This is one of the best Apple watch Ultra clones in the market. Right now and now it is updated with new microphone holes on the smartwatch to make it look exactly like the Apple watch Ultra before we start make sure to hit the Subscribe button, so lets get right into it and first of all, lets find out whats inside The box so, first of all in the Box, we get the wireless charger, the user manual and the dth ultra Smartwatch in orange color, so lets take a closer look on it. First of all, lets take off the plastic wrap and the protector here is a little comparison with the old dth Ultra. You can see it has got in the new microphone holes while the front and the back still looks the same other than this orange sports band. In the Box, the seller also sent out the Alpine Loop, and here is how it looks on the dt8 ultra Smart Watch so lets turn it on and take a look on it press and hold. The crown key is the hello dialog, and here is the first word face, and here you can judge the bezel size as advertised. It comes with a 2.0 inch TFC display with 420 into 485 resolution so that we have the crown cave. You can use it to change the wood faces and to put the smart Force to sleep and wake it up. You can double click to access the menu.

Then we have the side button. You can use it to access the app history and you can press and hold it to shut down your Smartwatch into call emergency. Then we have a new button on the left side, just like the Apple watch Ultra and you can click it to access the sport modes and we have got a new holes for the microphone and on the left side we also have the speaker on the back Side we have the strap locks to keep the straps on their places and then we have the wireless charging and health sensors and we have gotten this new sensor here. I guess its for the temperature so lets check out. All of the watch faces foreign, so these were all of the built in watch faces. Lets, try out the gestures and the shortcuts on top to bottom, we have the control center. There are a lot of options here from left to right. We have the split screen right to left. There are some quick access applications and from bottom to top, we have the menu. You can press and hold. This watch face and click on this lock icon to load the word face, and then, even if you use this scroll key, it wont change the watch face. It comes with the always vague technology and the touch is always working. Even when the display is turned off and you can start using it even directly from the screen of dial, you can turn all these options by going to the control center swiping to the right and disabling this option.

It also has this water drain option. The watch will start to vibrate to drain all of the water out from the smart porch. Then you can also turn on mute mode on your smart watch by using this option in the control center. And here we have the torch, which also shows the full size of the display and the size of the bezels. And we also have the race to wake option in the control center. So whenever you raise your hand the screen will brighten up. Then here we have the emergency cooling, so let me show you all of the languages support it by it. It uses the wear Pro application and the voltage detected as smart Forge, so it comes with hundred of dials available for totally free, and you can even use your own picture as a watch face by customizing these three dials other than that. You can enable the notifications for incoming call and SMS. You can also enable notifications for all of these applications and even if an application isnt listed here, you can use the others option to get notifications from that application on the smartphone. You can also enable automatic, hearted monitoring from here. You can also sync your favorite contacts and you can also add a custom QR code in the application other than that. We have the reminder mode, do not disturb mode alarm settings and set empty edging, photo reminder and to connect with Bluetooth, calling access, the phone application and click on open in your smartphone, open the Bluetooth settings and connect with watch audio 3680.

After that, you can use your smartphone to make calls, and you can also receive calls on your smartphone and it does not show the color name, and you can also use Bluetooth, calling to use voice assistant directly on the smartphone just check this out: hey Siri hows, The weather today at 21 degrees starting in the morning, so it comes with 11 menu Styles. So let me show you all of them. There are a lot of Health applications in this Smartwatch. We have the heart rate: Checker, ecd, Checker, blood pressure, Checker blood, oxygen level, Checker, sleep, tracker, breathe, training, massager and the body temperature Checker. So if you check out these applications in the air or on the table, it will continuously give this error. So please press formally and as soon as I press it on my wrist, it will start to measure the data which makes me believe that the sensors might be real. Sleep tracker keeps a track of your sleep of the last 7 days and when you use the massager option, the smart watch will start to vibrate in different patterns and the temperature Checker will use this new sensor at the back to measure the temperature of your body. So there are a lot of applications you need to related to sports. First of all, we have this new button to access the sport modes. For example, if I choose football here, it will measure the heartbeat from time to time, and it will also keep a track of the steps you have worked and will calculate the calories burned.

According to the sport, you have chosen other than that in the menu we have Fitness data, which stores all of your Fitness data, including the steps you have worked, the kilometers you have worked in the total calories burned. Then we also have stopwatch and countdown to help. You out in your workouts. We also have a lot more applications in the smartphones. We have NFC air pressure. You can push weather updates to the smartphone. You can add a custom QR code using the watch application. You can track your parts using the watch application. You can also set the time directly on the smart watch without having to use the watch application. You can also add a launch directly in the Smartwatch. Then you can track your phone using the find phone option. Then we also have two new games in the dth. Ultra, if you go to settings and screen on and off in screen off, we have two styles of the screen of dial, one with the analog clock and the other one with the digital clock and the maximum screen. Time can be 30 seconds and you can also use this keep right option, meaning the screen will always stay on and will only turn off when the battery dies. It also comes with bedside cloth mode. So whenever you put your device on the charger, it turns on this always on display with clock on it and it might show the animation, but it does not work with the Chargers which are compatible with the Apple watch and the max brightness on the smartphone is Also quite high and works quite well in the daylight.

The battery timing of this Smartphone is just awesome and it will easily give you 5 to 7 Days of battery time on normal usage and with power saving mode. It can give you a battery life of 15 to 20 days so guys this is surely a smart watch worth buying. It looks exactly like the Apple watch Ultra now, thanks to the new microphone holes added on the smart watch. So if you want to purchase it, I would really appreciate if you can use the link given in the description box below. You can also check out my best Apple Watch series, 6, 7, 8 and Ultra replicas Im gon na be leaving the link of the playlist in the description box below. If this video helped, you out, then make sure to hit the Subscribe button and turn on notifications to stay updated on the upcoming videos. Let me know in the comment section below that, which smartphone should I review next, I will catch you in the next one until next time.