com you're, looking at a DT number one SmartWatch it's actually been around here for a while we're finally getting to review it before the end of the year. It has a bunch of QR codes on here that you can scan to download the tethering app, I presume, or information from it, an interesting packaging which we'll get into in a minute. Once I tell you a little bit more about this watch, the D t08 is a touchscreen sport. Smartwatch that's got each RV heart rate variability detection ip67 waterproof you can get it from the Aliexpress store check. The show notes for a buying link on that. Also, you could pick it up through our partners at Banga partnering, together with these guys as well, and also look at the show notes for buying link and a variety of colors that you can buy it in in terms of overall specs for this one. This is a long lasting 20 day standby, SmartWatch it's again the dt0 8. It uses the H tethering app, which is the great one, that's a really good app. When you see that one way better than the fundu app and all of the features it can provide. A lot of different languages supported, you got heart rate, blood pressure, blood, oxygen, we're, not sure on that one sleep, monitoring, multi sport modes and so forth. It it has a compass in it. According to this one as well and, of course, pedometer calendar sedentary reminders and all the standard things, a 1.

3 inch 240 by 240 TFT display 350 milliamp hour battery and, like they say standby about 20 days, use time about 10 and 2 hours of charging time. The band is TPU and that's, pretty much it so let's get into this. It was taped down, so I had to get that off and then you got this strange way that the plastic cover there actually slides into two slots on it, and you got to get that loose first. Then you got to get the cover protector out. Then you can see the band is kind of sandwiched inside of a paper it's, not the best packaging, but it gets us by. I guess: okay, really thick breathable band. This is the biggest holes I think I've ever seen on a band before and because of that it's really loose and flimsy okay, I would be a little concerned because the holes are so close to the edge that this could rip or tear. If you got caught on something, but you do have these bands and it's shipping with a set of extra bands as well, so maybe they anticipate that happening. I don't know this one. The bands are holes are a little bit closer together and obviously it's a removable band product. So this is definitely more the sport band for really activity and breathing – and this is, I guess, a dressy band – has a DT number one name on the clasp on this. One, but not on the other one that's interesting.

What else have we got a magnetic connection to a remover pen and the the pins themselves and a tool to take them out? It looks like they are somehow embedded. I guess right there, so you're gon na need the tool to do compression to release the bands which definitely are custom made for this device. But you do get an extra set of bands to come with it and we have the charging connector, which we're gon na need to charge this up so let's open it up. Take a look here. We go a two pin connector all magnetic coupled Wow, okay, they're kind of a little fussy, getting it just right, perhaps because of the metal bent back on it. Magnets don't work too well with with metal, but it is a little plastic surround there there's a couple of points on here that line up with the holes there. I don't think you can get it backward. Oh, my gosh looks that you can get it backwards. That'S, not good, okay and here so because of that it looks like they had to put an instruction on here. That says, please note the direction of the charger so with the buttons on the left. You want the wire to come off the same way as the buttons that's, a definite drawback, it's, not good when electricity can be connected either way. So I got a couple things I'm, not happy about the packaging, the holes in the band, the magnetic coupler.

That could go either way and doesn't really fit well and we haven't even gotten into it yet but that's, okay, I'm. Just being honest with you, here's a manual inside the sport watch user's manual, and here we go we're gon na page through the English version of this, shows you the QR code that you can download, or of course you can go to the show notes down below And you can download from there the H app another page or two. These are graphic oriented showing you the icons that you're gon na see on the watch on the different screens looks like it's got temperature in it and pressure, so it's gon na be a nice outdoors watch for those of you that, like to do hiking and such An FAQ and warranty – and I believe, that's it yep and now we're into other languages, and we got the bands already on it. All we need to do is charge it up, so I'll be back when it's all ready for us to turn on bottom button turns it on, and I got to tell you the button ology is really confusing on this one. Here we are at the opening watch face this button cycles, you through all of the different options, and then these relate to that so let's walk through them all once and then come back we're going to have a section on step, count and overall health or area A unique PPG pass HR, vitas heart rate variability section.

Then you've got your messages pushed from your phone. A compass is available, a monitoring section which will drop us into temperature. You have ver, ah a barometer, you have altitude, you have an overall exercise section and then you have. The watch faces that you can switch between and finally settings as well. So a lot of stuff in here now we came back in it loops, but if you want to get back to the watch face well, you either wait for it to timeout er. You press the bottom button and you're back here. So let's begin. We go into step count hit the top button. You'Ve got us your current step count but that's it. You hit the bottom button and it's gon na. Take you back out of it. But if you hit the top button in the next button, you can cycle through the screens really easy right makes total sense right, uh huh back out of here two steps. Here we go to health to get into that. We press here now it's supposedly measuring heart rate with the green diode in here I'm. Not gon na take all the time for us to do the measurements, because that's just what we always do: okay, it's getting something right now. If I press that it'll take us back, but if I press the center button, it should take us to the next measurement, which is blood pressure wow. That was fast all right and one more time takes us to last night's sleep time.

