Smart watch ticks comm. We have an unboxing today of a dt number 1 DT 78. I know you've been seeing a lot of these. We closed out 2019 with the DT o 8 and we're opening with a DT 78. This is their latest flagship SmartWatch. A lot of people have been asking for it, and here it is so what's it got well it's a minimalistic aesthetic watch that's how they describe it. Somebody got ahold of a thesaurus over there it's a basic SmartWatch with removable bands and a good low price. In terms of specs, which I'll get to in a minute, hey here's the list from bang good always put these together. So I won't forget also check the show notes for a discount price. The first one is the actual DT number one Aliexpress store and banggood also has this one for us as well. When we look at the specs, we see that we've got standard. Watch we've got the step. Count. Fitness tracker, sleep tracking message reminder by the way you can see all your message is on this one call reminder, but you can't really talk and use it as a phone on your wrist. You got push messaging heart rate, blood pressure, all of those kind of things bunch of different languages, support it a little bit of memory. Little bit of power should get you through a few days, life waterproof, which I guess means you could kind of get it splashed.

I think they're talking a high P, 67 or 68 on this one 240 by 240, 1.3 inch screen, and this is kind of fun. I haven't seen this before here's your overall measurements. We'Ve seen that, but look at this, it tells you given the hole placement on the band's. Your minimum and maximum diameter risk that it'll fit comfortably so measure the the circumference of your wrist and see, if it's, between 34 and 58 millimeters and you're good to go let's unbox it. It floats in here and a little cardboard insert with the Watts sitting right in the middle of it. You can bring it out and you have the actual watch module itself and this is really attractive got. Some plastic covers over it, one on the back and one on the front. You want to make sure you take those off I'll, just stick it on here for now charging ports and, of course, where you detach the band's. Then, when you open up here, you have the two pin charging connector, which looks like this, and it operates simply by magnetically coupling it to the watch. Good, solid connection, standard type of a USB connector, and you have the color of bands. You may have noticed on the box, it was a green dot, so I got the ones in green for a change. We haven't seen these I'll put them on in a minute and then the little bitty Smart Watch manual with a lot of very small printing.

So I'll run you through this and you can freeze frame it if you like to we're, of course, gon na go through it on our own. It uses the wear fit 2.0 app for tethering and we've covered that before as well. So we're not gon na spend time on the app we're. Just quick review, just gon na take a look at the device itself for you here's some of the icons and some of the things that the app will do and then this side is all in Chinese. Alright well let's, take this cover off and then we will wow isn't that pretty, that is an attractive watch. I'Ll put the bands on and we'll give it a run through here it is on with a green silicon band, which is sweat, resistant large number of holes on this so that's. Why you have that big difference in the diameters of wrists that it'll fit quickly starts up it. Vibrated you've got an instant watch face on here, and it goes off again if you've got it activated the twist your wrist to show the time is very responsive and right there. When you swipe down, you can make this a flashlight which turns the screen bright white and you can see where you're going really handy they'll out of that you've got an overall brightness and we are now at the fullest brightness, and here is the lowest setting. So you've got a good range and you can definitely see it outside seemed about right here for what we were doing and then you got do not disturb mode, and you can turn it on and you can do a smart do not disturb mode which, I believe Is set up then, with the app so it'll automatically go in to do not disturb when you want to at night, for example, so you twist your wrist and vibration will not happen.

Okay, it's going off on me really quick. If I swipe up now, I get into my app drawer, which shows me status of my step count, I just unbox it so we don't have any here's the messages pushed to you from the phone. If you have a tethered for that, your overall sleep time from last night, you're getting light sleep deep sleep awake time, not any REM sleeping. I noticed that, but that's a really a sophisticated thing. Let'S get going on here to another page. You see the dots on the sides say your pages here. You have your medical stuff if you call it that near basic body measurements which includes heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen. Now all of these are being done with green diodes in the back and as we've learned in the past. Green diodes is okay for getting your heart rate. When you get into things like blood pressure and especially blood oxygen, you'll, actually do better if you're using red diodes, so the blood pressure, readings and the blood oxygen I'd say take with a grain of salt confirm them. First, if you need that information to be accurate, heart rate, these days is getting pretty standardized and pretty close to being spot on. However, as you've learned in another video, it lags we our actual heart rates. So if you're doing any kind of interval training, you will find that the heart rate you see on your watch is maybe up to 30 seconds behind what your actual heart rate is case I'm.

