmin Sapphire and hopefully fingers crossed everyones Sapphire is legit and speaking of protection, huge thanks to Rhino Shield for sponsoring this video Rhino Shield is known for creating durable and customizable phone cases and accessories.

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Can you imagine a sapphire frying pan? It might cost a million bucks, but it would cook your eggs so fast. The thermal conductivity means that the Glass lens of the pixel 7 Pro will not register on our tool, but the sapphire camera lens of the iPhone 14 will. My wifes cubic zirconium ring wont thermally register, but her real diamond will the glass fossil wont register, but the extra hard end premium sapphire crystal tiso watch face will, of course, if we take our massive block of sapphire, which has not been cored out yet it also Registers as a gemstone, maybe we should add a loop and turn this into an earring. The second method well use to verify gemstone status is with the most scale of hardness. Plastic was scratched out of two or three glass at a five or six and Sapphire would be a level eight or nine. Just shy of a level 10 Diamond Sapphire is extremely scratch. Resistant Ive been testing Sapphire for a while now and apple Sapphire has consistently had marks below a level 8 which doesnt really jive with where the crystal is supposed to fall but well see where today takes us, starting with the cheapest of our three watches, the Samsung Galaxy watch 5 at right around three hundred dollars: thats a pretty cheap price point for something as premium as Sapphire, but well see what happens. This is the 44 millimeter aluminum bodied watch, which obviously has Fitness and sleep tracking and if we flip it over, we have the heart rate, sensors and a water resistance of five atmospheres, which is right around 50 meters and, of course, some sapphire crystal branding on the Back the correct for Sapphire is always going to be sapphire crystal, since the only attribute Sapphire shares with glass is that they are both clear.

The ingredients, atomic structure and thermal conductivity are all very different and lucky for Samsung. The Galaxy watch 5 indeed, is sapphire. It doesnt ping quite as high as the tiso, but still registers well head over to the scratch test to validate our findings. Since two tests are always better than one, we can see that the level 5 does not leave a mark. However, with level 6, I can feel and hear the tip of the pick start to catch on the surface of the sapphire. This could be an impurity thing, or it could also be the Polish or texture of the watch face thats catching the most skill of hardness is a qualitative scale that ranks minerals on hardness and not necessarily used to generate precise comparisons between the different minerals. On the same level, so while I do feel the pick catching, I dont visibly see any damage to the sapphire. I can also feel the level 7 pick catch, but we dont see any real damage into level 8.. Nice work Samsung. The Galaxy watch 5 is using Sapphire lets, move over to the most expensive watch on the table and the one Im looking forward to the most the Garmin Fenix 7 Sapphire solar, which currently sits at around 900 dollars now online. This is advertised as having titanium, but its far too light in person to be made entirely for metal. The only titanium here is on the blue cap around the watch face everything white is made from plastic, which is fine just different than I was anticipating its a very lightweight watch.

The display is also very different from the Samsung instead of an AMOLED screen. The Garmin is using a transflective memory and pixel display, which is like a one bit per pixel LCD, with basically a zero refresh rate its. What allows us to get 22 days worth of battery life with the solar panels in the display instead of just 50 hours. Like we see on the Samsung, but that extra long battery life comes with an astronomical sacrifice in brightness on the back, it has more Titanium with a water resistance rating of 100 meters twice as much as the Samsung. But you know if I ever find myself. 100 meters underwater somethings really wrong good to know that my watch will still work, though also on the back. We have the power Sapphire branding, which of course is the reason were here pulling out the diamond tester tool. Remember the lights are not an indicator of Purity. Just thermal conductivity, but the readings of the Garmin are off the charts when compared to the Samsung watch working our way up through the secondary verification, most scale of hardness picks, six and seven both feel and sound, smoother on Garmin, Sapphire and then level 8 is again Where we start seeing major damage to the crystal the Garmin, Fenix 7 is using real sapphire thumbs up for that came outside to check the solar intensity on the watch. And if we go right here, we can see that it is indeed finding the Sun and charging the batteries and it keeps track of the solar illumination throughout the day, which is pretty interesting now for the Apple watch.

This guy is a tad cheaper than the Garmin sitting at around 800. A major downside to the Apple watch is that it requires an iPhone to set up which definitely limits who can use it. This is unfortunate, since the Apple watch Ultra is probably the most feature. Rich wearable on the planet and probably the best piece of Hardware that Apple has ever made, but I shouldnt have to downgrade my cell phone to upgrade my watch, its a shame, its locked into their ecosystem. The Apple watch Ultra is heavy and solid out of the box having a full titanium body. Luckily, my iPhone 14 still functions enough after the durability test to get the ultra up and running. If this wasnt locked to an iPhone, I would probably totally be rocking it. It does have a retina LCD display which brings our battery life to 36 hours instead of 22 days like the Garmin watch, but we do get all that brightness back, which is pretty nice. On the back of the watch. We get all the heart rate sensor stuff, as well as another 100 meter depth rating and some more sapphire crystal branding, which is what were here to check on the improved watch band, looks very secure. One time my buddy Dan was cliff jumping into a lake and lost his Apple watch for nine months underwater. We eventually found it and I fixed it. You should definitely check out that video, if you havent already but yeah, this new watch band is definitely more secure than the previous versions, its also real sapphire.

Three for three, of course, we can double check with our most scale of hardness level. 5 slide smoothly over the surface, but again similar to the Galaxy watch. The level 6 Pick starts gripping, which you can audibly hear, are some markings where the pick was moving on the surface, and you can again hear the grip of the level 7 pick and these markings are a tad more visible and, of course, our level 8 pick Is where the real damage begins? So it does look like apple is still using the same Sapphire that theyve always been using. Samsung might have the same supplier or it could be a polishing issue. But out of the three, the Garmin Sapphire feels to me most like the tiso and like itll, hold up the best, either way, though its incredibly cool, to see all three watches. Using such a premium material, a synthesized man made technological Marvel, making its way onto the technology we use every day. The average person, of course, wouldnt be able to visually tell the difference between glass and Sapphire, but since youre here watching my videos, youre already far superior to the average person and weve now scientifically confirmed. Sapphires existence on each watch make sure your above average self hits that subscribe button. If you havent already coming out with me on Instagram Id, say Twitter as well, but thats like offering a free seat on the Hindenburg and by free, I meant eight dollars.