So you have heart rate blood pressure, last night's, sleep time and back one level so that we can go to the next one, which is this p PG HR v tap this and it says, do not move in measurement it's showing what looks like a heart wave On here, but you can see if I oh wow, if I touch it, it actually does change well that's different okay. Maybe it is trying to do a bit of an ECG type of a thing. I'M. Getting a countdown in seconds on here: okay, Wow, uh, huh. All sorts of different stuff happening I'll have to come back and play with that one, a bit more because there's no plates on the back for ECG, but it is doing some thing when you touch it or when you cover it alright, anyway, that would take us Back out of here and we'll go to the next one, which is your messages and pressing here, would take you in there to show you your messages. If you had any the compass we get into here, you can turn it to calibrate it, as you usually do. If it needs it and when it comes back there, you go I'm sitting in the North, which is pretty close, should be about 180. But if I may be a little bit off here, this does nothing when you're in that mode, but this will take us back. A level after compass we go to monitoring press here, it's showing all of this stuff in metric, so I'm, not sure if you can change it in the app to English or not whoops got out of it all.

But you do have your temperature and you come back and you go to the next one and you have your barometer. This is barometric pressure in kPa s. Come back out of that go over here and now you're. Looking at your altitude, which is reference to where you are, if you zero it, and one of the things I could do here – is reset it and I believe, pressing that button. Okay, that reset it so now it's measurement is darn. Okay, let's get over there. I tell you keeping these straight is crazy altitude there and it just was zero. So now from here, I can go up or down and get a reference on the distance that I travel so it's, not giving you absolute height over sea level, which is what I was getting at so after altitude. You get into exercise which gives you walking and running and climbing cycling treadmill basketball, badminton football walking again when you activate these – oh, my god, I'm gon na guess this one okay, there we go we're getting something we've got time, step count, Travel, calories burned and your Overall heart rate, so it's based on pedometer there's, no GPS in this one to exit it. We probably oh – this is the next page: okay, I'm, not sure what that is, and that looks like laps there, one lap, okay, that's your lap count and most likely. This is how we exit it pause. Now we can save our discard and I'm going to discard pressing there.

Then I'm gon na come back a level. Oh no that's, gon na start us again: oh okay, we're going to exit this and we're going to discard it. There and now I'm gon na come back out of exercise, got that. Did you follow all that? Good next thing is the watch faces of which I can cycle through them. I don't know there's more watch faces we'll just leave it at that. This is just too darn confusing after watch faces, we had settings and go into settings, and now you can turn on and off vibration. You can change the brightness 3. 1. 2. 3. So we have three different levels of brightness: I'll: leave it on the brightest and back out of here and reset the watch or get some about information for tethering and whatnot, or loop again to vibration, so we're back to settings and then it comes back two steps And goes through them all again and pressing that will take us back to the overall watch face alright, so let's take a look at the app now it's, the h plus app. I have it installed, I've gone ahead and tethered these things before and got some results here for you, there's overall basic step count last night's sleep time. If I were to sleep with, it would be listed here, and you remember, we did some heartrate stuff there's that we did a little blood reading directly from the watch. It got transferred over and then there's.

This thing this is the heart rate variability now, while it's on this screen. I want to show you again how we did that I came over here past steps and health and got into the PPG h RV right, and we activated that and it turns to green diode on now what's going on. I cover the diode and we have that. Pulsing that green light shining into my finger and the capillaries blood flow is reflecting that green light back to it. Diode and the diode is reading the tiny change in brightness and that's the difference between the peaks and troughs here, that's kind of the science behind it. What you're seeing in this test is not so much the peaks and valleys, because you just calculate that distance over time, and that gives you your heart rate. What this is actually doing is the tiny little differences between those Peaks, okay, that's, the variability that's in your heart rate and based on that heart rate, variability you'll, get information that can tell you about your stress level and all kinds of stuff and that's. What we just calculated here and you see in this chart now there's a lot of wild factors going on there with actual numbers, and if you research that stuff, you can probably figure out what it means. This is one of the few devices that will give you that core data – in addition, when this gets transferred over to the app you'll, see it here now.

This is kind of a summary it's showing your HRV level. It says it's normal at 38 there's. This other factor that's normal I'm high on my MSI and I'm normal on my blood pressure. So you have three different colors. I guess could appear on this and that's the chart and then, when you come back it starts it over again or you come back and look at your last measurement so with their out of kilter it'll be in red like that. So over here here are the different numbers, and this is the chart HRV and heart rate, I presume heart rate and heart rate variability, and all of that is on that last tab in this particular app. So those are the things there and then the other thing I wanted to show you here's your basic, where you set up all your parameters for the band to work and then, when you get into the band, you can change some of these things like, for example, Units from metric to imperial, I was hoping that would change on here: the temperature to Fahrenheit and altitude to feet, but it doesn't do that those factors you remember we got to those when we went way down in here and went to monitoring, for example, that stays In centigrade and meters and all of that stuff, and of course we have the twist your wrists to see the time function that you can toggle on or off, and when you do that, it's pretty responsive, it comes up like right away.

You can set all day heart rate and you can have it notify you if you have incoming calls and then all these other factors you can do as well so that's it. This is called the DT zero. Eight it's got the real nice carbon fiber simulated. I guess body three buttons that are tricky, but you can figure them out a metal back and the green diode for doing all of our calculations. You can pick this thing up directly from Banga they're, one of our sponsors, for it check the show, notes for the buying price and a coupon discount or go on over to Aliexpress again have a link for you and pick this thing up directly from the DT Number one official store whoo.