This is josh here and welcome back to our channel and for today’s video guys is. We have another smartwatch to unbox. This is the dt100 smartwatch and i got this one guys at shoppi for around 20 us dollars or that’s around 1000 pesos, so guys uh. As you can see here, we have nice looking watch faces here as the packaging of our dt, 100. Okay and on the sides we’ve got here, the blue colors. It means we got the blue or navy blue version and at the back, so we have here the specifications. So we have your chipset and the screen. Size is 1.7 inch 320 by 385 and the battery capacity it’s 218 milliamperes charging time it’s two hours and the watch size is 44 millimeters in the package. We’Ve got your smart watch charger and manual, and we have here the qr code so guys let’s open our dt 100 smartwatch, all right, okay, so upon opening guys. So we have this uh small box here, so it says their design it for building an amazing lifestyle. So let’s see what’s inside so we’ve got there. Our navy blue, strap, which is millimeters kind of silicon guys, and it looks nice and we have here the charger okay, which is still the magnetic style, all right and uh, by the way guys. We have also here the manual okay, so it is in english, i believe, and chinese we can see now our dt100 smartwatch so let’s take this one off guys all right wow.

It looks nice there, okay, so as you can see guys uh. This is the crown here. Okay, so i will check that one if it is working as well and on the right. We have also here the microphone and on the left. We have here the speaker, grille and we have here the sensors. So these are the sensors and the charging port all right. Okay, so let’s try to turn it on guys and guys. There is no other button here, it’s only the crown so let’s turn it on alright, okay, so we have already charged our dt100 smartwatch so guys, as you can see there, we have this watch face and we’re going to count how many watch faces. Does it have all right and guys uh this one is working, the crown is working so it’s nice, so let’s count first, so let’s come one two, three four five: six. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. All right, so we have only 11 watch faces all right. So, as you can see guys, this is the home screen of the watch, so we have there the battery percentage and we have their heart rate and the kcal okay and let’s try to scroll down guys and let’s, see what we can find when we try to Scroll down, so you can see there, there is a brightness setting there and you can control this one to which brightness do you want? Okay, and we have there bluetooth music control, vibration or dnd mode, okay and we’re going to scroll up.

So it will direct you to the menu application let’s scroll to the right. Then we have here the shortcut we have here: bluetooth call and also the grid style and the sleep monitoring, and this one is for your call log now let’s scroll to the left. Then it will direct us to the widgets. Okay, we have heart rate weather and you can add widget guys if you want to okay, now let’s go to the application guys, so you can change to the different kinds of style later on. I will show you so in our dt100 guys, so we have here telephone, so it means we can call and also answer call using our dt100 smartwatch, and we also have your message: contact person call records. Okay, we also have your data, your steps, kcal and the. How many kilometers did you walk? We have their sports, so let’s see we have walking running cycling, ropes, keeping badminton basketball and football, so that’s quite a lot guys for the sports mode. We also have here the heart rate, so, as you can see, our watch or our sensors are lighting up and guys just don’t rely on your dt 100 smartwatch, especially if you have health problems, then we also have their ecg your blood pressure as well, and we Have here blood oxygen or your esp auto level, music control it’s? Also, here all right, then sleep monitoring we also have. This is nice guys, especially if you want to track how many hours did you sleep and also your light sleep? We also have your stopwatch weather.

Okay, calculator and find phone there’s also fine phone and meteorological. So this is my first time guys to have this kind of feature in our watch so in the meteorological application guys there’s ultraviolet ray, so it says, they’re, very weak and the air pressure wow i’ll get. I will try this one guys and i will let you know if uh, what are those you know signs? We also have your breathing. This is one of my favorites guys breathing. Whenever you want to inhale and exhale deeply, then you can also do so so that wow this also have your massager guys: okay wow. This is amazing, it’s, my first time to have this feature in a watch that it has this massager wow. I am not sure, but the vibration is a little bit weak, but it’s not bad. If you want to just massage your, maybe your your wrist yeah or your face it’s possible, then we also have here guys female assistant, so this is um. I had this feature for the first time with our wheel, glue, youth tooth smartwatch, and this is my second time here in dt100, so this is for a female minstrel cycle. Okay and then we also have your menu style guys. So this is interesting, so we have here style 2. So i just want to show you guys what are the different styles of the grid? Okay and let’s see guys style. 2 it’s, look like this, so it’s simple, and we also have here style three so style.

Three guys this is like the bubble launcher, like it’s, almost identical to iwatch all right, and we also have here another style, which is style four, and this one is pretty cool for me. This is like the circular style, yes or a. It reminds me of the amiibo air, because it has this kind of launcher. Alright, so it’s up to you guys uh, which one you want to use, but for now let’s just use the grid style so that it will be easier for us and we also have here guys uh settings so in the settings guys we have your language, so It supports english, dutch and espanol portugal and other languages. Then we also have your dial switch, so you can change the watch face all right and we have here screen time. So i prefer like 10 seconds, then vibration intensity. You can choose level one two or three bluetooth phone and password, so you can also input your personal password guys if you want to. In my case, i don’t need password on our watch and factory data reset alright, so those are the applications guys of our dt 100 and also guys with the bezels in this watch. It is not very big it’s, not large, as you can see there, it’s quite thin okay, so it really looks like the iwatch series, six, okay, and also the color of our watch – it’s, more vibrant, okay and it’s more appealing to the eye.

So it really looks uh premium as well, so i will be wearing it guys and i will let you know uh, if it’s comfortable, to wear alright guys i’m gon na wear our dt 100 smartwatch, all right, guys, i’m already wearing now, our dt 100 smartwatch and All i can say guys it’s really nice and it feels comfortable. It doesn’t feel heavy. So you can conveniently do without any annoyance. Yes, okay! So for me guys it’s good for the price, yes and so far, it’s a yes for me, guys all right. So if you have any questions guys about this smartwatch just comment down below and if you like this video guys kindly click the thumbs up and also consider, subscribing and make sure to click the notification bell so that you will be updated whenever we have new uploads.