This is the dt78 smartwatch. Now this smartwatch is not for myself. This is a smart watch that i’m gifting for my dad and he did indeed loved it. Anyways let’s get going with the video and check out the product itself. Now this watch kinda looks like the amazing gtr, the design wise, but yeah it’s. Okay. Now this watch is not cheap and it’s, not that expensive, as well it’s just in the gray area it’s under 40 dollars, and i really love the build quality. The build quality is made from aluminum and silicone straps, which are interchangeable, which i really really like. The display on this watch is pretty good as well. It also has that raised to wake feature which i really really like. As you can see, it did turn on when i did that like see so yeah it’s pretty good, and i really like that feature so yeah that’s pretty convenient now. This is not the only watch face that you have on this watch. So here i’ll go show you a quick clip of me. Scrolling through other watch faces Music. There is also a heart rate monitor on this device and, as you can see, we have here some heart rate. You have here the heart rate. We also have here the blood pressure which really surprised me now take note that this is not fda certified, so please don’t measure and expect that it would be a hundred percent accurate.

This will only be at 70 to 80 percent, accurate, so yeah, as you can see, it did give me a measurement of 78 over 125 and i guess you can only use this for reference. As i said earlier, this watch is also a fitness watch, so it didn’t include 9 sport modes, which i really really like, and it is a good inclusion for this watch and for the price range you are really getting so much more for the price you’re paying There is also an app called wear fit 2.0. You can download it via google play store and everything every detail from your watch will be synced right to the phone, so yeah it’s called wear fit 2.0 and all the information that you will be getting for. Your watch will be automatically transferred to the phone. Lastly, about the design of this watch, it really really looks classy. I really like the elegant design and it looks and feels premium now. In my opinion, the halo solar ls05 looks much more simpler and – and i guess the dt 78 smartwatch looks better in my opinion, especially with those two buttons. Those two buttons are very clicky, and i really like the elegant design of this watch now. Is this smart watch better than the halo solar? It depends on whether or not you like the design of the other, but for me i really love the design of the dt78 smartwatch and they basically have the same features.

So you won’t really miss out. If you get the other product or not, that would be all for today’s video guys.