Talking a lot to try to give it a chance to measure, but it's, you really need to be still for blood pressure to work. Blood oxygen is here now, and I was talking about heart rate lags behind. So if you are doing something that increases your heart rate quickly and dramatically, and you don't want to go above your top zone, you won't find that with any of these watches that use the diodes because it's using a thing called pulse wave, transit time. Pw T T with the blood moving through your capillaries it's complex, but the algorithm is such that you're kind of behind on the reading, it'll eventually catch up, but that might be too late. But if you're just out jogging or cycling, your heart rates gon na be averaged over time and it's gon na be fine, okay and we're getting a 94 which is kinda low right now. I should be about son 97 to 99, not sure if that's accurate. It looks like it's stopped measuring at this point: nope it's still going okay, 96 and again using the green diodes it's, not quite as responsive visits or accurate, most likely as it would be with the red diodes but it's a 20. Some odd 25 watts so you're kind of getting a balance there. You have your overall sports where you can do fast, walking running and cycling. You have an altitude kind of thing with mountain climbing, although there's no altitude in the watch that I know of football basketball, all these things are basically just measurements of time versus expected.

Calories burned, here's your sports records, if you have any, which we haven't, because we haven't done that. But if you go back to things like fast walking and say, go you're gon na see you're gon na get timed calories and heart rate produced on the screen. Okay and then you can bail out of this and come back out to the very beginning. Cycling would be the same basic way: calories burned or consumption and heart rate and we're, not getting distance, traveled or anything on it other than this basic stuff, because there's, no GPS in here and of course, tied to a pedometer. It really wouldn't make sense because you're not moving up and down to get distance from cycling. So again, all of these are just kind of a calorie thing. You have the ability to shake the watch to activate the camera as a remote camera when you're tethered to your phone same thing, with music control, um that's for music that's playing on your phone. You can turn it. You know, stop and start it. You have the rage to wake which is currently on that's what we've seen and it was quite responsive. You have a basic timer for a countdown timer for one three, five ten and you can add your own increment and screen time. How long? Thank goodness, I can change it I'm, going up to a maximum of 15 seconds that when you are in it like, we are right now, it'll stay on for 15 seconds before turning Alf off.

You have a stopwatch feature simple, but nice large digits down to a hundredth of a second. You don't have split time capability, though, but you can pause. It find your phone when you're, tethered and overall settings tells you about the watch, what version it is, and you can factory reset or, of course, power down from right here and that's it that loops us around back to the beginning again right. Okay, then we went this way. We get any new messages that have been pushed to the watch from your phone. You can read them right there. You can't reply to them, though, and go this way and you're automatically into a heart rate. So you can take a quick heart rate and that's it at cycles back and forth that way, and that way that way and if I go up, I can't go any further and this way loops through all of the pages that you have stuff one. Finally, buttons onoff button is here: bottom button is onoff, it looks like and probably takes us back to home wherever we are yep and then watch faces. If we press and hold we have a slew of watch faces on this one. How do we get to them? Okay, up and down there's one here's, a digital one and it's edge to edge screen, which they're really talking up on this one, no notice that one has your heart rate listed on an actual watch face as well of the power.

Oh, I should charge it up. It'S good it's, pretty low there's another one. Few different watch faces just show you a little spattering of them. So you get an idea: oh that's, a fancy, one huh! Okay, again, I have not done much with this watch. I haven't tethered it so we're, seeing low power off time and date, but that's okay, it's a quick review. We want to give you at the beginning of the year, get this one up for you, because a lot of people have been asking about the DT 78. If we run through them all again, yeah look at that. I think we have here's the digital when I go back to that one alright, so again the band is a very nice TPU band. It can come with a leather band as well, and you got your diodes down here and here sensor for heart rate, it's hermetically sealed. It looks like a well built watch and it's the latest one from DT number one again. You can pick it up directly from their Aliexpress store for about twenty seven dollars. If I have a coupon discount for you check for it in the show, notes and it's, also available from our partner banggood, who works with us together on DT number one stuff and they're gon na be in a tiered thing, so the earlier you get it the Lower the price, but again if I got a coupon deal for you or if it's on flash sale, you should be able to find that by using the links we have here in the show notes: okay, you've been watching, Smart Watch sticks.

We appreciate your subscription and being here and welcome to 2020 and oh by the way when this goes up. It'Ll be my five year anniversary of this channel yep January 5th. I believe it was when we started this thing five years ago, come a long long way.